How to Make an Animated Wireframe

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Making wireframes is not a complicated process, but animated wireframes are a bit tricky. However, if you have the right tool and have an idea of the same, then your task is simplified. If you are stuck there trying to find out how to create an animated wireframe, then worry no more. In this article, we will guide you on the easiest and fastest way to make an animated wireframe.

What is Animated Wireframe

A wireframe is a sketch of a website or an application. It can be done on a sheet of paper or screen by designers using the software. However, paper wireframes and several screen wireframes are static and aren't interactive. This makes it dull and not very appealing when presenting to the users. The distinction between an animated and a static and a prototype is that the static wireframe doesn't have any animations or automated movements while the animated wireframe has animations.

An animated wireframe features transitions and other actions that happen automatically without the user clicking or selecting any options. For example, you can design a UI wireframe then add an animation that automatically shows how to navigate from one point to another. The animation will automatically click a button or insert text in a text field to direct you to the respective page or explain how navigation is performed. With animations, you can simplify the need to tell the user navigations on the wireframes. Animations make your interface quite interactive. In general, the animation is the addition of movements like a scroll and click with respective actions on a wireframe.

The Best Animated Wireframe Tool

Do you want to have the best-animated wireframe experience? No other tool can guarantee you exceptional wireframe animation like Wondershare Mockitt . It is the cherry on top, and scores of users across the globe have made it their top priority as far as animated wireframes are concerned. It simplifies your wireframe designs and makes it so appealing and interactive to present to clients, team members, and relevant stakeholders.

animated wireframe

With the assortment of industry-standard templates, you are certain not to start your wireframe from zero. Pick and customize a template and insert the array of widgets and icons to make the interface look more magnificent. You can edit them and save them in your widget library so that you can easily reuse the next time you need it. If you are a novice or an expert, it doesn't matter because the interface is simple and easy to use. Remember, no coding is required, and thus anyone can navigate without hurdles. Sync your team members across several devices without being limited by time and space.


  • It is very user-friendly and you can make a prototype simply by dragging and dropping.
  • It has plenty of templates and UI assets that speed up the design process.
  • There are plenty of widgets to make designs more beautiful.
  • Edit, save and reuse templates.
  • Collaborate in real-time and co-edit your project with team members.
  • Preview your prototypes on PC, mobile, and offline.
  • Sync team members via the cloud.

Steps to Create an Animated Wireframe

Creating animated wireframes in Wondershare Mockitt is a simple sailing task. Follow these steps below on how to create an animated wireframe.

Step 1. Login and Create Project

First, log in to Wondershare Mockitt using your username and password. To start a new project, click on the "Create Project" tab, and then select the "Blank Project" or "Create project from demos." Enter a suitable name within the project name field and select the target device. Finally, hit "Create" to continue.

wireframing animation

Step 2. Change the Project Size

When you want to change the size of your project, move the cursor over the project and hit on the "Settings" option. Choose the target size from the device drop-down icon. To effect the changes, click the "Save" button.

animation wireframe

Step 3. Add New Screens

Adding more screens creates a possibility for interactions between different objects or elements of a screen to another screen. To add a new screen, locate and click the "New Screen" button.

wireframe animation

Step 4. Draw Widgets and Icons

There are several widgets to choose from available. You can choose from the Fast Widgets on the left or My Widgets, icons on the right side. Simply click and drag the widget to the canvas then begin your drawing. To edit the widget, click on the target widget and edit on the Inspector Panel. To reuse the widgets, drag the edited widget to the "My Widgets" library for reuse.

animated wireframe

Step 5. Animate your Wireframes

To add a link to a widget, select it and click the "New Link" tab on the right side of the screen. To animate your wireframe, choose the desired gesture, action, state, and animation for your widget. Also, link your objects to other screens/pages by clicking on the object and dragging the circular handle to the respective screen. Also, set the transitions and animation features.

wireframing animation

Step 6. Preview UI Wireframe

Finally, preview your animated wireframe by clicking the "Preview" tab. Interact with your wireframe and check on the animations. Now, to change something, you can always go back and edit your project.

animation wireframe