Top 7 Free Web Building Sites: A Quick Overview

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:50:38

While there are some limitations in using free web building sites, you can still get some fruitful tools within these platforms for your benefit. Restrictions include not having the authority to remove their ads from your website and using the platform provided too long subdomain names. However, out of all the best web building sites that we will discuss within this article, only Ucraft and Google Sites allow you to connect your custom domain using their freemium service.

Points to Ponder

  • We are curating free web building platforms based on their freemium service and not based on what they are capable of providing within their premium plans.
  • Their e-commerce plans are not being considered for this review article.
  • You can not get a free domain name within these platforms but the only subdomain.
  • You can access the free domain if you purchase an annual plan of some of the below-mentioned best web building sites.
  • If you upgrade to a domain name later after you purchase a subdomain, your SEO reputation will affect

So, let's throw some light on free web building sites.


Its freemium service allows you to connect your custom domain name, which is rare in such platforms. You need to pay for that domain name, but combining it with Ucraft won't charge you a penny. Unlimited pages, SSL, and Google analytics are among the other top features of the Ucraft freemium service.

free web building sites

Source: Ucraft


Although it has a learning curve, Webflow is a very powerful tool. It's not one of those free web building platforms known for their ease of use but regarded as a flexible resource. It allows you to perform front-end coding but do not worry; you must not be e professional developer to code it. It has much to offer in design customization functionalities. It also provides a free CMS (content management system) plan.

best web building sites

Source: Webflow


Have a portfolio to show to your potential customers? If yes, Carrd would take care of it. It is a one-page website builder that is fully responsive and caters to small businesses' requirements.

squarespace website building

Source: Carrd

Google Sites

The only collaborative tool that has not any paid plans and is entirely free to use. With the help of Google Products (Maps, Docs, Slides, Calendars), you can build your website. It has a single template with six styles. Not suitable for smaller business websites. One might choose Google sites because you can add your custom domain and avoid seeing ads on your website.

best website builder for blogging

Source: Google


If you are a user who prefers ease of use over flexibility, then It is the best website builder to fulfill your needs. Ecommerce features, unlimited pages, and forms are those features that you can have on your website in their free plan. The only major drawback is that its ad appears very visible in a website's footer section.

free web building

Source: Weebly


It Loads faster than other website builders. It is mobile responsive, which is one of the critical factors in SEO ranking nowadays. However, the features such as the App Store is that department where we can not appreciate it. Indeed, it is not the best website builder for blogging. Although Jimdo introduced its new editor in 2019, the best web builder 2019 award cannot be given to them because that editor was too basic.

best web builder 2019

Source: Jimdo


If you do not like any advertisements on your website, XPRS has got you covered. It is one quality that is enough to make it stand out among other free web building sites. However, there is one issue with their subdomain, which they provide. It's not worthy enough to use that subdomain in their freemium service. While it is not that user friendly in comparison to Weebly, it does offer some amazing themes.

free web building sites

Source: XPRS

Note: You must have seen that we haven't yet talked about the Squarespace website building platform. The reason is that it doesn't offer any freemium services but only 14 days free trial period.

Wix does have a decent plan in its premium services, but the basis on which we have categorized web building platforms here are different. That is the reason we have not discussed Wix.

We have discussed premium versions of some best web building sites. Now, you must have got an idea of what will be coming your way if you opt to use any of them. But don't you think that there must be something else that can make your decision process easy?

You are reading this article because you need to build a website using web building sites, but did you know what you want to create out of these free web building platforms? A professional website with an appealing design, right?

The first step you need to take before you even proceed towards these web builders is to have your design prototype ready.

With Wondershare Mockitt, you can easily create a prototype without using the services of professional designers who charge a hefty amount of money to get the work one.

When you complete your design prototype, you can share that with your stakeholders using a couple of options that Mockitt offers you within its platform.

best web building sites

Having a user friendly and easy to navigate interface, you will start loving it when you register with Mockitt. It spells the magic into your design.

Like an actual website, Mockitt allows you to create a clickable prototype that gives you the feeling that you are looking at an original website.

It is designed to keep everyone on the same page, so whether you're a professional UI/UX designer or a newbie in the field of designing, it sparks the creative side of yours.

Choose any screen size, add elements, make it appealing with various colors in the color palette, write a copy with unique font size and styles, and let your stakeholders praise your design prototype.

So, before you decide on your favorite web builder for website development, make sure you get your design prototype ready. This process of designing a prototype will make your web development process risk free.