Top 6 Cheapest Website Builder to Create Website for SMEs

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:50:45

If you are looking to create website for your business or brand in small budget, then you are at the right place. In today's world, launching a new website has become as easy as driving a car but at a much lower cost, of course. It is worth mentioning that low cost without better specs would mean nothing. With our expertise, we have created a list of best cheapest website builder based on their premium package price and their specifications.

But the question arises why use website builder when you can make website prototype. The answer is simple, because construction of a building is essential along with its designing and both require different skill-set. Of course, this short answer doesn't satisfy your curiosity. That's why before we go into best cheapest website builders, we'll first clarify the difference between website prototyping and website builder.

Website Builder Vs Website Prototyping

What is website prototyping? It is an artistic job and web designers must have creative skills to transform imagination into reality. The website prototype is simply a demo of actual website when it will be launched. Whereas, website builder software is about working on that design and bring it to life. Without prototyping, website creation is impossible. If you haven't designed your website yet, then don't worry we've got you covered. One of the best website prototyping software is Wondershare Mockitt which is a go to tool for designers when it comes to design an interactive prototype.

Despite everyone telling you that they've got the bet prototyping software, they fail to provide user-friendliness along with efficiency. On the other hand, Wondershare Mockitt is user-friendly and easy to use with tons of templates, widgets, and drag-&-drop feature. Being a web designer myself, what amazes me is that it's compatible with MacOS, Ubuntu, your web browser and windows. It means that you can design your dream website for tablet, mobile, and webpage within no time. Wondershare Mockitt is really a wonder because the exciting list of features doesn't end here. Another worth-sharing feature is the concept of real-time collaboration which helps you to take the views of major stakeholders in real-time with minimum risk involved. Not only this, but if you are planning to view your design on mobile you can just use QR code.

As a website designer, I know how much impact website prototype has on the development of actual website. We want to create a prototype which is as close to the final online website as possible and for that software choice plays an essential part along with designer's skills. Wondershare Mockitt is my go to software for designing a custom website and you should give it a try too if you have a desire to visualize your website before its launch.

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6 Best Cheapest Website Builder

Check out this well-researched list of top six cheapest website builder for small businesses.

  • Wordpress ($3/mon)
  • Godaddy ($6/mon)
  • Weebly ($6/mon)
  • SITE123 ($10.8/mon)
  • Squarespace ($12/mon)
  • Wix ($13/mon)


It is the number 1 website builder because of its low price and wide range of features. On wordpress, integration of social media and availability of interactive templates are easy.

The down side of this website builder is that it is difficult to create engaging new designs on We recommend WordPress to bloggers because of its editing facilities and storage capacity.

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Source: WordPress


Godaddy is the fastest and cheapest website creator in the market because of its design assistance feature instead of drag-&-drop editor. The question arises, 'What is design assistance?' Well, it creates website for you based on the purpose and audience of your website. However, as you may understand it by now, it does not provide the facility of creating your website with unique designs. Its premium plan gives you access to fair amount of features but you may need to spend more than $6/month for more designs and features. If you are going for cheapest website builder for small business, then you need to try this. It is easy to use, customer friendly and can be created in no time!

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Source: Godaddy


Weebly pricing scheme consists of four packages, depending on your needs you can select the suitable one. This website builder is perfect for ecommerce and small businesses because it offers you to sell even in its free plan. Not only that, but it also allows you to have your customized domain along with free of charge SSL security. The cons of this cheapest ecommerce website builder is that it online store plans are not as efficient as its competitors. However, they are improving their website to provide ease of use to ecommerce. The question is whether we recommend it or not. Our advice is to use $6/month plan if you are a blogger, but you should go for $12/month plan if you are running small business. In professional plan, you get free customized domain for an entire year along with unlimited storage capacity.

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Source: Weebly


SITE123 is popular for its simple process and speed. The website uses design assistance, just like Godaddy, which is convenient for creating websites in no time. However, it also comes with similar issues like limited control over design resulting in generic website. Other than that, the website offers 10GB storage, free-of-cost custom domain, and 5GB bandwidth in its standard package ($10.8/month). It is the only available premium plan which offers complete features in less than $12/month. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest ecommerce website builder that offers features like tracking orders, creating coupons, accepting multiple payments, managing inventory, and much more.

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Source: Site123


You may have heard about squarespace before as it is pretty popular among website developers because of its engaging templates and aesthetics. The only issue with this site is that it does not offer free plan. Te premium package is for non-ecommerce websites with customized domain, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and no ad policy. Our suggestion is to go for personal plan ($12/mon) if you are a freelancer blogger, or personal trainer. However, you may need to use business plan ($18/mon) if you are running a small or medium business. The advanced or basic commerce plan ($40/mon & $26/mon respectively) is one of the cheapest ecommerce website builder.

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Source: Squarespace


Best Cheapest Website Builder and Hosting in the Market!

Wix is the perfect website builder with stunning features, user friendly design, easy to create and cheap price of packages. Other cheaper packages are not a match for the outstanding quality of Wix features. It also offers the choice between design assistance and drag-&-drop editor. No ad policy, 3GB storage capacity, video length of 30 min., and 2GB bandwidth are the premium/combo package salient features. The price of this combo package is in the range of $13/mon. We recommend you to go for $17/mon plan as it gives you much better control and wide range of features. However, its combo package is good for you if you are going for feature quality, easy use, and limited control over custom design.

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Source: Wix

All of these above-mentioned cheapest website builders have their own pros and cons. Before creating your website with these platforms, it is better to create a website prototype first. We recommend using Mockitt for this purpose to visualize your website before it goes live!