Mobile App Design: Pick Great Color Palettes for Apps

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:14

Like website designs and color palettes are essential for a brand and business, it's also important to design beautiful color palettes for apps. Nowadays, mobile applications are more critical for every organization or any other company. It is also essential to have an engaging and appealing mobile app for its users. If you're offering anything on the website, make sure you create the same design and choose the same color palettes for apps. The app that you are designing must meet the requirement of the users.

Follow the trends on social media, join different groups, and communicate with other people worldwide. Same as the dark theme, which is more popular nowadays on social media platforms.

In this article will discuss the different color palettes for apps and their layout design that suits the color combinations.

6 Color Palettes for App Design

As we discussed above, choosing color palettes for apps is crucial for designing perspective. Color palettes are considered to be the pillars of the well-designed app. There are many online to generate a color palette for apps, but selecting the color palettes for apps is not considered significant. The important thing is the color combinations of how you pick the color combination from the color palettes.

1. Minimal Colors - Focused Palette

Well, here we've got the most trending color palettes for apps. This design seems to be the most trending color palette for app design in 2020. Users are most attractive to simple design like we have the example of Instagram. Recently, Instagram shifted its strategy to minimal color palettes. Before that, their app used various combinations of color palettes. This color scheme is straightforward and to the point.

In this color scheme, colors are limited and not overused. This color scheme makes the design look simple and easy to use. Another factor of using a minimal color scheme is that it doesn't slow down your application.

2. Muted Colors

Muted or pastel colors are always a pleasure to use. These color schemes have been used for quite a while. Well, these designs are just the beginning; we will see some quite fantastic trending app design and stunning implementation of color schemes. Apps design trends frequently change over time. But we've seen many rapid changes in many trending applications as compared to website designs. Almost every app on Play Store or AppStore changes its color palettes for apps every three or four months.

3. Minimalistic Black

Here we've another minimalistic color palettes for apps. And this time it's black. Well, black color doesn't consider as a technical color, but a minimal color scheme has bought it for minimal color usage. The combinations used in this design are mostly black, white, and greys. The above example is the perfect presentation of a minimalistic design interface. The design looks catchy and pleasing for the users.

4. High Contrast Colors

High contrast color palettes have changed over the past few years. But now designers have started implementing high contrast gradients with more complementary colors. This makes the design more beautiful and attractive, as you can see in the picture above. The combination of blue, pink, and purple gives proper contrast to the interface. Overall, high contrast is the best color palettes for apps.

5. Illustrations

Nowadays, designers are more giving value to colorful illustrations. Everything that a perfect color palettes apps have is inside these illustrations. Modern color trends now more trends to colorful illustrations. It naturally creates its own color combinations inside the layout. The designers use this approach as implementing minimal interfaces. No doubt, these illustrations can bring an app back to life.

6. Bright Colors

There's another approach for choosing a color scheme, and this time it is iconography. We've seen some color combinations with illustrations, but now we have another similar to illustrations. This design is an excellent visual presentation of icons, bold, and vibrant colors. The icons are the main elements that make the design more attractive to the users.

Well, these were the perfect examples of color palettes for apps; if you are a new designer, these designs or layout can be beneficial for perspective.

Great Tool for App Designing

We've seen some great examples of color palettes for apps so far. Now, it's time to share some details about the tool that can be very beneficial for the designers to design beautiful and attractive UI designs for apps.

We've been practicing different UI design tools for the websites as well as for mobile applications. We've already tried every single popular tool like Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, and many more, but we've never seen a simple tool like Mockitt. Mockitt is very simple and straightforward to use. We always recommend this tool to new designers and professionals too. Plus, this tool is not expensive, like any other tool. Other tools are way too expensive for new designers.

Let's discuss its essential features and advantages; then, you'll know how important it is.

Mockitt's Features and Advantages

There are many features and advantages of Wondershare Mockitt; we cannot cover all the elements in one place. So, we will discuss some important ones.

color palettes for apps
  • Assets

Mockitt provides lots of default widgets and templates to its users. All these elements or widgets placed insides "the Asset Library." Plus, it also gives the functionality to its users to edit or customize templates and widgets easily. You can again reuse the personalized elements in future projects. Isn't this amazing?

  • Design

With Mockitt, new designers can design freely with no strings attached. You can create beautiful templates or choose attractive color palettes for apps and websites. If you don't remember the coding, don't worry, Mockitt will help you with your design because this tool supports drag and drops functionality.

  • Cloud | Collaboration

This is a fantastic service for worldwide users and freelancers. Mockitt gives its users the cloud functionality, so their users work everywhere or anywhere in the world. You can also share your work on different social platforms or collaborate with your team members.