Step By Step Guide On How to Create Site For Free

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Most of us understand how important it is to have a website. But, most people can't create a website as they think that they need a huge budget to make a website. It is not true at all at this age. Now, the cost of making a website is very low and you can even create site without spending a single dime.

Step 1: Choose The Best Website Creator

Many website creators allow you to create site free of cost. Each has its features and advantages. The selection depends mostly on your need and how easy it is to build the site in the website creator. If you Google Create site for free then you would get a list of options to choose from.


Wix is a very popular website builder. It has a fully free version where you can make your website with many pre-made templates. You also get a subdomain. The problem is that you can't add a custom domain unless you upgrade. You also cannot remove the ads that would come with the free version unless you upgrade.

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Image Source: Wix

Google Sites

It is a website creator that is a product of Google. It is fairly easy to use website builder. It is fully free to use. The problem with Google Sites is that you don't get many options to add complex functionality with it. Many people believe that it is easy to do SEO on websites build through Google sites.

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Image Source: Google


Weebly is a drag and drops website builder which also has a free plan like Wix. It is easier to use than Wix in my opinion but it doesn't offer complex functionalities like Wix. It is a good choice if you want to build a simple informational website where you want your clients to visit and get information about your company. You will find it very easy to create site with Weebly as it is very user-friendly.

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Image Source: Weebly


You would find that WordPress is supported by many paid website hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, SiteGround, etc. You can also create a free website using WordPress. You would get a subdomain under and there would be a footnote at the bottom that you cannot remove. WordPress can later run Ads on your website if there is enough traffic which is a big disadvantage. If you are familiar with website development using WordPress you can use it to create site.

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Image Source: WordPress

Step 2: Create Content For Your Website

You would need to make the graphics and content that needs to go on your website. You would need a Logo, some Graphics, and some written content for your website. You can write about the service that you provide or about your business. You can use some online tools for free to create the content for the privacy policy and terms and conditions page of your website. They are very easy to use and you just need to fill a simple form so it generates the content for you. You can create your own privacy policies and terms and conditions if you have something specific in mind.

Step 3: Create a Design

Even when you are creating your website for free you should work on the design of the website. It is possible to do the UI/UX design prototyping for free using Figma, Wireframe, Wondershare Mockitt, and lots of other tools. Though most UI/UX design tools have their benefits, I am slightly a bit inclined towards Wondershare Mockitt.

Mockitt is comparatively new in the market compared to other tools and it is very modern. The makers kept in mind the comfort of the users and introduced a quick six-step learning guide so any new user would get instantly familiar with the platform. You would find all the tools you would need to make your website design easily in the Mockitt interface.

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It is easy to share your design with your friends using Mockitt if you want to get their opinion. They can also collaborate with you on any project. You can give them different kinds of permission according to the need of the project. Others can place a comment in specific sections of your design that they think needs some improvement. This makes it very easy to find the section that needs more work. You can also export your design in HTML 5, PNG, and other popular formats.

Some things that you need to keep in mind while making a design are that you should select some primary colors for your website. Most modern websites have only two or three colors on their website. It makes the website look simple and elegant. Make sure that the content of the website is not misplaced and the graphics of the website does not look odd. Once the design is ready you can go to the next step to create site online.

Step 4: Put Everything Together

Now since you have the design and the content ready, just the final step is left which is making the actual website. You just need to watch the UI/UX design that you made and place the content in the position in your free website maker. Most website builders make the process of making a website very simple. You just need to be familiar with the tools that are available in the website maker. You can watch some YouTube videos for free or read blogs about it to get more familiar with it. Once all the content and graphics are placed in the perfect position your website is ready. Make sure to work on the mobile version of your website as well.


It is very important to know how to create site in this modern age. Websites have now become a very important part of running a business online. Even if you own a simple store, you can make a website now for free and provide information about it to your customers. You can expand it later and even sell products online through your website. Many businesses started their online journey slowly but later turned into giant corporations.