Start Monetizing A Website With 6 Useful Strategies And Boost Revenue

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:50:24

If you have been thinking lately about building and monetizing a website, this article will share all those sources to monetize your website. Many misconceptions are formed around this discipline, so we would like to be candid about all the information we share within this article.

With the availability of robust and user-friendly website builder platforms, you can easily create your blog and website with the help of drag and drop functionality. And while blogging and digital marketing have become so mainstream, people learned how to earn using web monetization techniques.

While you can make a hefty amount using site monetization techniques, it is not always a piece of cake. It requires a great deal of patience and hard work. That is why many bloggers quit along the way before they even earn their first few dollars. It is an easy task to build a new website but maintaining and updating it with new content requires many unpaid days or even months.

Fortunately, if you succeed in passing through an initial phase of unpaid working hours, the sky is the limit. Publish new content, use social media platforms to extend your reach. Identify your target audience and get them onboard to subscribe to your emails for the newsletter or anything you have to offer.

Actionable Strategies Of Web Monetization

From onwards, we will share a few techniques so that you get able to monetize your website. We do not claim that you will generate hundreds of dollars overnight, but consistency and persistence would surely lead you to success.

Affiliate Marketing

Imagine you build a website, and on that website, you start reviewing digital marketing books written by famous authors. You paste an affiliate link of Amazon within your reviewing article. Now, if someone wants to read a review of that book and while searching for a review article on a web browser, if that visitor comes to your website and purchases the book through your affiliate link, you will get a commission from Amazon.

Similarly, many affiliate programs are available in almost every niche—home appliances, technology, industrial equipment, eBooks, Travel accessories, and whatnot. Talk about them, their pros and cons, and get your bucks.

Points to Ponder

  • You should disclose that you are an affiliate marketer of that particular product which you are reviewing.
  • Don't recommend products just for the sake of promoting them. Try to use those products or talk to the people who have already used them. At least, read the reviews of people.
  • It will help if you do extensive research about what people want to know about your niche. You do not want to write a lengthy article on something which is not concerning to people.

Digital Or Physical Product

If you have something to show to the world, bring it on. Create your digital product around it. For instance, if you are fond of copywriting and have written some real persuasive content for your customers, create a book on “how to do copywriting” and market it. If you have an email subscribers list already, apply funnel marketing strategies. Similarly, if you are a good cook, you know the drill. You can sell eBooks, audiobooks, online courses, software, website themes, and whatnot.

Within the physical product's domain, you can sell a range of merchandise, e.g., coffee mugs and T-shirts.

Publish Sponsored Product Reviews And Posts

You can collaborate with niche relevant sponsors and charge them for your services mentioned below.

  • Include their content into your newsletters (emails)
  • Review your sponsor's product within your article
  • Publish a post which is relevant to their product and link your website post to their website


The e-commerce model is comprised of the three least exciting processes; that include Inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping. With the dropshipping model, you would not have to worry about these processes, and on behalf of you, your supplier will take care of all these services.

As a drop shipper, your job will be to design a drop shipping website, find suppliers, invest in marketing to promote your products and provide good customer support. You will not be required to keep any physical stock, and your supplier will ensure that your order gets packed and delivered within the communicated time frame.

Web Sites Flipping

If you can build great websites, you can get into the business of websites flipping. It is the business of selling and buying sites. Several factors enhance the value of your website, and they are stated below.

  • Niche
  • Traffic
  • Monetization Model
  • SEO metrics
  • Social Media Presence

Web Sites Flipping

While Google AdSense is one of the popular choices among bloggers, many other Ad network platforms can pay better than Google AdSense. You may want to try Ezoic, but certain conditions need to be fulfilled before applying for their program. For instance, you need to have a certain number of visitors visiting your website.

Point to Ponder

Monetizing a website with Display Ads requires specific design changes to your website. You need to leave some space unfilled into your website so that Ads agency can post their advertisements into those unoccupied spaces.

It is good to design your website to accommodate those advertisements without hampering your other content type. Wondershare Mockitt is a design prototype tool which helps you in creating your website design prototype. With Mockitt, you can always leave those spaces while creating a design prototype for your Ads network agency. This step will assist you in your decision regarding Ad placement.

monetizing a website

Build Audience Before Monetizing A Website

We have discussed significant ways to monetize your website. There are various other methods available as well, which can be used for site monetization. If anyone approaches you and asks how can I monetize my website? You should advise them to build an audience first before going towards web monetization. None of any monetization strategy will work if you do not have a certain number of visitors coming daily to your website.

Start building your brand name within a particular niche, win people's trust, and monetize your skill.