How to Build Your Own Website?

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Nowadays, creating a website for a business or anything else is as easy as using social media sites. You can easily build your own website if you know a few important things and the right steps. Fortunately, there are many website builders and tools available that can help you build your own website. There is no need for any coding, prerequisite, or prior experience in website development. You only need to follow the right steps to build your website.

If you want to build a website, you are in the right place. Today, we are going to discuss how you can build your own website without any hassle. Let's start the discussion.

5 Steps to Build Your Own Website

1) Create a Prototype of Your Website

You might be wondering why you need a prototype to create a website. Professional website developers never dive directly into creating a website using a website builder. If you want to create a functional website with minimum or no flaws, bugs, or errors, you must create a prototype first. The prototype can help you check the functionality of the website and decide the final design.

Often beginners launch a website directly without creating a prototype, and due to errors and bugs, the website does not perform as expected. This can create a negative image in the eyes of your customers, and you can lose sales. Your website should be up to the mark before lunch, and this can only be possible if you are using a prototype tool. If you are looking for an investment or working on a web design, then a prototype tool will be a perfect choice. You can show the design to your investors or bosses.

We recommend Wondershare Mockitt for website prototyping. You can create a website prototype according to your imagination. The final website can be tested like a real website because Mockitt is a high-fidelity tool that imitates the real website design and its functionality.

Mockitt is a user-friendly prototyping tool that anyone can use. Even if you have no experience in website design, you can use it. It is just like dragging and dropping items on the canvas. You don't need to code. Moreover, you can see the live preview of the design and collaborate with the team members. Surprisingly, Mockitt also offers a free plan that can be used to create a website with 25 screens/pages.

build your own website

2) Select the Website Builder

A website builder is the most important thing if you want to build your own website. It enables you to create a website from scratch without any coding. There are many website builders available, so you need to pick the right one according to your requirements and your budget. All website builders have distinct features; some of them are excellent for blogs, while some are suitable for online stores. You need to pick the website builder according to the type of website you are going to create. Some of the famous website builders are,

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • GoDaddy
  • Ucraft
  • Webnode

Fortunately, most of the website builders have a free plan. So, you can create your website for free. It is an excellent start; you can try the website builder. Once you are satisfied, you can buy the premium plan to build your website.

Website builders have different plans for different types of websites. Usually, eCommerce/business plans are expensive. The plans have appropriate storage space, tools, and features.

Website builders have built-in tools for SEO, marketing, payment options, etc. You can easily manage the website on your own. Make sure to check the tools that the website builder offers.

3) Get Ready with the Domain

After choosing the right website builder, you need to decide your domain. Some website builders also offer free website domain names with the free plan, but the domain name is branded, which means it has the brand name of the website builder ( No doubt, you can build your own website for free using a branded domain, but if you are creating the website for a business, you need a custom domain.

Branded websites are only suitable for personal use. Ucraft is the only website builder that allows you to use a custom domain with the free plan, so you only need to purchase the domain name.

For professional use, you need to buy a custom domain. Think of a relevant domain name for your website and check its availability. Select the domain name that suits your website.

Selecting a domain name is a very important step. You cannot change the domain name later, so make sure you pick the right domain name. You might have to build the website again if you are going to change the domain name in the future.

4) Pick a Suitable Template and Customize It

The best thing about website builders is their templates. There is a wide range of templates that can be used to build your own website. You need to select the best one according to your needs. Choose the template that has the design of your liking and the required features.

After choosing the template, you need to customize it. Since you have already created a prototype using Mockitt, it won't take much time. You can easily replicate that design using the website builder. You need to adjust the text, images, and everything according to your business, and it is quite simple. You only need to drag and drop the widgets and tools. Moreover, create a logo for your website. Some website builders have free logo designer tools.

Some website builders, such as Wix, have their own AI systems that can design a website according to your business. You only need to answer a few questions, and the AI designer will do everything on its own.

5) Test and Publish Your Website

When you are ready after customizing your template, check it properly. You need to make sure everything is working as expected. Everything should be perfect before you publish your website. Once you are satisfied, you can publish the website.

These were the five important steps that you can follow to build your website. If you follow these steps, you can build your own website for free without paying a website developer.