5 Ways To Start Selling on Shopify

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

All of us are living in a modern era of technology, where things are way advanced than ever before. Everyone wants to be successful and there could be nothing better than the platform to start earning. An eCommerce store is one of the best ways to set up your business online and start earning. Most of you might have already a store on Shopify but you are not able to sell any product there. We'll go through some of the best ways you need to follow to start selling on Shopify. All you have to do is to have a look at all the tips to work on after setting up Shopify store.

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Effective Strategies To Start Selling on Shopify

Many of you might be familiar with creating Shopify store but finding it hard to generate sales through that store. Following different tips might help you to start earning on Shopify. It is recommended to pause Shopify store if you are currently working on anything in your store or want to disable the checkout feature. In this case, your store would be still accessible to all of your visitors.

1- Social Media Marketing

You can't ignore the importance of social media when it comes to promoting any website or anything on the internet. No matter if you own Shopify Walmart or any other store, social media is going to play a huge role in helping you start generating sales. Facebook Ads, Instagram stories, Facebook groups, etc. these would be good enough to go with.

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You can target specific customers in a particular area to attract customers to your online business. After creating Shopify store, the best thing you would do is to take the help of a Facebook platform. So, start spending on social media marketing to start selling on Shopify and generate income.

2- Work With Influencers

Another thing you can do to promote your Shopify products is to reach all popular influencers. Sending some of your main products to influencers for free is probably the best option to work on. Those celebrities or influencers will promote your products on their social media accounts.

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3- Content Marketing

Content marketing might take a long to deliver effects but it is one of the genuine ways to reach your customers. All you have to do is to start writing on your new blog related to the products you are selling on your Shopify store. It is recommended to start using long-tail keywords in your niche content because they'll be effective in the long term. You can search and write content related to your products right on your blog to convert clicks into sales. Working on content marketing would take a lot of patience but it's worth that.

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4- Work with Affiliates

You can work with affiliates to promote your website. There are many affiliates working online and generating income through their sites. Either they are working with Amazon or any other affiliate program, they are still effective in promoting your products. There are two ways to do so, one is guest posting and the other one is just a backlink insertion. The purpose of both ways is to get a Do-Follow backlink from high-authority affiliate sites. Getting a backlink for your store through review from any top affiliate site would be way beneficial for you as any other strategy. You should have some money to work with affiliates as they usually ask for little fees to publish your guest post or link insertion.

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5- Giveaways

Hosting giveaways is also a very popular strategy to promote any product or brand. All you have to do is to post a giveaway announcement on social media groups and your own brand account. Put your requirements in the post like sharing a product or page and then decide a winner after a few days. Doing this will give a boost to your product as many will get familiar with the existence of your products and Shopify store.

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These were the main strategies you could work on to start selling your Shopify products. Another thing you need to know is that you can follow these ways even if you own a website or any other store like Shopify Walmart etc. Also, there is no need to pause Shopify store when you are working on any of the discussed store marketing strategies.

Why Shopify Store Look Matters?

Shopify theme store offers hundreds of themes but you never 100% sure which one would look best on your store. The first impression is the last impression is something that applies to the Shopify store look as well. It is recommended to properly design a Shopify store prototype before setting up Shopify store. Doing this will help you in choosing and customizing the store theme for your customers as per store type. We'll review the easiest prototype tool for you that you can use to design a mockup design of your Shopify store.

Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is one of the reliable and easy UX prototyping tool getting used by professionals and beginners on a daily basis. There are many other top leading UX tools as well like Adobe XD, Figma, etc. but recommending this one because even beginners can use this app. There are lots of features and elements you can use to design a clickable design of anything as per your requirements. If we talk about its approach, you can literally design the prototype of every platform like the store, app, websites, or anything. This is probably the easiest UX prototyping tool you could ever use.

If we talk about the Shopify store look, you can use Wondershare Mockitt to design every page of your Shopify store. Just drag and drop any element onto the canvas and make a design for your Shopify store project. Moreover, you can also generate a code for your design in CSS or any other languages to assist your developer to customize your Shopify store theme. Also, you can share the preview of your Shopify store mockup with other team members using Mockitt. In short, Mockitt is an easy solution to design the UX design of your Shopify store.

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On a concluding note, we can say that all you have to do is to follow different marketing strategies to start selling products on Shopify. We got to know the role of social media and how can we use it to promote our Shopify products. Every strategy we've discussed is worth working on so you can work on any of them as per your budget and requirements.

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