Why WordPress Is The Best Website Builder Software

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:50:10

Talking about creating websites, we always look for a tool that provides easy and simple options to work on. Every one of us wants to create our own website and people want the easy site maker to do so. As there are dozens of websites making tools available online but choosing the best website builder software is what matters. Some of you might not be familiar with which is the best tool to work with to make easy websites. To be very honest, there could be nothing better than WordPress to make any type of website easily. Let's get to know why WordPress is getting used by beginners and professionals on a daily basis.

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Why WordPress Is Considered As Best Website Builder Software

WordPress is a free and open-source software to create websites that can be download and install with ease. Offering hundreds of quality and powerful website making features is what make this the top website builder software. From setting up a website to customizing, everything can be done in this site maker without facing any issues. Let's go down to have a look at the reasons why WordPress is the best software for making websites.

Reasons Why WordPress Website Builder Is Preferred Over Others

  • Free & Open Source
  • Versatile
  • Support All Media Types
  • Easy To Learn
  • No High-Level Expertise Required
  • SEO Support
  • Plugins
  • Variety Of Themes

1- Free & Open Source

As discussed earlier, WordPress is free to use as everyone can download it right on the PC. Users can create their websites for free using WordPress using advanced blogging features provided.

2- Versatile

You can create any type of website using WordPress either it's a business site, blogging, or any eCommerce store. There are no limitations when it comes to creating a website of any type or style.

3- Support All Media Types

One might need to put any type of data onto the website, so WordPress allows users to support any media file of almost every format. There are no such hard restrictions when it comes to uploading media files onto the WordPress website.

4- Easy To Learn

Due to the wider WordPress community active online, one can learn this website builder easily like from YouTube. Also, the community on online platforms is there to solve any of your problems or queries regarding your WordPress website.

5- No High-Level Expertise Required

As every feature and process of setting up a website on WordPress is simple which is why you'd not have to learn any high-quality skills to use this site maker platform.

6- SEO Support

You can't survive on the internet without SEO, one has to work on SEO to grow their website or business online. WordPress provides full support for users to write SEO-friendly content on their website to get ranked on search engines in a legal way. Also, Yoast SEO the popular SEO plugin also there to facilitate users

7- Plugins

Plugins bring more functionality and power to your WordPress blog. The plugins support by WordPress is one of the biggest reasons why it is the best website creation software for every beginner and professional.

8- Variety of Themes

One can't decorate a website without using Themes. The advanced and bigger library of themes is what you get from WordPress to make your website look as per your design preferences. In case you have a pre-designed website prototype then it would be more than enough to create your website look based on the prototype using WordPress themes.

Let's get to know how you can make a website prototype if not familiar with the right way to do so.

How To Design Your Website Prototype

Designing a website prototype design or mockup is one of the earlier things to do before you go for building a website using any site maker. There are dozens of UI/UX prototyping apps available online you can use to make an interactive prototype for your website. Every one of us wants to get our hands on any best free website design software. Adobe XD is one of the best wireframing tools that all professional UI/UX designers working with on a daily basis. The issue is that what about beginners? Based on our research, we'd recommend you to work on Wondershare Mockitt if you are at a beginner level to create your site's prototype. Why not get to know more about this easy prototype application for you?

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Wondershare Mockitt - Easy Web Prototype Maker Software

Wondershare is one of the well-reputed brands in the industry known for making top-quality apps to assist users in the graphics field especially. Some of you might have questions like why Mockitt is recommended for beginners? What's special about this wireframing tool? Well, from the user interface to the app environment, everything is way simple to understand in this web prototyping application. The basic idea behind this Mockitt prototype maker is to provide easy and complete support to newbie UI/UX designers to let them create any type of website mockup design. The control and support provided to designers in this prototype software is something we all want as a new website designer.

Talking about the features of Mockitt, you'll get everything in this app you need to make an attractive and user-friendly website prototype. Dozens of templates, shapes, and components have been provided in Mockitt just to facilitate users in a convenient way. Creating a website mockup design has never been this easy and simple as it is today. The credit goes to the professional team of developers and designers behind Wondershare Mockitt. Besides website mockup, you can also create prototypes for phone apps as well either it's an Android or an iOS app. So, if you want to learn and use any website wireframing tool then go for Mockitt, the easy prototype creator app.


As an overall summary, we'd like to conclude that there is no doubt that WordPress is the best website builder software of all. The interface, plugins support, community, and everything about WordPress is good enough to assist every website developer either beginner or professional. We got to know that WordPress is easy to learn and work on, there no such strict restrictions about creating any specific type of website. So, looking for creating your own website? Go for WordPress.