Why Shopify Website Builder Is Best To Set Up Online Store

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:50:02

All of us know that due to tough economic conditions, unemployment is getting increased in almost every country. Despite having qualification, people are not getting jobs at all, and set up a physical business requires a lot of investment. Setting up an online store is the only way to go and start your own business. Unlike a physical store, building an online store won't require a lot of investment which means almost everyone can set up an online eCommerce store. All you need to have is a proper tool just like Shopify website builder to make your online shop. Building your online store with Shopify is more than simple, let's get to know more about this store builder software.

Why Shopify Website Builder?

Shopify is the easiest solution you can work with to set up your online store within few steps. Shopify has revolutionized the whole process of creating online stores, almost everyone is switching to Shopify to generate more customers and sales.

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Image Source: Shopify

The reason Shopify is the best solution to make an eCommerce store is that there are lots of features and functions one may need to create a professional online store. Some of you might be worrying about coding to create a Shopify store? Well, that's not the case at all. Shopify allows users to create any type of store on the platform without having any coding skills. From product listing to the shopping cart, themes to store templates, everything has been provided to assist all store owners. Let's go down to know some core features of this Shopify best website builder.

Features of Shopify eCommerce Website Builder

The advanced and latest e-commerce features provided in Shopify make this site builder the best in the business. Every function and feature has been designed according to one's requirements to run a successful online store.

Here are the following main features of Shopify store builder.

  • Shopping Cart - Providing safe and secure shopping by offering a free SSL certificate. Also, accepting almost all types of credit cards to let users start their store with ease.
  • Storefront- Shopify is offering dozens of templates and themes you can work on creating your store look based on your pre-built design or from scratch.
  • Store Management- Proper customer profiles can be managed by the store owner. Moreover, offering facilities like dropshipping, refund, customer accounts, and groups.
  • Hosting- Shopify offers a free SSL certificate to shop owners to keep their shop site safe and secure. Also, providing support for email forwarding and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Analytics- An efficient and well-detailed dashboard has been provided for users to check all of their orders, sales, and other product details. Also, you can work on Google Analytics with your Shopify eCommerce website.
  • 24/7 Customer Support - A dedicated team of professionals and experts are always available online to assist you in case of any queries or issues about your online Shopify store.

Besides these few, there are many other features that Shopify site maker offers to let one run an online store efficiently.

One question must be coming in your mind that 'How much Shopify website builder cost?' You would be surprised to know that the basic Shopify plan to set up your new store would cost you only $29 a month and that's way economical to afford as compared to bearing the costs of a physical store. Guest what? You'd be able to use all main features even in the basic

How To Design Shopify Ecommerce Website

The look of your online business matters a lot either it's any blog or an eCommerce store. As discussed above, Shopify offers a variety of attractive themes and templates to make your online shop look eye-catching and well-categorized. You got two options to design your Shopify online store, either you can work on Shopify's pre-built themes and templates OR you can also code your website to give it a custom look as you want.

In order to design a website or an eCommerce store, you'd have to go for web prototyping first then code that store design into Shopify. Shopify site builder supports almost all standard web programming languages like HTML and CSS. Talking about website wireframing, let's go down to have a look at some well-reputed website mockup maker tools.

  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
  • UX Planet
  • Wondershare Mockitt
  • ProtoPie

All of these apps are well-renowned digital prototyping tools getting used by professionals to create interactive prototypes. As a newbie in website prototyping, working with an Adobe XD or Figma would be challenging for you. Following this issue, we'd suggest you to start making your store prototype on Wondershare Mockitt.

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Wondeshare is known for manufacturing brilliant apps in the field of digital media. Talking about Mockitt, this is such a simple and easy wireframing tool to make your online store prototype. We'd like to have a light at some main features of this prototype maker tool to let you understand things easily.

Features of Wondershare Mockitt

  • Advanced web prototyping
  • Easy collaboration
  • Handover
  • Asset Libraries
  • Developer friendly.
  • PRD mode.

Besides these few features, there are lots of others one can use to work with efficiency in a seamless prototyping environment. The feature of Handover allows managers and especially developers to view and edit things as per requirements. Additionally, Mockitt offers a library filled with hundreds of UI assets and templates to assist the designer to create an amazing and interactive prototype.

The feature of PRD Mode allows UI/UX designers to share their prototype designs with their managers, developers, and other colleagues in the team. All you have to allow PRD viewable by going into settings and click on the toggle as you can see in the picture. After that, just send the link to your colleagues and they will be able to view your prototype project. As an overall summary, if you are new to store prototyping then you need to work on Wondershare Mockitt.


On a concluding note, we can say that Shopify is the best solution to go with to set up your online store. We've gone through some of the excellent features of Shopify site maker that one can use easily without having any technical experience. The customer support of Shopify is phenomenal enough to facilitate users 24/7 against all of their queries and problems. So, what are you waiting for? Set up your online e-commerce store with Shopify.