Must-follow Steps to Buy a Website

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

In 2020, digital marketing and online businesses become popular. Due to Covid-19, most business owners want to establish their online persona to generate revenue during lockdown. Despite the increasing popularity of online website makers, a significant number of organisations are looking to buy a website. It is because of the fact that online website builders are not good for large businesses. Besides , this is not the only reason behind the decision to purchase website domain.

It is true that website builders are becoming popular but traditional methods of buying domain name and building the website are not out of fashion. The question arises that why organisations are still going after domain registration sites to buy website domain. The answer might surprise you. This is because the creating websites on web builders is similar to renting space. The owner has to right to kick you out of the house at anytime. Moreover, you have to pay a specific amount monthly to keep your website on that site. On the other hand, if you purchase a website, then you'll have the owner's rights. You will decide and set the rules as per your website needs.

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However, it is worth noting that website prototype demand is independent of whether you choose to purchase website domain or use an online website development tool.

Web Prototyping: How

Why website prototyping is so important? You can't make a professional website without web prototyping even if you buy a website. Web prototyping is about designing your website before launching it and the best site to do it is Wondershare Mockitt . Despite many web prototyping tools in the market, Wondershare Mockitt has a way to compete against its rivals.... and the reasons is its amazing and stunning features.

One of these features is that it takes zero storage space of desktop PC or laptop. It happens because it is a cloud-based application which doesn't need downloading and installing. Also, it allows users to share their design in real time with other project team members to eliminate the need of revisions. This approach will not only save designer's time and efforts but it will also reduce project completion time. However, you don't have to be an IT expert to design the website prototype here. With the help of its drag and drop feature, you can create the website prototype within no time.

Additionally, Wondershare Mockitt has taken care of another problem that designers face... that is the issue of compatibility. It is desirable to have an application which is compatible with several operating systems so designers don't have to limit themselves. That is why Wondershare Mockitt is compatible with Mac OS, Web, Linux, Ubuntu and Windows.

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After clarifying the need to buy web domain and create web prototype, it is time to discuss how to do it and which domain registrar you should trust.

Steps to Buy Domain Online

If you are looking to buy domain online but don't know how to do it, follow the following steps:

1: Select a trustworthy domain registrar: To buy domain online, you should contact an ICANN accredited registrar.

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Source: ICANN

2: Use a domain availability checker tool to find an available domain name for your website. If your desired name is taken, then either switch the extension, such as try using .xyz and .org instead of .com, or use the longer name, such as the freelancer instead of freelancer, or contact the owner.

3: Run a ‘Domain Check' and search for the exact name that you have in your mind for your website. The checker will show results against the searched term. If you like any result that isn't taken, then follow the next step. Otherwise, repeat this step until you are absolutely sure that you have find the right one.

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4: Place your order by clicking the ‘Add to Cart' option for the selected domain name. Usually, the price range for your website vary between $0.99 to $92.99. The price depends on the type of extension you are choosing for your website. Submit your details and finalise the website purchase.

5: Verify the domain ownership by using the email address that you have given in your website purchase order. The message arrives within few minutes of order placement. However, if you don't receive it, then respond the order request from control panel.

How to buy web hosting

If you are going to buy a website, then both domain and web hosting are essential. Without domain name, you can't have a website and without web hosting, you can't launch it. We have already discussed the steps to buy web domain, now it's time to go into web hosting purchase.

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The first thing that you have to do is to choose the right web hosting service provider which is in your budget range. Analyse what are they offering especially their uptime reliability, customer support and speed. Uptime reliability has a significant impact on traffic on your website because if the website is not online then how could people visit it. Moreover, website speed should be checked in order to buy web hosting as slow loading websites reduce visitors. If the website is taking too much time to load, people would click on another site with good speed. Some good web hosting service providers are Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostinger, Google Domains and Namecheap.


In a nutshell, for large businesses, we suggest website purchase because web builders don't function efficiently with large content. However, it is relatively expensive because you have to buy both domain and web hosting to run the website successfully. That's why if you have a small budget or you own a small or medium-sized company, then a good choice is to use web development sites.