Best 10 Examples of Blog Page Design

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Bloggers are considered a trusted source of information, and they are more trusted than celebrities, journalists, brands, and politicians. Your website homepage is similar to the front door to your business, the design of your blog is the front door to your business blog - much like a welcome mat. Once you have the quality content created, you still have the challenge of presenting it in a way that dictates your blog. Images, text, and links need to be displayed right away to generate more interest.

This is why we've compiled some best blog page design examples to get you on the right track to design the perfect blog for your readers!

Good blog page design prototyping tool for your design

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10 inspiring blog page designs

#1: Microsoft stories

What better way to revitalize an old school brand than a blog with lovely, interactive, and inspiring branded content? Moreover, the stories square layout is reminiscent of the Microsoft logo, which achieves valuable consistency in the brand. Microsoft Stories is also an excellent example of how an entire rebrand can be a significant asset for a business blog. Microsoft has been working to have its brand humanized. You can use the Microsoft stories blog page design in your blog to communicate when you're trying to convey a specific brand message - both aesthetically and in content-wise.

#2: Pando

A consistent color scheme and style is an essential aspect of a well-designed blog - after all, 80 percent of consumers say color boosts their brand recognition.

It's interesting to see how consistency in color can unify the more diverse design elements. Pando, a blog that traverses the startup cycle, incorporates blue tones into several sections of its site - the background, highlights bars, and some text areas. But it also uses several different fonts - all of which, when tied together by a cohesive color scheme, manage to look seamless.

#3: Fubiz

Fubiz, a blog for art and design, is an example of a genuinely sleek design that includes some cool personalization. Readers can side-scroll through "highlighted" posts near the top of the blog's homepage. Below is the Creativity Finder, where visitors can select their chosen personas- from "Art Lover" to "Freelance" - location, and the type of content they are seeking. From there, readers can browse content catered specifically for them. The image at the header is also catchy. It uses something called the psychology of the "blue mind," which has found that the sight of open water can naturally draw us in. Fubiz can visually attract visitors to its contents by using it in a design scheme.

#4: Brit + Co

Everything about the Brit + Co homepage says "clean," "warm," and "welcoming." It's clutter-free, making the content more digestible, and the layout is extremely organized.

They have adorable and full of colorful, funny photos to illustrate the content of the story.

The subtle "trending" header also serves as an excellent way of promoting accessible content without being over-in-the-face. Take a note of the nod to Pinterest with such great visuals - that icon is essential to include in your blog page design if it incorporates attractive imagery.

#5: Help Scout

Sometimes the best blog design might be the simplest. Help Scout, customer service software makers, use the unique but minimalist design - it limits copy and visual usage and embraces negative space.

What is exceptional about this blog is its use of featured images for all posts, including a top-down banner highlighting a recent or especially popular entry. These icons are set in front of bright, block colors that catch the readers' eye and indicate what the post about is. Everything is "clean" and "readable" about this blog page design.

#6: Webdesigner Depot

With a name like "Webdesigner Depot," this design news site is visually appealing, no wonder. Webdesigner Depot incorporated icons of social sharing on every single post. Having those links readily available helps visitors to share a headline they find attractive about immediately. You can check the navigation arrows at the right - it's never been easy to scroll to the top or bottom of a page before.

The color scheme, background, and fonts are all consistent - that keeps this blog looking professional but still distinct from the basic blog templates that everyone is used to seeing.

#7: Crew

Crew Backstage, the Crew platform blog for designers and developers, has a fabulously minimalist unique blog design. Note that it features one blog post above the fold with a big title, subtitle, and call-to-action to read more.

There is an equally minimalist call-to-action to the left that makes it easy for readers to connect or learn more. Besides, there's that consistency again - everything above the fold is the same blue shade that has been shown to invoke brand trust.

#8: 500px

Just like Crew, the 500px photography blog leads to drawing the reader in with one featured article and a large, bold, high-definition photo. That makes it quite clear what the blog is about - it boasts valuable photographic content with gripping photography. It offers a specialty that the social links are right there, clearly shown above the fold. They keep readers engaged with the content and make it easy to share photography - and up to three times as likely to share content with images on social media.

#9: Pixelgrade

Pixelgrade is a design studio creating stunning WordPress themes for creative people of all sorts and small businesses. Their blog page does a great job of highlighting one of their latest or most popular blog posts and a clear call for action and a short extract. The page design is one hundred percent consistent with their brand and how they also communicate on other channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. One shouldn't face any trouble identifying their blog posts, among other content that you might find while scrolling on social media.

#10: Charity: water

Keeping the nonprofit blogging train going is charity: water, which makes excellent use of high-quality photography.

The organization has recently redesigned its blog with a lengthy post devoted to its 10th anniversary. Charity: water has maintained a simplistic design with concise text and bright images from the anniversary event, making use of that opportunity to share its impact over the past decade. Furthermore, there is a clear Call to Action at the top of the page to donate. Placing that above a story about charity: water's influence is a double-edged sword, by both inspiring people to contribute to the cause while making it easy to do so.

You've got all the revelation you need to start altering your blog page design. For a quicker and trouble-free experience, don't forget to give Mockitt a try!

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