Top 5 iOS Wireframe Tools App in 2021

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

The iOS wireframe helps the developers and designers to a great extent as there are no UI elements involved. It also means that you will be able to get the initial framework of your application to make sure that you tend to know where all the elements tend to lay. The structural and functional outline is created with the iOS wireframe. Many programs are used to make sure that the process is fostered. In this article, I will present to you the top 5 iOS wireframe tools to make the process easy. All the diagrams and elements will be presented finely with all the programs mentioned.

5 of the Best iOS Wireframe Tools

1. Wondershare Mockitt

This is the best iOS wireframe software that is on the market and therefore it can rightly be called as leader of the market. It is fast, efficient, and resilient in creating highly interactive mockups. The asset library has all the templates that are required to make sure that you get the best design promptly. The program has all that is required by a professional team. Wondershare Mockitt is a name of perfection and ease of use. It can also be used to get ahead of your rivals in this highly competitive environment of mockup creation.

ios wireframe


  • There are multiple preview modes with online sharing and comment section.
  • The sketch files can be imported as the program also supports other APIs as well.


  • Co edit, preview, and review are not easy to perform and you got to be a bit technical.
  • The project and the member management are also limited in the free version which should be enhanced.

2. Justinmind

The best part of this tool is that it supports all the wireframe designs of high fidelity. The program makes sure that the effects and transitions are added with ease and perfection. The wireframes can also be created by using the animations and it has many tools to foster the process. There is no code involvement and the best part is that it also lets you present the wireframes to the clients with ease. The collaborative nature of this ios wireframe tool is easy and therefore it is highly appreciated among the UI design community.



  • It supports all the HTML 5 browsers and makes sure that the best results are rendered in a fast manner.
  • The program is easy to use on iOS and performs up to the mark as no development knowledge is required.


  • It does not support the explorer browser and this makes it a bit difficult to be used on Windows PC.
  • The multiple devices cannot be added to the single project.

3. Mockplus

It is another tool that will ensure to get you the best results and get you ahead of your competitors. The iOS wireframe app has everything that is needed to get the work done with perfection. It develops your wireframe with ease and eases the process with all the tools that are embedded. There is a template market to make the mockup process easier to perform. The fast development of the application is fostered by this program and hence it is highly recommended.

ios wireframe psd


  • A single project could be used to prototype applications for multiple screen sizes with ease.
  • Realistic gestures and transitions can be added.


  • There is a steep learning curve which means that you need to learn a lot with this tool or else the user will become difficult.
  • The speed is not as much as the other programs have or what it claims.

4. Fluid UI

The iOS wireframe PSD creation has never been as easy as it is with this program. HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS are used to make sure that the best mockups are created with ease and perfection. With Fluid UI the mockup creation is taken to the next level. The project mapping visually and connecting different dots is easy with this platform. The mobile, tablets, and desktop rendering is easy and you will be able to present the design to the team swiftly.

ios wireframe tool


  • There is a design library for easy importing of the projects so that the process becomes fast.
  • The program is too reliable and it also means that you will be able to get the designs without any delays.


  • The flash part of the program is not a good thing as it has been reported to create problems.
  • HTML 5 is not supported by all the browsers and this might also pose a serious issue.

5. Pidoco

It is an iOS wireframe tool that has all that is required to get your designs to the next level. The ease of use is the best part of this software and it surpasses all with ease. The iOS wireframing has never been as easy as it is with this application. The interactive element, easy sketching, and block building have been integrated for you to perform all types of tests with ease.

 ios wireframe software


  • The comments can be posted in real-time which makes the process too easy to perform.
  • The screens can be shared with others for editing purposes during a live presentation.


  • The Jira API cannot be used efficiently to integrate the software with the program. There is an API problem with the application reportedly.
  • The screen sizes are not supported by the program and only 1 can be used to render the application which is not friendly.

Comparison among the Best iOS Wireframe Software

Comparison Table

Compariser Table
Factors Wondershare Mockitt Justinmind Mockplus Fluid UI Pidoco
Compatibility Web-Based Web-Based Web-Based Web-Based Web-Based
Fidelity High Low Low Medium Medium
Ease of Use Too Easy Somewhat Somewhat Hard to use Hard to use
Price $49/year $19/month $199/year $19.08/month $59/month
Safety Safe to use Safe to use Safe to use Safe to use Safe to use
Collaboration Easy Not Easy Not Easy Not Easy Not Easy
Asset Management Library included Library included Library included Not Included Not Included
Interactivity Highly Interactive Not Interactive Medium Interactivity Not Interactive Low Interactivity
Browser Support All Some All Some Some

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