Good Color Combinations for Websites that Highlights Your Design

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:29

Choosing excellent color combination for website is always crucial for the designers. Therefore, the designers have to be very careful with the color combination for website design. Color combinations also play an essential role in engaging visitors to your website. The designers should know the meanings or a good taste of colors. After this, they will be able to design beautiful and responsive websites.

With that, the right color combination highlights your brand recognition. While designing a responsive and good-looking website, designers should take care of white spaces, contrast with the excellent color scheme which are good vitals for your web design.

In this article, we will discuss the award-winning websites for color combination for website design perspective that will give some ideas and boost to the new designers.

Good Color Combinations for Websites that Highlights Your Design

As we've discussed above, choosing the right color combination for website always been important for designers. Perhaps, the color is a tool for designers to showcase their skills.

Therefore, we've brought you the top 10 websites with fantastic color combinations and how they combine the colors to form exemplary interfaces.

1. Squilla Fund

Our first website, at the top of the list for color combination perspective. Simple design and excellent color scheme have made the look so pleasing to the visitors. The color combinations used in the creation of this website are:


2. CowBoy

An eCommerce website that sells and promote electric bikes. They have changed their website design and web color combinations. Previously, their website design made of golden pink, bold typography colors, and fun gold details. But now, they have entirely changed their color scheme from golden background to a transparent one.

3. Mend Seltzer

Mend Seltzer is a beautiful website for color combination perspective. It's more like a promotion or advertising website as they are promoting health-related drinks that clears the mind, eases headaches, and stress. In fact, you don't need any kind of drink if you visit their website. Their website design has so many pleasing colors that ease your stress and clear your mind already. They combine the hues of pink, yellow and lavender as web color combinations.

4. Cure Nails

We've another eye-catching color combination for website design in our list and this time organic skincare product website. The design of the website entirely made of pastel colors. Some platelets used in this website are:

  • TAN

5. Mountain Man

This website only based on music and albums. The color combination for website design warm and pastel tones. There's some mixture of green mixed with peach nuances. This website has an excellent visual presentation of color combinations. More like the golden background looks impressive for the naked eye.

6. Andris Gauracs

Andris Gauracs's website, where you'll see a lot of color combinations like blue, sky-blue, and white in the background. Consider this website as a portfolio of a full stack web developer. He has done a fantastic job on the design of the website. The primary colors used on the website are:


7. 10x18

What we liked about this website that they have uses unique font's colors. The choice and the selection of color combination for website is merely magnificent. The design of the website forced us to admire this site. Back to its design; this website also uses warm colors or warm earthy colors. The colors used in this website design are:



Here we've another colorful website for designing perspective. A refreshing drink website has a refreshing website design for its customers. The leading color scheme used on this website are:

  • SAGE


Another website that uses light, stable colors in its design. Excellent visual presentation of color and elements floating on the website. This website design is a combination of lots of animations and colors.

10. Syndy Digital

Another website that is similar to LA PHASE 5. This website is also the combinations of eye-catching colors with some animation too in the background. The color scheme used on this website are as follows:


Well, that was all about from the different color combination for websites. Now, move forward to the tool, which tool is perfect for selecting the best color combinations for websites?

Great Tool for Website Design

We've tried many popular tools for designing purposes like Adobe XD, Axzure, Sketch, Figma etc. but all these tools are pretty expensive for the beginner's level. Apart from these tools, we've another simple tool that surely will help you to choose the best color combination for websites.

Wondershare Mockitt

Like other designing tools, Wondershare Mockitt is a prototyping software that allows users to design freely and choose the best color combinations for websites. In Mockitt, there are hundreds of new features that only available in it. With these latest features, even the professional web designers can take benefit from them. Let's take a look at the features and advantages of it.

color combination for website

Mockitt's Features and Advantages

Mockitt has many features to discuss, but we are only discussing those that can help select the best color combinations for websites.

  • Design: Mockitt gives you the freedom for designing attractive and responsive website layouts. New designers don't need to remember the code anymore. Because it gives you the facility to drag your elements to the canvas.
  • Assets: Mockitt gives you lots of default widgets and templates for free. So, you can use them for creating and beautiful designs and choosing web design color combinations without any hurdles. You can create or customize your widget or templates and save them for future use.
  • Cloud | Collaboration: This feature what we liked most of all, Mockitt also gives cloud support to its users. So, they can easily access their data anytime or anywhere in the world. Plus, they can share their work with other team members of the project.