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Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Designing a web app or a mobile app can easily be one of the world's most tiring experiences but with the right tools and even better software, it can be quite a breeze. Over the years Sketch has risen to be one of the best digital design tools. With all its merits though Sketch does not work on the web and because of this, it becomes very important to know how to import Sketch to Figma. Figma works on the web and it enables designers to easily collaborate, knowing how to import from Sketch to Figma can help you collaborate with other designers to come up with better designs.

In this article, I will give you a step by step guide on how to convert Sketch to Figma. The process is an integral part of the web design process you must know how to go through the process.

How to Convert from Sketch to Figma

The user interface on Figma is quite simple and it is pretty easy to use. Before we start a very important thing to note is that all users that have Viewer access can copy assets unless the setting has been disabled. Users on any plan can copy assets in Figma. Vector importation can result in quality loss, using SVG files is a lossless process. If you can, use SVG files because they allow you to import graphics, icons or complete artboards

Step 1:Open Sketch

The first thing you need to do is launch the Sketch desktop app. This will allow you to access the files that you would want to import to Figma. If the files you want to import are not in SVG format try to convert them into SVG files to reduce quality loss

Step 2: Select the elements you want to copy

Once you have launched Sketch use the Desktop app's file explorer to navigate and find the files that are to be imported. Once you find the files that you wish to import, select them.

Step 3: Copy the selected elements

After selecting your elements you have to copy them to your clipboard I order to import them to Figma. With the elements selected select 'Copy as SVG '.This will copy all the selected elements to your clipboard.

Step 4:Open Figma file

After successfully copying your elements to your clipboard, open your Figma file to enable you to complete the final process. Open the canvas that you want to paste the elements onto.

Step 5: Paste elements onto a Figma canvas

With your Figma canvas open, paste the elements you copied onto your clipboard. It is simple just press CNTRL + V. Once you are done pasting you can work on your design and create something beautiful.

Is there an alternative?

Importing from Sketch to Figma might seem quite a cumbersome task anytime you want to switch from desktop to web. This might make your Web designing experience quite a nightmare, the good thing though is there is an alternative and it is called Wondershare Mockitt provides you with modern tools and a squeaky clean user interface that is easy to use.

adobe xd alternative

The Pros of Wondershare Mockitt (https://Wondershare

Wondershare Mockitt is innovative and brings all the things that you would want in a web designing software in one place. Unlike Sketch, Wondershare Mockitt runs on both Windows and Mac. This is a very important feature as it helps accommodate both Mac and Windows users.

Microbot offers a huge number of templates that are sleek in both design and efficiency. The templates are pretty cool and there is a wide array, it is quite impossible to fail to find the right template for your design. Designing wireframes and prototypes using Wondershare Mockitt is easy; the interface puts all the necessary tools in the right place. The fact that you can simply drag and drop widgets on to the canvas creating a seamless design is one of the main reasons why it stands out. You can also preview the interaction after you drag and drop.

One thing that I hate about Sketch is that it is a desktop app and does not work on the web. This means you cannot work collaboratively with other designers,Wondershare Mockitt, on the other hand, is a desktop app but also works in the Web. This means you can easily work on a project with other designers to create something wonderful. Wondershare Mockitt allows all the people working on the project to comment on the project which is something quite new when it comes to web designing software. Microbot also offers cloud access which means you can work on your project from anywhere in the world, convenience.

The Best XD and Sketch Alternative in 2020

If you were already using Sketch and you are now convinced that Wondershare Mockitt might be the right software for you and you are ready to, make the switch one thing you do not need to worry about is losing the Sketch files you already have. Wondershare Mockitt has a plugin that allows you to easily sync your Sketch files with Wondershare Mockitt

How to import sketch files to Wondershare Mockitt

Step 1: Install the Sketch plugin for Wondershare Mockitt

The first step you need to do is to download the Sketch plugin for Wondershare Mockitt. The plugin can be downloaded from the link provided below.


Step 2: Install the Sketch plugin for Wondershare Mockitt

Install the Sketch plugin that you have downloaded. After installing the plugin restart Sketch.

Step 3: Launch Sketch

After installing the plugin launch Sketch and once Sketch is launched select the files that you want to import

Step 4: Select and import files

After selecting the files that you want to import to Wondershare Mockitt, click 'Plugins then select the option 'Wondershare Mockitt then select 'Export to

Step 5: Import

Once you are done with exporting, log into your Wondershare Mockitt account, and open a project ad click import to get the elements you imported from sketch into your project.

Digital design is quite an intriguing experience and with tools like Wondershare Mockitt, it can be quite an exciting experience.

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