What Are The Best Ways To Create A Website?

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

While there are many best ways to create a website, we broadly classified these ways under two categories; With Content Management System (Wordpress.org, Joomla, Drupal) and Website builders (Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace).

Of course, you can hire a professional developer to perform some hardcore coding in HTML to make a website, but that's not what we consider the best way to build a website. It's a time-consuming process and is not easy to manage by someone who is not tech-savvy.

Now, this leaves us with two of the best ways to create a website. And those are mentioned below.

  • Website Builders
  • Content Management System (Wordpress.org)

This article will focus our discussion on Wordpress.org as a content management system and other website builders.

The reason we chose Wordpress.org is that it powers over one-third of websites worldwide. WordPress is running 38% of the websites.

best ways to create a website

Source: WordPress

Editing Option

  • Website Builders usually have visual drag and drop functionality, making it easier for users to drag and drop various elements within a website.
  • WordPress comes up with a form editor known as Gutenberg, which doesn't have a visual interface. You will end up switching between editing and previewing screens to see if the changes are happening. However, with the help of Elementor or any other suitable page builder, you can use them as a plugin in wordpress.org to control your visual interface. Elementor allows you to drag and drop elements into a page over which you are doing editing work. Elementor has a freemium and premium version as well.

Ease of use

  • Website Builders are more comfortable to use; you are not required to tweak any code or possess technical information before using them. Ease of use is a striking feature of website builders.
  • Using WordPress can be a little overwhelming experience. It requires a certain degree of technical knowledge to operate the backend of it. You might come across to tweak a code for a plugin or a theme to run. However, WordPress users have an excellent web presence, and you can get great assistance within those forums.

Hosting services

  • Website builders come up with hosting, so you do not need to purchase separate hosting for your website to run. You can not change your hosting if you have created your website using website builders. You need to start building your website from scratch.
  • To get your website running on WordPress, you need to buy separate hosting, which could cost you certain bucks as per the pricing plans. The good thing is that you can always change your hosting service provider or hosting plan, and your website would not suffer or lose its data. You would have to purchase a separate domain name as well. That's an extra cost which you have to consider

Flexible Features

  • While Website builders are much less flexible in terms of features and plugins/apps, the apps will work without configuration.
  • Whereas WordPress comes up with several plugins that can be utilized to make your website embedded with more features. However, at times, you might need to change a few settings and tweak a code to get your plugins configured according to your theme. If you need to work on your SEO, you will find an SEO plugin. If you need a contact form on your website, several contact form plugins will serve the purpose.

Design Prototype Relevancy

Users of both platforms (Website Builders, Wordpress.org) prefer to use design prototyping tool before they start creating a new website. Essentially the best way to make a website is; you start with the selection of prototyping tools, produce a design prototype, select your website building tools, and start developing.

There are several design prototyping tools available in the market. But, Wondershare Mockitt is gaining popularity among the communities of designers and developers. Some prototyping tools have a small library of elements, and some have a cluttered interface, which makes them harder to even look at.

 best way to build a website

Mockitt is a complete package for all your prototyping needs. Whether you want to create a website with your mobile phone using Wix as a Website Builder or develop a website using your computer, Mockitt gives you the option of choosing between various template sizes.

Mockitt is not dependent on such website development platforms. All you need is register with it, select your screen size, and start using various widget elements.

You can invite your relevant persons in your enterprise and share your design prototype with them. You can start using it in your browser. Neither custom changes are required within your system, nor it gets installed after complicated, time-consuming installation procedures.

Collaborate with stakeholders across various devices and coedit in real-time. Isn't this exciting?

If you are a beginner in designing prototypes or an expert, it doesn't matter because Mockitt is equally useful and user friendly for everyone.

You do not need to extend your system's Ram or Hardware; It works as a browser tool and can be used on any computer operating system.


Clearly, wordpress.org and website builders are one of the best ways to create a website. If you prefer ease of use over flexibility, you might consider a website builder (Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace) as the best way to start a website. And if customizations and power-packed features are your top priorities and you are fine with handling some technicalities, you might vote for WordPress as the best way to build a website.

It all depends on one's tailored requirements, technical capabilities, and budget constraints. Since every platform has its pros and cons, prototype designing would help you decide between website builders and wordpress.org. You would want to design a prototype before with Mockitt, and then you can easily compare those two platforms based on your design prototype.

There is a likelihood that your final design prototype after development would look and work better in one platform than the other one.

Consider all the information we have discussed here, and based on your requirements, you may choose and decide which is the best way to make a website for you.