8 Best Tools of Color Palette for Websites

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:31

Selecting the right color palette for website is more critical, as the same as choosing the color combination. Complete website design or layout depends on colors. If your color scheme is appealing, then there cannot stop you from designing a fantastic layout. There are lots of website color palette generator available online. But more importantly, which ones are the best color palettes for websites.

In this article, we will explore the different online tools to help you create a perfect color palette for your website. We are focusing on the newly built color palettes websites. There’s the reason for exploring the new websites. New websites may have the latest color flavors or schemes that previous websites don’t have.

8 Best Tools of Color Palette for Websites

The Internet is loaded with website color palette generator tools. All you have to do is search for the right query and the right tool. Some websites may be offering limited services, and some of the websites are not for free. But don’t worry, we’ve already searched the website color palette generator for you and saves your precious time for free.


Coolors is the perfect website color palette generator. It lets you upload your choosing image and make a color palette based on the picture found in the image. This is just a fantastic technique. With that, you can export and save the color palette as PDF, SVG, SCSS, and COPIC.

What if we tell you that Coolors has its own android and iOS application for its users. Not only this, but it also has a pre-installed plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Isn’t that amazing everything you need available in just place. You just need to open your mobile phone and search for a particular color scheme that you want.

2.Adobe Color

Adobe has its own color palette for website. It’s an official tool of Adobe that lets you generate a color palette of your own. It uses a traditional and successful approach for selecting the color combinations for websites. You can do fun things with the color wheel by playing with it and generate a color scheme according to your needs.

You can either manually select your color scheme or upload your image and let adobe color choose the color scheme for you. You can save your color scheme in your Creative Cloud library.


DeGraeve is the simplest tool for generating a color palette. It does not support any complex functionalities. The only functionality DeGraeve lets you upload the URL of the image on the provided textbox, and then it automatically creates the color scheme. This website color palette generator is so simple no extra features offered on the site, but it done the job quite well. Well, what else we want? Our work is going smoothly.

This website doesn’t only generate color schemes but also offers various other tools on their site.


Another website similar to Coolor, but this website performs a limited number of functions. Colllor generates the color palette by only from the color you choose in the color picker. This website has a unique way of selecting a color palette for websites. The questions raised in everybody’s mind, how this website generate a color palette by just after choosing the colors?

The answer to the question is relatively straightforward than you imagine. It generates color based on the color that you choose, and it generates shades/tints, mixed colors, and similar color palettes.

5.Palette Generator

This website color palette generator is quite remarkable. You can generate a color palette with the help of images. Through this site, you can get the best color palette for websites. With the website color palette generator tool, you can upload up to 20 images to generate a color palette.

After that, you can change the color palette using the slider. Plus, there’s a guide section on this website to guide its users on generating a color palette through this site.

6.Material Palette

This website color palette generator is quite similar to Colllor. The difference between these two is that Material Palette lets you choose two colors from the boxes shown in the picture. After that, it will automatically create the color palette on behalf of those that you already choose. The design of the website is quite astonishing. The iconic color boxes make everything unique to viewers or visitors. With this, this website offers another thing that other websites didn’t. This website gives you the option to download or tweeted the color palette.

7.Color Scheme Generator

This website generates color schemes based on the color you choose. With that, this tool also generates the color palette according to different color combinations categories like Monochromatic, Triadic, Complementary Color Scheme, Double Complementary, etc. There are other features that this website offers. This website lets you search for different colors, a separate color wheel, a color chart, and a color calendar.


Palettr is an entirely different tool as compared to what we’ve discussed so far. It generates color schemes stimulate from the photographers of uploaded by users on 500px. You can also search for photographs using different keywords on the search box present on the site. After the search results, you’ll see the pictures along with the color combinations or color palettes they inspired.

So, these were some color palette for websites online tools for the designers. They can easily save time by using these websites.

Great Tool for Designing

Many tools are available for designing beautiful designs and layouts. But most of them are a bit expensive, and some are out of reach for the new designers. So, to overcome the costly situation, we have found a super cool and comfortable tool for designers.

Here we’ve got a fantastic tool that can ease your designing life to some extent. With this tool, you’ll be able to choose the perfect color palette for website easily. Wondershare Mockitt comes up with a massive number of features and elements for its users. Have you ever wondered why this tool is getting popular day by day? Because of its unlimited features and advantages.

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Mockitt’s Features and Advantages

There are so many features and advantages of Mockitt, but we will discuss some important ones here.

  • Design: Mockitt gives you the freedom to design freely. Mockitt provides the facility to drag and drop the elements on the canvas.
  • Widgets and Templates: In “Asset Library,” you’ll find hundreds of pre-installed widgets and templates. All you need is to pick one of them and start your design.
  • Cloud | Collaboration: Mockitt also provides a cloud facility to its users. Users of Mockitt can access their work any time or anywhere in the world.