Creative Color Wheel Design

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Designing a beautiful website needs creativity. And without color wheel design theory, creativity is nothing. Color combinations do matter in creating an attractive website. Color wheel design plays an essential role in choosing perfect colors for your design. Without the color ideology, your design may look non-professional. Not everyone is born artist or creative; you have to learn different skills and techniques to become one of them. Similarly, new web designs or UI designers must adopt the qualities and strategies to compete with modern challenges.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the different creative color wheel designs and which tool is best to create appealing layout and designs for your website. Plus, we will also see the various examples of creating color wheel design to be useful for choosing the primary and secondary colors for websites.

Creative Color Wheel Design

The creative color wheel design is the best way to teach someone the art principles and get familiar with different craftsmanship elements. Therefore, we bring you various examples of creative color wheel design from other sources on the web.

1. Color Clock Wheel

The color clock wheel is a way of selecting the color combinations. The color wheel design begins from 12 o'clock onwards. The clock's hands show the relationship between primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, etc. The Interior points of the clock represent the mixture of colors.

Artists and interior designers mostly use the color wheel design. But nowadays, this technique is often used by graphic designers, web designers, or UI designers as well. This technique seems significant in professionally selecting the colors. Compared to the rest of the color wheel design techniques, this one is easy to understand.

2. Dancing on Color Wheel

We've another creative color wheel design for our designers. A student made this color wheel design as a class project. Same as we are collecting from different sources, the student was asked to create a color wheel design creatively. She managed to design a beautiful and creative color wheel through her inspiration and dedication and love with dancing. All these things helped her to complete her project.

And same goes for the designers, dedication, and inspiration need from their side to become successful.

3. Grimm's Spiral Color Wheel

It's good to see people are practicing color wheel design to sell their products on different online platforms. They are creating creative color wheel designs in various varieties. These color wheels are always amusing and also very helpful for the kids of this generation. Nowadays, it's a typical school project to design creative color wheel designs and submit them on time. These projects will surely increase the creativity of the younger generation and help them become successful artists in the future.

4. Orange Color Wheel

We've another fantastic creative idea of color wheel design. This idea is so satisfying to viewers. To be honest, this idea is mouth-watering for orange lovers, isn't it? Creativity is how they manage to fill the colors inside the orange slices. This design is so perfect and looks original to the leading color wheel theory presented by Sir Isaac Newton.

5. French Knot Color Wheel

We've so far witnessed color wheel creativity in a clock, wooden spiral, a dancing girl, and orange, but now you see in a French knot. The internet flooded with creative ideas and great examples of creative color wheel designs. Well, all you need to do is search the right query, and a good platform for it.

6. Pants Color Wheel

There are so many real-life examples of creative color wheel designs. The veins of artists are filled with creativity. Nobody can take their creativity from their mind; it's natural. That is why they are different from others. In this photo, you can see how they manage to create a color wheel by arranging different pants' colors.

7. Owls Color Wheel

Well, in the end, we've got an adorable and creative color wheel design. It's another project submitted by students. Look how cute the owls are looking and well-arranged in the circle. There are other attractive and creative color wheel designs of wheels created by little artists.

These are some creative designs produced by the artist. We've collected these perfect designs from different sources to show you how color wheel design is essential with real-life examples.

Now, move forward to the tool that can be very beneficial for designing beautiful colorful sketches.

Great Tool for Website Design

Wondershare Mockitt

There are many tools available to create colorful designs and templates for websites and mobile apps. But we've chosen Wondershare Mockitt, whenever we use to design our web and mobile templates and posters. There are many reasons for using it. It's an excellent tool for beginners as well.

color wheel design

Plus, many elements and widgets may help design templates like color wheel design or other design a highly recommended tool to create high-quality designs and templates for websites. Try this tool, and you'll know it's worth.

Well, that was a brief intro of Mockitt, now move forward to its main features and advantages.

Mockitt's Features & Advantages

  • Assets: There are many elements and widgets available in Mockitt that can skillfully assist you while designing. These are all available in the "Asset Library." Plus, there are pre-installed designed templates available for you. All you need is to edit them to use accordingly. You can easily edit your widgets and save them for later use. It's like you keep another copy of your widget.
  • Design: Mockitt gives you the freedom to design freely. All you need is to drag and drop your element or any widget on the canvas. You don't even need to remember the code anymore, Mockitt will take care of it. See, even if you aren't professional enough to design without code. Well, this platform is for yours only. Go ahead and sign up for this platform and start designing.
  • Cloud | Collaboration: Well, nowadays, cloud technology is becoming essential for every organization to make your work available from any part of the world. Mockitt gives you access to Cloud technology, so you can efficiently work from anywhere. Plus, you can also collaborate with team members by sharing your work with them.