The Best 7 Online Color Palette Generators

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:30

Muted, vibrant, or full-on technicolor- a good color palette can set the mood and convey your brand identity and make the interface visually appealing. Due to its importance, designers tend to have a tough time deciding on brightness, hue, and saturation. To ease the load, it is suggested to explore an online color palette generator. A color palette generator can help you find color palettes based on different trends that align with your vision and brand. If you are new to this digital color world, here are the top generators that you should have on your radar.

7 color palette generators make your design more convenient

Here is the list of the best color palette generators online:

1.Adobe Color

Adobe Color is the go-to color resource for all digital creatives. This tool provides everything from generating harmony from any base color to a stunning palette. It is much more comprehensive than an aesthetic color palette generator. Thus it is not for quick and straightforward tasks.

The application offers an ‘explore’ section that allows designers to browse user-crafted color palettes in popularity or randomly. An Adobe account lets you log in and save the palettes generated by you for further use and sharing.


It is a modern color palette generator that comes up with creative color palettes using AI technology. The AI is trained on the 50 different colors selected by you to generate color palettes. After the AI generates the combinations, you would have many choices for the right color pallet. It is the color palette generator for times you are clueless. The algorithms understand your color preferences, and the combinations presented are endless. There are five different displays for combinations: two-toned photographs, color blocks, four-color palettes, colored background, and gradient.


Coolors.Co is an industry-wide favorite. It has achieved this position because of its simplicity and colossal color palette library available for Android and iOS. The plus points include an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which makes it useful for complete beginners. You can change the order and edit the colors and expand them to display a selection of alternatives. The generator is robust, and one tap on the space bar can auto-generate other color’s options. On finalizing the pallet, the hex codes of the colors can be copied, and the colors can be exported as a PNG/URL.

4.Color Tool

It is an advanced color palette generator designed for user interface and web designs. Based on accessibility categories and user interface, the tool lets you create material design color palettes. The tool also offers a feature to live to preview the selected colors for the palette. The color palette is displayed in basic wireframes adhering to only two colors-primary and secondary. This lets you gauge how it would later come together in the final design. Also, the tool cleverly runs an accessibility test to deem your color palette type legible.


There are times when you have a base color in mind, and the next step is to build a color palette around it. ColorSpace is the right tool in such cases. All you need to do is enter the RGB values or hex code of your chosen hue and hit generate. The website would produce several color combinations that can match your choice of color. It is an elementary palette generator that works with just one click. Result? Different color palette styles along with matching gradients.


For designers showcasing their work on Instagram, Colorkuler is a fun experiment. If you want to maintain a consistent brand identity, choose Colorkuler as it extracts a color palette from your most popular posts revealing your true colors. All you need to do is type in your handle to see what color scheme comes up. It is a great help in times when you are feeling indecisive as Colorkuler lets you pick a color that is a representation of you and your brand. The only constraint for Colorkuler to work its magic is that it requires an active and public account, which most personal brands have.


Let’s say you have chosen the color palette, and it fits just right, but you aren’t sure how to use it right. Designispiraton is your go-to generator in such cases as it allows you to select up to five colors and then shows you a variety of diverse stock photos and designs that share the same palette and have made it work. It also allows us to perform a specific search by entering the design content such as hand lettering and infographics. Just type in the related keywords of the content you are interested in. The tool functions as a color palette mood board, which lets you look at other designs that can serve as an inspiration for your creation.

A useful tool for UI design

After you have chosen your color palette with the help of the best color palette generator possible, it’s time to apply to your website or application to add life to it. The thinking part takes much time, so you need a fast UI design tool to meet your deadlines. Here, we present the Wondershare Mockitt-a design platform used by people worldwide to turn an idea into a product. It is an online prototyping tool that will empower your design journey, validate the concept, and implement the design all at one platform.

best color palette generator

The features of Mockitt helps you boost your productivity beyond imagination. Some of the features are:

  • Design- Make prototypes and wireframes freely once your color scheme is finalized
  • Interaction- The colors of your website need not be static but can be animated with Mockitt
  • Inspect & Discuss- Want reviews on your work? No problem. Please share it with your contemporaries at all times
  • Templates-Don’t know where to start? Use the built-in templates to design effectively
  • Cloud- Your project stays synced at all times.

Now, as you know, the color palette generator online, and one of the best tools for UI design, it's time to create the perfect color palette for your website.