How to Choose The Best Website Builder

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:43

A decade ago, building a website was a tiresome job. It required expertise and experience. A million thanks to the web technology advancements, dozens of website builders are available. They do not require any prior experience in building a website. But unfortunately, it isn't easy to pick the best website builder because there are many. Therefore, we are going to explore how you can pick the best website builder and design the website of your own choice.

How to Choose the Best Website Builder

When it comes to website builders, you need to understand the features before making any decision. You might see the lists of best website builder 2020 or best website builder 2019, but you need to make sure that the tool you are buying has everything you need and expect. So, we are going to list down some factors and features that you must consider while choosing the best website builder.

1) Intentions and Goals

It is important to have a clear idea of the intentions and goals. This will help you in selecting the best website builder according to your requirements. For instance, not every website builder is suitable for eCommerce, so if you want to establish an eCommerce store, you need to pick a website builder according to it.

You can also look for third-party services available on the platform that can help you make your website better, such as analytics, payment gateway, social sharing, integration of videos, etc. If the website builder has everything you need, you are good to go.

In short, you need to select the right website builder that has everything you need to build your website.

2) Ease of Use

People choose a website builder so that they can build and manage the website on their own. Nowadays, millions of businesses use website builders. Before you go any further, make sure the website builder is easy to use. If you cannot use it, there is no reason for buying such a website builder.

There are many website builders available that do not require any coding, such as WordPress and Wix. You only need to drag and drop things; some website builders are as easy as using a social media site.

The best way to know whether you can use the website builder or not is the free trial. Most website builders have trails with limited features, so you can try them to get a better idea before selecting long-term plans.

3) Themes and Customization

Themes are very important when it comes to building a website. They are important for SEO, site speed, and other important factors, but they play a key role in the appearance of a website. If you want your website to be appealing, you need to select the right theme. So, you must know the themes that are available on the website builder. If you are going to create an eCommerce store, then the website builder should have an appropriate template for that. Some website builders also support third-party paid themes so that the user can have more choices.

Having an appropriate theme is not enough; it should offer enough customization features so that you can build the website of your imagination. Some website builders have limited customization features, which is the reason you cannot edit the templates according to your choice. You might need to use additional CSS or some plugins.

4) Customer Support

Some people usually underestimate customer support, but in reality, it is the most important thing you need. You might get stuck in any problem, so there should be good customer support to guide you well. Nowadays, most website builders have excellent customer support. They offer live chat and phone calls.

It is better not to trust what is being said on the website builder's; you must check reviews about customer support.

What You Need Before the Best Website Builder

Website builders are used for building a website from scratch. You can make a website of your choice and imagination. But if you start to create a website directly using a website builder, you might get stuck or waste a lot of time. Sometimes the design doesn't work well, or you might need time to finalize the design. It is not wise to create a design on a website builder and change it repeatedly until you achieve what you want. It is more time-consuming.

The best way is to make the design of your website ready before you buy or use a website builder. It will help you implement everything in one go. You can save a lot of time and create an amazing design of your choice. The best way to do it is by using a prototyping tool, such as Wondershare Mockitt. A prototyping tool can help you create a prototype website. You can implement the design and check it. You can easily make changes until you find the right design. Moreover, it is quite useful in pitching your website idea.

Mockitt is one of the best prototyping tools that can help you turn your imagination into reality. You can implement the exact design of your website and functionality to it. It will help you get the most out of your best website builder.

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Why You Should Choose Mockitt For Prototyping?

There are dozens of prototyping software out there, but why you should select Mockitt.

Mockitt is a reliable prototyping tool used by many giant companies. The features of the tool make it the best, nothing more. Let's look at the features that it has and what it can offer to you.


1) Mockitt is a beginner-friendly tool. Even if you have never designed a website before, you can create a functional prototype.

2) It is a web-based tool, so you don't need to download any file or do anything. It has a cloud storage space that ensures the safety of your project. However, you can also get Mockitt for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

3) Mockitt is preferred because it is a high-fidelity prototyping tool. It empowers you to create a prototype similar to the real website using widgets, micro-interactions, transitions, and dozens of other things.

4) It is an all-in-one prototyping tool that helps you create prototypes for mobiles, tablets, websites, smartwatch, and others.

5) You can easily collaborate with your team, and you can export HTML, PNG, APK, IPA, and some other formats.

The features of Mockitt help it to stand out from the crowd. People usually look for a simple and easy to use prototyping tool, and Mockitt is the best choice. It is as simple as drag and drop; even the linking between screens is a matter of seconds. It also contains some built-in templates that can help you design the website quickly. You can customize the template according to your needs by using the vast library of widgets and elements.

Although the tool offers you an easy way to create a functional website prototype, it offers high-fidelity. Thus, it can even be used to check the final prototype via user testing. One of the most important things that it offers is the live preview. So, you can instantly see the website you have created and check its functionality.

Some prototyping tools need coding when it comes to high-fidelity and advanced operations. But in the case of Mockitt, you can even build micro-animations without a single line of code. It doesn't require any coding or pre-requisite; just sign up, and you are good to go.

Apart from functionality, the prototyping tool also does a commendable job on the user interface (UI). It creates an appealing website that attracts the user. It has dozens of transitions and gestures that can be applied to your website.

Since it is a web-based tool, you are not restricted to your computer. You can log in from anywhere and through any device. Everything is stored in the cloud, so it is accessible and safe.

Mockitt has everything that you could expect from a prototyping tool. It offers ease, reliability, and perfect UI and UX design. Before working on the best website builder that you have chosen, you can make a prototype of your website using Mockitt. It will make your website development quicker and easier.