How does the Color Wheel work in Website Designing?

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:04

A color wheel is such an impressive feature introduced in plenty of web designing software applications, with the help of this feature you would be able to play with colors on your website design and hence bring the best out of it.

We are sure that most of you might not be knowing about color wheels and how you can decorate your website design using a color wheel for best ever outcomes. If you said yes to any of the questions, then this post has everything you need to know about.

With this post, we will have a look at what features and advantages a color wheel can provide you, along with that we will also discuss one such website designing tool that offers amazing color wheel feature add-on.

Color Wheel Definition: What is Color Wheel?

A Color wheel is a circle-shaped element within which you would be able to notice 12 different sections divided on the basis of color options available. The main motive behind creating a color wheel option was to bring all the colors at one place so that it makes it a bit easy to choose the appropriate color.

Moreover, when we are designing our Website, having a highly-efficient color wheel is really important because you would be able to develop new colors by combining two or more colors at a time.

There are plenty of types of color wheels, but in the most efficient ones, you would be able to find sections such as primary colors, secondary colors and complementary colors. From all these sections, you can pick up color combinations and make the final one that you want to apply on your website's section.

You can even make gradients with the help of a color wheel feature, which means if you want to integrate plenty of colors at one place than that could be done with the help of color wheel quickly.

How does the Color Wheel work in Website Designing?

The overall designing gets easier than ever with the help of the color wheel as the developer would be able to get everything at one place only. While on the most crucial step that can be carried forward just with the help of a color wheel is developing new color schemes.

There are generally four different color schemes, and those are Monochrome, Complementary, Analogous and Triadic. All these color schemes are linked with various color psychologies that will help visitors to make the right decisions or the decisions that you want your users to make.

Let us have a look at a few different website designs to know more about color wheel integration and importance:

1. Facebook

The first and most important option in the list is Facebook; once you will visit its Website, you would be able to notice that they have blue and grey color integration selected from the color wheel. Hence they have used blue color because it builds a feeling of security and trust between the users efficiently.

With the help of such color psychology Facebook lets its users to believe in them without any issues.

2. Oi Pollio

You must be knowing that if we have a look at vibrant colors then we get attracted towards it, same is the case with the color scheme of Oi Pollio website, which is an e-commerce business website.

With the help of their vibrant color scheme, they can attract several users efficiently, not only that on the top they have added a high-quality picture with the same color scheme that attracts and lets people know what type of products they can get from this Website.

3. Ebay

The next option in the list is Ebay which is again an e-commerce platform, where you would be able to notice that they have used a clean looking color scheme. Hence this clean looking design along with a green color integration is a sign of financial wealth, with the help of this color psychological fact the users will make a purchase for something easily.

4. Lush Digital

Here with this Website, you would be able to notice that developers have used warm and bold colors for developing the color scheme of this WebsiteWebsite. Hence with the help of this color scheme, they are able to attract people for visiting their services and taking advantage of it.

Great Tool For Designing

If you are struggling to find one of the best web designing tools with high-end color wheel support, then Wondershare Mockitt is the most appropriate option for you. Within the tool, you would be able to get several features and support, let us have a look at them one by one:

color wheel
  • Color Wheel

You would be able to get an impressive color wheel support with the help of which you can design your WebsiteWebsite in your own way. Hence you would not have to worry about any sort of new color designs or integrations.

You can design new colors or gradients with the use of this feature.

  • Templates

With Mockitt, you can get already built templates that you can use for your Website designing purpose. You would not have to make any changes in such designs or templates and can directly apply on your WebsiteWebsite.

Moreover, with other provided elements, you can make changes to give a template a unique presence.

  • Cloud Storage

Although you can store things on your local storage option, but if you are finding a more reliable option for storing essential files, then you can get in touch with the cloud storage feature.

You can store all your files directly to the cloud storage provided by Mockitt tool, so whenever you have access to your account, you won't have to keep all the files in external storage with you, as you can directly access them from the cloud storage option.