Why Do You Need A Prototype Before Building A WordPress Website?

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Have you ever come across such circumstances where your design thoughts get jumbled up before even building a WordPress website? Or you start designing with the mental imagery of a final product, but then some new ideas kicked in along the way, which delayed the process of making a WordPress website.

Well, if you have run into similar situations, you must have ruminated about a solution as well. Solutions include drawing a rough structure of a website on paper and using low fidelity and functionality software.

But are these techniques effective enough for any WordPress website designer to showcase the skills to their prospects? Perhaps, No!. When a client wants you to create WordPress website, they might ask you to make them visualize their final product. It's human nature that they want to think of a final result before and during the journey of product development. There is a likelihood that the client will not be able to decipher what is being conveyed as long as the closest prototype is not provided.

Making a WordPress website is a multi-step process, and the design phase is an intrinsic element of it. Because it can either enhance or blemish the user's overall experience, testing and approving the website design before actual development becomes a crucial part of the overall process.

There are various methods to blueprint a final design, including wireframes and mockups but making a prototype stands out among all as it communicates more effectively with appealing and detailed visuals of design.

You would want to have a highly interactive design prototype that not only helps you throughout the designing phase, but your client can also have their say by getting a feel of their WordPress website. This designing phase process yields a win-win situation for every stakeholder in a project.

Build WordPress Site Prototype: Benefits

We have discussed that it is imperative to have a prototype before building a WordPress website. We shall now look into the detailed benefits of having one.

  • First and foremost, having a prototype helps in the visualization of the overall content's layout
  • Evaluate if the design meets the customer requirements, and in case if it's not fulfilling the criteria, the designer can perform an audit to identify room for improvements.
  • Reduces Risk factors in final product design
  • Saves time during the designing process by requiring minimal effort
  • Improves navigation and rectify usability issues
  • Tests the potential web problems before proceeding toward a development stage
  • Improvement in information architecture
  • Attracts new customers by showing high interactive design prototypes.
  • Finally, yet importantly, it helps in generating new design ideas to consider

The Process To Create WordPress Site Prototype

Brainstorming: Start with ideas generation. At this phase, you will generate various ideas to fulfill the requirements of a project. The more opinions you will develop after fruitful discussion with all the stakeholders, the more beneficial your end product will be.

Ideas Creation: This phase requires you to design those ideas you have brainstormed about in the first phase. Create a couple of designs as you might want to show these designs to all the stakeholders for their input.

Focused Approach: All the designs you have created in the last phase; this step will help you narrow down all those designs by considering all the project requirements and inputs from all the stakeholders. The approved plan will help you in creating your prototype for the final product.

Create WordPress site Prototype with Wondershare Mockitt

While there are dozens of software that claim to assist in building a WordPress website prototype, very few serve the purpose by being useful to both experts and amateurs designers.

Wondershare Mockitt is a one-window operation for all your design prototype needs. Build WordPress site by using a Mockitt designed prototype because it is user-friendly and a no-brainer at all. With tons of built-in widgets, icons, and templates, creating a prototype was never more comfortable than this. You are not required to see all those industry jargons based complex tutorials before initiating your prototype. You need to have your email id for registration, and voila, you can start with your first project. It is as easy as it sounds.

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Top 7 Most Promising Benefits Of Mockitt

  • It works on Windows, Linux, Mac, and your web browser, so you do not need to worry about your workstation type.
  • The functionality of designing a custom-sized prototype with pre-installed templates for Mobiles, Tablets, webpages/Tv, and Watches saves time for you as a designer.
  • With the Drag and Drop feature, you would not require to know a bit of coding, and you can quickly learn complete prototype designing in no time.
  • Internal linking within web pages helps make the prototype more interactive, and hence your client will be able to set priorities for navigation within a complete website.
  • With a real-time collaboration feature, you can share the prototype with stakeholders to have their inputs and acknowledgements. This action will induce minimal risk to your overall design strategy, as every stakeholder will be on board from soup to nuts.
  • QR Code and Link will help you viewing a prototype on phones and computers anywhere without a hassle.
  • Include the design within your website with the help of iframe to showcase your portfolio and attract your potential customers

Being a designer myself, I know how crucial it is to give your best shot in the designing part when it comes down to create WordPress website. We certainly want to create a smooth workflow and to achieve that, we as designers mimic the final product in our prototype to the best of our potential. That potential depends on mainly two things—our skills as a designer and the software we use to make the best prototype out of it. Mockitt should be your hands-down first choice to go for if you inspire to excel in the field of WordPress website designing,