A-List of Amazing Tools for Material Color Palette

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Today, online marketing strategies are found commonly. A decent website design is one of them. A triumphant journey begins with a good business web design and the selection of the perfect material color palette. Only an experienced UI/UX designer has the information regarding color palette but what should a beginner do?

If you are looking for a sector to work and show your skills and creativity without any restraints, then Mocking Bot has got your back. We have organized some Color palette tools and examples to make your design more productive. Let's jump to the details without any further delay.

The Best Material Color Palette Tools

1. Material.io

Material.io has all color palette material as it is the official material design color matching tool by Google. You just have to choose your favorite color from the palette and it will instantly perform on the App interface. The color scheme palette can be found in the lower-left menu if you want to apply the current primary color, a secondary color, and the color number of the text color. In material design, the main color often appears in your application. You can choose a secondary color to indicate the key parts of your UI. This tool also supports an angular material custom color palette.

2. Material Color Palette

Material Palette is not only a material theme color palette but also a color tool and icon tool. The main focus of Material Palette is that it allows the users to choose the color and you can preview that color result in real-time. It is very user-friendly and easy to use. You just have to select 1 or 2 colors at least, and the system will automatically match a set of application UI from color schemes. It is worth consulting this site as it provides many features such as online sharing and downloads in various formats.

3. Material UI Colors

Material UI Colors consist of a materialize color palette. If you are a UI/UX designer who wants to get the job done quickly then this tool swiftly designs a color code and assures that it meets material design standards. Multiple color format switching is supported. You can also copy and paste the color code directly. You can automatically copy the corresponding color code to the library by clicking on the color box. This website was introduced as the color "cheat sheet," as it brings all the online available colors in one place for users to select from.

4. Material Design Color Palette Generator

This material color palette generator comes with the custom swatches. There are two ways to set a color manually, one is to type in a code in the box and second by selecting a color from the color palette in the dialog box that can be easily opened by tapping on the color box location in the open palette. The unique feature of this material design panel builder is that it will create swatches specifically based on the colors you select. This tool shows all the available material design colors in the grid layout.

5. ColorDrop

This tool is very handy with all the popular designs with logos. Their colors are vibrant and bright. If that's the color scheme you were looking for your stylish web logo then ColorDrop is one of the best color scheme generator tools. If you visit their page and scroll down, you find that they have hundreds of color scheme options that can be used as a flat design. You can save your favorites to a list or easily copy the given hex codes to use in your logo or web design immediately.

6. Coolors.co

Coolors.co is a helpful and quite user-friendly color palette tool. Like the other tools, it can also generate a color scheme from the uploaded image. But that's not just it, there is more to play around and have fun with the generator. You will be approached with a built-in color scheme and from there you can view new palettes and save your favorite color until you blend and make the perfect custom palette. What's even better is that if you find the desired color, you can copy the hex codes right from the palette and drop them into the logo maker.

An Ideal Tool for Web Designing

This online tool is specialized and focused on creating mobile app wireframes and prototypes. Wondershare Mockitt has made its name in the Chinese tech industry. Unfortunately, most of the English developers are not quite familiar with this astounding platform.

material color palette

Let us discuss some of the remarkable features of this tool. It allows you to develop any prototype for any device such as Android and iOS. You don't even need to write a single line of code, you can build a clickable prototype for mobile applications and get in touch with your team member anytime quickly. The provided workplace is smooth and organized. The main focus of this tool here is on the production of Android and iOS projects, most importantly it offers you to utilize custom-sized layouts. With an easy drag and drop move feature, you can blend predefined widget, add combos to your projects and object templates.

When it comes to the initiation of a prototype, Mockitt is also providing a generated QRcode feature. So you can test the prototype on supported devices such as Android or Apple. You can simply scan this code by using a camera of any device. You can also share your work with colleagues and clients to receive feedbacks and settle any errors.

Starting as a beginner you must be worried about the budget. We bring you another good news, every UI/UX developer can use this prototype tool free of cost. Mockitt offers a free version with lots of features. It supports up to 20 screens for each and up to 3 projects. If you are looking forward to unlocking the premium features, this unbelievable tool is very cheap if compared to the other available options in the online market.

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