Select Free Online Shop Template And Start Your eCommerce Store Today

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

The first step of starting an eCommerce business is selecting the best online shop template. That template should suit your requirements and give your complete freedom to customize it your way.

So for this article's context, we have shared the details of a few best free online store templates that will help you build your online shop within a few hours. These templates will work amazingly well with fashion, jewelry, technology, apparel, gadgets, home goods, or any other products. Most of these templates work as a multi-vendor marketplace.

These online shopping templates are powered by the Bootstrap framework and can create responsive, retina-ready, flexible, and easy to use online stores. So, pick any relevant template from the below-mentioned options and start customizing it as per your web project requirements.

So without further ado, let's explore each of these online shop templates in detail.

Coza Store

Coza was released in November 2020. It is one of the best templates if you are planning to sell apparel through your online shop. It is a minimal eCommerce template that is best known for its simplicity and elegance. You can instantly grab your visitor's attention by displaying items within Coza online store. Coza web design ensures a distraction-free shopping experience for your visitors if you use this template.

online shop template

This template is responsive and comes with many powerful and handy features. you can turn your fashion passion into something from which you can earn a right amount of money.

Pillow Mart

As the name suggests, this online shop template is for selling pillows. Not only this, but you can also sell other related stuff such as mattresses and beds. You can even fine-tune the minimal and creative design of Pillow Mart to use it for a different eCommerce product. Options are endless with Pillow Mart.

online store templates

Pillow Mart comes up with a vast collection of many other features and a predefined page layout. Site canvas is compatible with tech trends and all the modern web. Pillow Mart is flexible, responsive, cross-browser friendly, and also in tune with the retina screens. Pillow Mart was released in January 2020.


Estore is one of the highly adaptive and versatile templates best suited for an online apparel store. The options for adding a different kind of product with eStore are endless. Estore has a responsive design that means your visitors will have the same smooth shopping experience across all the handheld devices. Estore works with retina screens and all of the popular browsers.

online shopping templates

With eStore comes a sticky menu, social media icons, top bar, slider, blog, along with all the necessary commerce pages. You will also get Google Maps and a working contact form within store integrated design. Estore was released in September 2020.


Aroma has minimalist and creative web design. With an impressive layout of Aroma, you can quickly start selling almost every type of product. Irrespective of the niche you select, you will be able to use Aroma to your tailored requirements – it is highly adaptable. The Aroma is a cross-browser compatible and mobile-ready template. With its modern look, you can quickly grab your visitor's attention.

eBay store template

With Aroma comes hover effects, blog, multiple shop pages, and a sticky navbar. Google Maps, tracking, register, login pages, and working contact form are also included within the Aroma kit. The Aroma will facilitate you with every feature – all you need to do is customize it your way.


Fashi was released in January 2020. With Fashi, you can quickly start your online business. Especially for the designing part of your website, you will not have to be worried. Fashi has a sophisticated and trendy look, and you might want to use it in its original form. Also, you can customize it as per your tailored requirements.

eBay HTML template free

Fashi has many features that include a slider, practical inner pages, social media icons, a countdown timer, and a drop-down menu. You can also start your blog with Fashi to apply some content marketing techniques to grow your business. You will also get Google Maps and a working contact form with Fashi.


Timezone was released in May 2020 and is a responsive, modern template that you can use to create an impactful online watch store. Its versatile site canvas will ensure that your products and story stay within the best possible light.

online shop template

With Timezone, you will get a catchy slider, drop-down menu, sticky header, blog section, social media icons, and back to top button. The contact page will sport a working form and Google Maps.

eBay store template: You can also create an eBay HTML template free of cost by using tools such as dewiso and eselt.

Design Your Website Prototype Before Choosing Website Templates

The best part of these templates is that you can customize each of them in your way to align it with your brand identity. But it is imperative to know up to how much extent these templates would allow you to perform custom changes. The one that allows maximum flexibility should be given preference.

Since you cannot audit all these templates without comparing them with your requirements, you should make a digital prototype of your ideal online store with Wondershare Mockitt.

online store templates

Mockitt allows you to create a stunning digital prototype of your online store that you can always refer to during your eCommerce web development process. That prototype will act as a guiding light for your online store project.

Mockitt is a tool that even a novice can use to build an amazing design prototype without feeling the need to look out for long tutorials.

Mockitt offers two options for creating a design prototype, the first one is by using a pre-installed template, and the second one is to select a new screen size for creating a project from scratch. If you use any of its templates, you will get to see that half of the work would already have bee done for you, and you will have to tweak that design as per your requirements

But an entirely new project will allow you to exercise your creative muscles from the start – a clean canvas for you to let your creative juices flow.

Irrespective of any way you use Mockitt, the results will be equally interactive and beautiful. So, make sure that you use Mockitt to showcase your project requirements. And based on that prototype, an appropriate online shop template must be selected – because this is the structured and a better approach.