How to Make Annotated Wireframes

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:25

Creating an official website is not an easy task even for most businessmen as well as for professional designers. Fortunately annotated wireframes are there to help you out if you are also one of them. It plays an important role in designing corporate responsive projects. For designing bigger project, you need to make a proper plan about how things will work at that point such wireframes greatly help in offering overview. Annotated wireframes help you to tell see the see entire story from starting to end procedure. That is the main reason many professional designers are implementing such techniques in the working pattern.

What is Annotated Wireframe

Wireframe is important because it offers clean explanation to your clients and the motive of your designing. If you miss the step your client will not like your design and will reject before going through it. You have to provide annotation that makes them understand your design effectively. This also help in getting your thinking and allows them to know the users of their websites without struggling too much or any addition techniques to of counting.

It also provides the context on how other things are going to work while designing the wireframes. This will not only explain your thinking ability but also allow them to know how it will work in dynamic settings. This also has an ability to know how users are going to interact with the end result or the created design.

Interactive design greatly offers you the context for navigator and other lists that various interactions need in application. Where the links are going to take the user in the experience, what type of inputs the user is going to see and what are its options. This is the main reason why annotated wireframe template are very necessary while designing the official website of the business no matter small or big. The good the annotation of the website, the successful the business.

The Best Annotated Wireframe Tool

If you are also willing to implement such technique then you can find various annotated wireframes example, the Wondershare Mockitt is the best one. It has a number of features like drag and drop that allows you to create your design in the best possible way. Its powerful features allow you to create your most attractive and efficient prototype efficiently without any problem. On the other hand, its presentation and preview features allow you to present your design in the best possible way in your front of your clients.

annotated wireframes

The client will not take much time to understand your intention of building the prototype or annotation. The best thing about the tool is that you can share the design with your foreign clients via creating links or developing QR codes. No matter they are using mobile phones or tablets, it is accessible on almost every device. This makes it the most popular option among other software available in the market. In addition, you can use it efficiently online on browser or can also be sued offline easily.

The guide below will greatly help you in creating your prototype without getting confused.

How to Annotate Wireframe Step-by-Step

Step 1: Create a Wireframe Project

After creating your account on official website of Wondershare Mockitt, click "Create a New Project"to select the type of project and device on which you want to work.

Click on "Settings"to edit the device type, project name and the size. Now, save the changes.

annotated wireframes example

Step 2: Adding Widgets to Wireframe

For adding widgets in your designs you can directly click left side on the screen on the left corner to add desired one from the fast widgets. You can also directly drag and drop the widget or double click on the desired to add in the canvas.

annotated wireframe template
  • You can also add some Build-in widgets, My widgets and Icon given on the right side.
  • It allows you to change the property directly after entering the widgets in the canvas.
  • After creating the mockup, save the designed widgets for future. You can save your widgets in "My Widget"library either by by dragging it to "My Widget"panel or you can right click the widget to save it in "Add to widgets"option.
  • You can also convert widgets to master for editing in bulk.

Step 3: Add Notes to Make it Annotated Wireframe

You can also add the notes by selecting the "Sticky"option of the widget library.

You can create notes by clicking "Sticky"and explain others the design purpose of widgets. Making notes is easy with this option.

best way to annotate wireframes

Step 4: Add Links and Interactive Content

Click on one widget to add a link. Select "New Link"in the panel on the right side. Now, set the gesture, animation, target screen and action for the widget.

If you are willing to add some interactive and engaging content to your website designing then you can use it via Screen state. You can also change the size, shape and color of the image according to your need and preference. This is the best thing you can easily do with the help of the software in your design without struggling too much.

annotated wireframes examples