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The ‘About Us’ page is an exclusive webpage in a website describing the firm in a detailed manner. Using the about us page the visitors get a clear idea about the company’s history and it increases the reliability in no time. It brings a great impact on web page visitors. It is high time to discover innovative ways to create mind-blowing about us page design to obtain desired results. In this article, you will learn about an effective tool to build an effective about us page for your requirement. You can figure out outstanding about us designs in the below content for inspiration. Choose your favourite one and flavour it with your innovations using an incredible design tool to create a responsive about us page for your website.

Design the About Us Page Online

If you hunt for an exclusive design tool to build a user interface screen for about us page in the online platform you will be flooded with surplus programs. Selecting the perfect app as per your needs seems to be a challenging task. The Wondershare Mockitt app is an excellent online prototyping tool with in-built features to design an incredible about us page design for your requirement. It is an online app and therefore you do not have to make any downloads. Quickly surf through its stunning features below.

Remarkable Features

  • The working area is simply awesome with friendly interface.
  • The widgets and icons necessary for the design purpose are available in ready to use mode in the Asset library.
  • Simple drag and drop action are sufficient to include the desired elements into your webpage design.
  • Customize the widgets and icons using the property panel on the right side of the screen and save it for future use.
  • Connect your works with your friends and team without any uploads and downloads, the cloud editing feature enables you to access the design files anytime anywhere.
about us page design

Stepwise procedure to design a prototyping page layout using Mockitt app

Step 1: Register with Mockitt

You must create an account in Mockitt by entering a reliable Email ID and password. Then, log in to your account to build an excellent design page for your needs.

about us page design for website

Step 2: Create a new project

First, you must give a title to your project then select the compatible device on which the webpage performs well. You can choose the mobile, TV, tablets, watches etc as per your needs. Then, press the dropdown menu and hit the desired model. At last press the ‘Create’ button to build a new project.

website about us page design

Step 3: Insert widgets and Icons

As you all know that, the about us page design includes specific icons and widgets and you can easily add it to the template by drag and drop action. Customize the widgets and icons according to your firm’s requirement using the editing panel on the right side of the screen. Then, save the edited widgets in its asset library for future use.

best about us page design

Step 4: Add video

In the about us page design, instead of texts, you can add video describing the reputation of your firm using real-time examples. It will reach the target audience in a better way rather than boring texts. To add the video, you must copy the video link from the YouTube platform and add the ‘Web Page’ widget icon on the working area. It is enough if you drag and drop this widget from the right side of the screen under the built-in widget section. Then, enter the copied URL on the ‘Web Page’ widget to add the desired video in your about us page for your website.

about us page ui design

10 Inspiring About Us Page Ideas for the Designers

Quickly surf through the below about us page design ideas from reputes websites to persuade the visitors in no time.

1: Cupcakes and Cashmere

It is exclusive about us page design of a fashion, food, travel, beauty website. It covers the favourite areas of a female and targets the women audience through its inspiring content and ideas. It is the space where Emily document her interests in an organized way to persuade the women viewers.


  • The smiling image of the webpage editor placed at the centre of the screen attracts the webpage viewers.
  • A clear description of Emily with personal details brings her close to the audience to create a bonding impact with the visitors.
  • In this, about us page design you can find the menu icon at the left side and search icon on the right side of the screen to trigger the visitors to explore more at this platform.


  • The interested viewers can quickly connect with the newsletters by hitting the mail icon at the top left side of the screen.
  • Quickly you can move on to the shopping webpage if you are convinced with the profile of this webpage by tapping the ‘Visit Shop’ link at the top right side of the screen.

2: Nowness

It is a global video channel covering cultural and arts worldwide. It is an excellent platform of storytelling and celebrating the extraordinary of every day around the globe. This webpage inspires the viewers by displaying content about food, art, travel, music etc.


  • The designer has given ample space to insert a video file on the about us page.
  • The social media icons embedded on this page to view its social reputations on the various environment.
  • The crispy fonts with clear description give better ideas about its services.


  • A sign-in link is displayed at the right side of the screen to create an account with this website.
  • The search, play and account icons at the top right corner of the screen on the about us page directs to respective layout effortlessly.

3: Mailchimp

It is a marketing platform for small business. This space allows the users to create, send and track the email, newsletters precisely. It provides award-winning support with smart marketing techniques.


  • An elaborate founder story in the about us page inspires the visitors to stay on the page.
  • The menu and search icon appear at the top of the screen with a colourful background persuade the viewers.
  • Easy reach to login and sign up process from the about us page by tapping its link at the top right side of the screen.


  • The font style and size are unique and the content is written in simple words describing their services to reach out for the target audience quickly.
  • The highlighted words in the about us page directs you to the relevant webpage effortlessly.

4: Toy Fight

It is a creative design agency inspiring the customers through its unique about us page design. This webpage supports the entrepreneurs to build a digital reputation of their business innovatively. The founders have hands-on experience in design and create brands optimally.


  • The stunning animation in the about us page inspires the webpage visitors.
  • This page is displayed in the ‘Who’ menu and the founder’s images are funny with disfigured elements.
  • Fun-filled content describing their services in a friendly tone.


  • The bright blue about us page pulls your eyes into the screen in no time.
  • Quickly connect with the founders by tapping the ‘Contact’ link at the top right side of the screen.

5: Pierro Caron

It is a website displaying artist works of a French Sculptor. In the about us page, a detailed description of his works is listed out in a well-organized way. This website helps you to connect with the sculptor to purchase the desired items from his gallery.


  • The about us page links with the other pages in the website by tapping the ‘Menu’ icon at the right corner of the screen.
  • The content in the about us page is written as a self-explanatory style which excites the readers to explore a lot.
  • The headlines are poetic with the bold appearance and the pictures are awesome.


  • The animation displaying his works persuade the viewers.
  • You can connect with his Facebook page by one click from the about us page.

6: Doom Tree

It is a musical webpage where you can taste a wide range of music genres. This website gives you the glimpses of the albums released by this music crew. It is a great treat for music lovers. It excited the webpage visitors with the latest tunes.


  • The dark background with the crew image impresses the webpage visitor.
  • A detailed description of the crew members excites the viewers.
  • There are options to turn on the latest tunes to listen and the events module allow the viewers to subscribe for it.


  • Feeds the website visitors with the latest upcoming tracks data.
  • Flashes music news at the bottom of the about us page adds information to the viewers.

7: Lonely Planet

It is a travel guide webpage inspiring the webpage visitors to take up adventure travel without any hesitation. It gives you the insights of the exciting spots around the globe to explore. The webpage viewers will get a better idea to design an effective travel plan for your holidays.


  • It has an explanatory video stating their services in detail.
  • The about us page has a module to discover the mobile compatible travel app to obtain the best ideas within your palm.
  • A sign-in button and the search option assist the users to explore the webpage in depth.


  • You can step into the shop platform from the about us page to purchase the travel guide books for your needs.
  • The screen links connect the about us page with the ‘Explore the World’ content and the responsibilities of the Lonely Planet to enlighten the viewers.

8: Gummisig

It is a website of a freelancer web designer connecting his clients beyond boundaries. He offers a wide range of services in the web design field. He serves as a consultant to digitalize the business processing in an innovative way to increase productivity.


  • It is a simple layout with sufficient content to learn about the founder
  • The friendly tone of writing increases the reliability of the viewers.
  • The colourful theme with his image speaks a lot about his designing skills.


  • The Testimonials convinces the mind-blowing skills of this freelancer.
  • The about us page has social links to direct you to view his social reputations on the social media platform.

9: Bull Dog skincare for men

It is a men’s skincare webpage. This website triggers the men to take care of their skin and feel the best. This website sells quality skincare products despite the skin type. The founder wants his clients to love the products they use. He recommends and serves with quality goods without compromising the quality factors.


  • The Bulldog image on the about us page attracts the viewers and help them to stay on it to explore in-depth.
  • The entire about us page is divided into segments giving glimpses on the skincare products. It displays a clear description of its services.
  • The font size and colours are impressive.


  • The ‘Shop Now’ buttons in the about us page takes you to the shopping environment effortlessly.
  • The Login link and the search option assist the viewers to connect with this site for better exploration.

10: Mixd

It is a web design company that connects with clients worldwide. The designers work on the needs of the customers and deliver quality webpage for their business activities without any compromises. The entire web design process is handled by a team of talents to build an outstanding website.


  • The stunning colour persuades the viewers in no time.
  • Meet the Team section describes the individual designers in detail.
  • You can connect with this individual talent using social media link icons.


  • The images in the Meet the Team section increases the reliability of their services. The images are displayed naturally.
  • The information on specialization and the work nature of every individual in the team enlightens the viewers.


Thus, you had an informative discussion on the about us page design. The above impressive examples give you insights in developing a responsive webpage for your needs. The Mockitt, an online prototyping tool assist you to create stunning webpages effortlessly for your needs. Choose the best about us design layout according to your requirements and select the right tool to bring wonders in your innovations. Connect with this article to discover new ways in designing the about us page for your website.

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