How to find the Best Triadic Color Scheme?

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:27

Triadic color scheme is exciting and more comfortable to understand the terminology. Its purpose is to select the color combinations for your designs similar to the color wheel. This color scheme is easier than you imagined. With this color scheme, you will be able to choose vibrant, beautiful color combinations easily.

Before going further, we need to take a look at the triadic color scheme. What is the triadic color scheme? And how we can use this scheme for our beautiful color combinations.

Triadic is a color split scheme with equal distance between all colors. All three colors are equally distributed in the color wheel with no dominance of one color, as you can see in the picture.

In this article, we will discuss how to find the best triadic color scheme and its different examples that can help us create beautiful UI/web designs.

How to find the Best Triadic Color Scheme?

There are some exciting ways to find the best triadic color scheme. We are going to show you how and where you can find the triadic color scheme. There are many examples available worldwide, but we've collected a few of them to help you understand.

1. Triadic Color from Nature

What if we tell you that you can also find the triadic color scheme from nature? Yes, you heard that, right! You can derive triadic color combinations from nature since it's the triangle color combination in color with equal distance. Therefore, you can find the best triadic color from nature; the below pictures are proof.

2. Superman Costume

Well, now let's talk about some fantasy hero costume. Are you a DC Comics fan? We'll figure it out.

Have you ever noticed that Superman's costume is made up of a triadic color scheme? We bet you didn't. Let's take a look at the outfit below, and you'll see the combination of red, blue, and yellow.

Now you've seen the costume properly, go to the color wheel above in the introduction section. You can see the three different colors with equal numbers of the distance between them. Isn't that easy to understand a triadic color scheme?

3. Tulip Flowers

We've another nature-related triadic color scheme from Ms. Lawon's Foundation class. A stunning image of a tulip shows a great combination of a triadic color scheme. The varieties used in this photography are red, yellow, and blue. Realistic examples are a better way to understand the different color schemes or theory. With the help of these examples, you can set color combinations in real life and the digital world.

The Best Triadic Color Scheme Examples

We've discussed the triadic color scheme and how we can relate to real-life examples. We will now discuss different websites' designs that are made up of the triadic color scheme. This will surely help the designers better understand the concept of color theory or choose the perfect color for their website design.

We've collected a few top rated websites for design perspective that have used triadic color schemes in their design. We are listing these designs according to their rating or their popularity.

Perfect Storm is a top-notch website for the design perspective. This website is purely made up of the triadic color scheme. The UK based digital marketing and website development agency with a smooth and attractive design of the website. What makes this website look attractive? The answer is the colors. This website has perfect combinations of darker colors with the white that make the design so smooth and pleasant. That is why we listed this website design at the top of our list.

1. Strategic Materials

The Strategic Materials website has a color combination that is based on triadic color. The website design uses a solid color for its design. Triadic color schemes look astonishing on websites, but sometimes it becomes challenging to choose the perfect combination. Not every combination is ideal for the website. But you have to add some variation in the designs. This website is a perfect example in terms of interpretation. The designer uses the variation in the triadic color scheme to look more attractive than average.

2. Imaging Office

We have another use of three color combinations, but this time it's more like a complementary color scheme. Perhaps it's made up of two complementary colors: red, green with blue and orange. It almost looks like the triadic color scheme for the website. But in reality, it is not!.

3. Nature & Milieu

Nature and Milieu is another website design that reflects the triadic color scheme. But initially, it's more like an Analogous color scheme. Analogous is another color scheme; we'll cover this scheme later in upcoming articles.

Tool Recommendation: Useful tool for your design

Lots of tools available over the internet for choosing color combinations and designs. We've tried many of them, but we've got a fantastic tool that changes the design's complexion. Here are some remarkable features of Wondershare Mockitt that fulfill the need for every new design.

triadic color scheme

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Features and Advantages of Mockitt

Mockitt has hundreds of features and advantages, but here we'll discuss some of its features.

  • Design: Mockitt gives freedom to new designers to design freely. This tool lets you design by only drag and drop. You don't have to remember the code for designing; It will take care of it. All you have to do is just drag and drop the elements on the canvas.
  • Assets: There are many free widgets and templates available in the "Asset Library." You can edit the widgets according to your need and save them for future use.
  • Cloud: Mockitt gives you the functionality of the cloud service. Users of Mockitt can easily access their work anytime or anywhere in the world.