Best Adobe XD Website Templates For Your Choice

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Adobe XD is a popular tool for designing websites, web applications, and mobile applications. It is used to design a flawless interface for the user. In website development, website designing plays an important role. The first step is website designing because it helps you to create an error-free website. Professionals always create a website design to ensure an appealing and flawless interface for users. Today, we are going to have a look at some of the most popular paid and free Adobe XD website templates, and we will also share the best alternative to Adobe XD.

Best Adobe XD Website Templates

Adobe XD website templates make the work of designers easier. They can use the template and amend whatever they need. There is no need to design from scratch. It can save a lot of time, which is the reason professionals look for a suitable Adobe XD website template rather than doing everything from the start.

There are many Adobe XD website templates available, so you only need to pick the best one that is according to your requirements. Today, we are going to share some website templates that you can use in your project. Let's start.


Anon is a simple and attractive template for online stores. It is perfect for designers who need to design a website with a simple user interface. Its minimalist design is perfect for almost every type of online store. You can create an online store for furniture, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, technology products, art, pet items, and almost everything. It is a multi-purpose Adobe XD website template.

The template contains every feature you need. There are 12 unique homepages for different types of online stores. It also has a collection of inner pages, such as the product page, blog page, contact page, about us page, and shop page.

adobe xd website templates

Source: Themeforest

The Adobe XD files are customizable, and they are available in both WordPress and Shopify versions. If you are looking for a template for eCommerce, this is one of the best Adobe XD website templates for online stores. It is available at an affordable price.


Elipso is a suitable Adobe XD website template for businesses, financial companies, startups, marketing, SEO agencies, and consultancies. It has 12+ layouts, so you can easily pick the best one according to your website.

The template is clean and simple. It has well-organized layers, and you can easily customize it as required. You can change colors, icons, widgets, and symbols. Its pixel perfect design is eye-catching.

The template has all pages perfectly designed. The pages include home, about, services, prices, portfolio, blog list, contact, and a few other pages. Its exceptional feature is that it is tested in a color blindness simulator, so it can also serve color blind persons without any issue.

It is a paid Adobe XD website template, but it is worth it.

adobe xd website templates free

Source: Themeforest

Portfolio – One Page Template

This is a one-page portfolio template suitable for professionals who want to showcase their talent and get more leads and orders. It is a perfect template that even UI designers can use for their portfolios.

The template includes several sections, such as Home, About Us, Resume, Services, Portfolio, Pricing, and Contact. The website template has everything you need. In the resume section, you share your education and certification details. You can showcase the services you provide in the services. The most important thing is the Portfolio. You can include your previous work and share your projects. There are subsections in the Portfolio section to share different types of projects based on skills.

This is one of the best free Adobe XD website templates. You can use it for free.

xd website template

Source: FreebiesUI

Survival Free XD Website Template

This is one of the best Adobe XD website templates for a survival website. If you are looking to create a similar website, this can make everything easy. It has an attractive and simple design. It will catch the attention of the visitor.

You can customize the website template without any hassle. You need to add your content, and you are ready to go. Most importantly, it has a gallery to share videos and images. You can share survival challenges and courses. You can give advice and write informative content for the readers. It is a perfect free adobe XD template for creating survival websites.

adobe xd templates web

Source: FreebiesUI

Adobe XD Alternative – Mockitt

If you don't want to use Adobe XD or want alternative software, Wondershare Mockitt is an outstanding alternative. Mockitt is a web-based prototyping tool. So, you can use it on any computer or anywhere you want; there is no limitation. The files are stored in the cloud, so everything is safe and secure. You only need to open the application on any browser, and you are good to go. Moreover, you can also download the desktop versions; it is available for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu.

Mockitt is a beginner-friendly and simple prototyping tool. Even if you have no experience and knowledge of website designing, you can use it without any hassle. It is perfect for beginners. All widgets are available, so you only need to drag and drop the items in the canvas. You can edit the properties of every widget without any hassle. You can also collaborate with your team members to create a collective website design. Mockitt also has some templates, but there is no need to use that because website designing in Mockitt is quite simple.

After creating the website design, you can test each component and the functionality of the website using the preview feature. You can find out the bugs and errors and eliminate them to create a flawless website. It is a high-fidelity tool, so the website prototype will function and look like the real website.

Mockitt offers various sharing options. You can export HTML, APK, PNG, IPA, and some other formats. You can share these exported files with your developer.

There is a free plan of Mockitt, which can be used to design a website with ten screens. The free version has almost every feature you need, but it is only suitable for a small website. The paid version is also affordable, and you can use it to create large websites.

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