Top 10 Free Online Wireframe Tool in 2021 [As Recommended by Experts]

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

When we talk about the overall designing of apps or websites, wireframing holds a vital role. After all, it provides the basic foundation of the product that we can further explore in the next development stages. Though, if you wish to work on it, then you need to search for the best online wireframe tool. While there are a few free wireframe tools online options, not all of them are reliable. To help you, I have come up with this detailed list of some of the best wireframe online tools that you can use without paying a single dime.

The 10 Best Online Wireframe Tools Available for Free

One of the best things about wireframe online tools is that they can be accessed remotely on any device without downloading. While some of the online wireframe solutions are entirely free, others only provide a basic version of the application online for free.

1. Wondershare Mockitt

When we talk about a resourceful online wireframe tool, Wondershare Mockitt has to be the first name. You can use its freely available online resources or download the desktop application to access its features. Since it offers a wide range of editing tools, you can easily work on a wireframe in no time.

wireframe online
  • On the Wondershare Mockitt online interface, you can see hundreds of widgets, vectors, icons, and other design elements that you can readily use.
  • You can work on different perspectives and environments (like mobile or web) and even get a live preview of your designs.
  • There is an option to import Sketch files to the application or export your wireframe designs in formats like PNG or SVG.
  • If you wish to save your time, then you can just work on any available template and customize it on this best online wireframe tool.


  • Sketch plug-in available
  • Hassle-free ways to share projects and collaborate with others


  • The free version supports a maximum of 20 screens per project

Runs on: Web, Mac, and Windows

2. Cacoo

Cacoo is a popular free wireframe tools online application that you can access on any device without downloading it. You can use it for education or professional work and for designing wireframes of all kinds.

  • There is an extensive library of templates that you can explore in the application to save your time.
  • Apart from wireframes, it can also help you design flowcharts, prototypes, and other diagrams.
  • You can integrate it with Visio and install other third-party plugins from Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


  • Easy to use
  • Import/export options available in different formats


Only trial version can be used for free

Runs on: Web

3. cc

If you are looking for a wireframe online free solution, then should be an ideal pick. While it might take some time for beginners to learn it, the online wireframe tool would be extremely helpful in the long run.

online wireframe tool
  • You can just visit its online wireframe tool and work on all kinds of graphics by using its available designs.
  • There is a provision to work on multiple pages and create a master page for the project.
  • Once the wireframing is done, you can export your designs to PNG or PDF formats.


  • A freely available wireframe online solution
  • It lets us share our designs with others


  • Limited features
  • User-interface is not that friendly

Runs on: Web

4. FluidUI

FluidUI is another popular online wireframe tool that you can try for free by visiting its website. Though, there are a few advanced features in this wireframe online application that are reserved for its premium users.

free wireframe tools online
  • There are different perspectives and environments for which you can create your wireframe.
  • In the application, you can find 2000+ different elements that you can include in your projects with drag and drop actions.
  • The tool lets us host the project on the web and collaborate with our team on a real-time basis.


  • An extensive library of widgets and templates
  • Live preview of mobile apps


  • Takes a lot of time to load
  • Some features are paid only

Runs on: Web, Mac, and Windows

5. Framer

Another best online wireframe tool that you can consider trying is Framer. Not just to design wireframes, it can help you come up with different other illustrations as well.

  • It features a multi-user editing platform, letting your entire team work on a wireframe design together.
  • You can find hundreds of useful design elements that you can easily integrate into your projects.
  • The application maintains a dedicated version history of the project for seamless backtracking.


  • Sketch and Figma integration with inbuilt plugins
  • Custom security options


  • A bit complicated for beginners
  • The free version supports up to 3 projects

Runs on: Web and Mac

6. Moqups

Moqups is an ideal application to create wireframe online designs in low, medium, or high fidelity. You can create a free account of this wireframe online tool and use its web application on any device of your choice.

wireframe online free
  • You can work on all kinds of aesthetically pleasing designs for mobile and desktop using its available tools.
  • There are dedicated templates to create all kinds of wireframes and prototypes that you can readily use.
  • If you work in a team, then you can assign different roles and permissions to your colleagues.


  • Several design elements and templates to pick from
  • Can be integrated with Jira


  • Difficult for beginners to learn
  • A few advanced features are paid

Runs on: Web

7. Mockflow

This is another web-based online wireframe tool that you can consider using on any device remotely. Though, if you wish to work offline, then this online application might not help you.

best online wireframe tool
  • One of the best free wireframe tools online solutions, it features an extremely simple user interface.
  • You can visualize your designs using its editor and get a live preview of them on the screen as well.
  • There is a feature to iterate the process and track changes back easily.


  • Designs can be exported into different formats
  • Extremely easy to use


  • Only limited features are available for free
  • No desktop application

Runs on: Web

8. Figma

Figma is a professional designing tool that is often used by experts to create wireframes and prototypes. If you wish to come up with high fidelity results, then you can consider trying this online wireframe tool.

online wireframe tool
  • There are several templates and demos available in Figma that you can use to create quick wireframes.
  • You can use the wide range of existing vectors available in Figma or export a file from any other source.
  • Just go to its website to access the tool, share your designs via URL, or collaborate with your team.


  • Dedicated features to work in a team
  • Seamless options to leave comments and feedback on designs


  • The free version can only support up to 3 projects

Runs on: Web, Windows, and Mac

9. Pidoco

If you are looking for a lightweight wireframe online free solution, then you can also try Pidoco. You can create different kinds of mockups and wireframes by accessing its online tool or using its desktop applications.

free wireframe tools online
  • You can create elements from scratch or make the most of its library of widgets that are available in the tool.
  • There is also a provision to include and edit different styles of interactive elements in the tool.
  • For seamless collaboration, it lets us share our screen, projects, and make edits on a real-time basis.


  • Live preview available
  • Exporting of designs in different formats


  • Using the free version, you can only work on 1 active project with 3 screens at a time

Runs on: Web, Mac, and Windows

10. NinjaMock

NinjaMock might be the last spot on our list of best free wireframe tools (online), but it is definitely worth a try. You can create mockups and wireframes of low to medium fidelity using its web-based application.

  • There are different perspectives and environments for mobile and desktop that you can work on.
  • You can also import several plug-ins and toolkits in the application to integrate your project with other platforms.
  • It features vector-based designs so that you can easily reuse your projects.


  • You can export your project as an HTML, PNG, or PDF file
  • Seamless collaboration with teams


  • Only a trial version is available for free

Runs on: Web and Windows

How to Choose the Best Online Wireframe Tool?

After getting to know about ten wireframe online free solutions, you might be a little confused. To help you pick the best online wireframe tool, I would recommend keeping the following things in mind.


Firstly, you should consider the overall features of the tool and make sure that it would meet your requirements.

User Interface

If you are a beginner, then make sure the online wireframe tool is easy to use else you would have to spend a lot of time learning it first.


Some online wireframe tools can only be loaded on certain browsers (like Chrome) and might need restricted permissions to run. Before you proceed, make sure that you can run the tool smoothly on your system.

Import/Export support

Also, you should check whether you can import Sketch or the projects from any other platform to the tool. Besides that, you should also be able to export your wireframe in different formats.

Fidelity Rate

If you wish to come up with a detailed wireframe, then consider going with a product that supports high fidelity. This will let you come up with a detailed blueprint for your project.

Other Features

Apart from these things, consider the overall features that the application provides and whether it lets us collaborate with others. You can also check the feedback of other users to further get to know about the online wireframe tool you are interested in.

This brings us to the end of this extensive list of some of the best online wireframe tools out there. From these options, I would recommend Wondershare Mockitt as an ideal choice for both beginners and experts alike. The wireframe online tool can be accessed on any device and offers a wide range of features. Also, its online wireframe tool is available for free, letting you work on all kinds of designs without spending anything.

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