How to Create Website with Google Sites Easily

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Many people want to build a website but they don't have the money to hire experts or even to invest in domain hosting. There are many options for you to make a website for free and one of the best options for doing that is to create website with Google Sites. It is comparatively easier to make a website using Google sites and you can learn easily about it. 

If you follow a specific plan then it gets very easy for you to make a website. When you are creating a website using Google Sites you also need to follow a step by step guide to making the process easier for you so you don't get lost or overwhelmed while making the website. 

Step 1: Choose a Name for Your Website

To create a Google site you need to first make an account with Google. You can type Google Sites in the search engine and it would take you to the main website where you can create a website and log in. 

You have to name the file in the beginning and then give a name to the website that you are building. Both of them are different. The website name would be added to the final URL for your website domain. It is important to give a relevant name to your website for the SEO of your website. 

Step 2: Add Other People from Your Team as Editors

If you have a big team of people or even if you are a small business and you just have one partner you can add them to your Google Sites as an editor. When you make a website with Google Sites, one of the biggest advantages is that it is very easy to collaborate.

You can just add them by selecting the Plus Icon from the top right corner and choose what level of permission you want to give them. For them to be able to make changes they need to get permission to work as an editor. You just need to input their email address in the system. 

Step 3: Know About the Tools That You Get To Create Google Site

You can create free website with Google Sites if you know how to use all the tools that come with Google Sites properly. It is very easy to learn using the tools compared to other CMS website builders. 

The tools are present on the right-hand side of the website editor and there are three tools that you need to know about. The first tool is inserted which you can use to choose a layout for your website. You can add images, Slides, Charts, and Content using this tool. There are many different kinds of elements that you can add. 

The next tool is pages and it is used to allow the user to add more pages for the website. You can add as many pages as you want to your website and also delete them by using this tool. You can also copy an existing page using this tool. 

The last tool is Theme and you can select a theme for your website using this tool. You can also choose the font style for the text on your website using this tool. 

Step 4: Make a Unique Design for Your Website

There are many ways you can do the design of your website. You can create the design directly on the Google site or you can sketch the design of your website using a pen and paper. The best way to design your website is by using a prototyping tool. One of the best prototyping tools that are available online today is Wondershare Mockitt.

adobe xd alternative

You can use Mockitt for free as it comes with a trial version. It is very simple which makes it perfect for a beginner. When you would log in to Mockitt for the first time you would get a six-step tutorial that would teach you the basics of using the platform. You would get familiar with the platform when you take this six-step tutorial. 

Mockitt is a very good choice when you decide to create website with Google Sites. Google Sites has its limitation and complex sites cannot be designed with Google Sites. You can use Mockitt to create a simple yet unique design for your website that you can use to build your website on Google Sites. 

Like Google Site, you can invite your team members to collaborate in the creation of the design for your website. It makes working in a team very easy and your team members can communicate instructions properly through the system. 

Mockitt supports all the popular formats so you can export the design in PNG, HTML 5, or other formats and share it with your friend also to get their opinion. 

Step 5: Placing Everything Together

The final step after creating your design is to go to your Google Site and start building your site according to the design. Make sure you create the design keeping in mind what you can do with the tools that are available on Google Site. Write the content that you need for your website and also create logos and banners for your website using free logo maker software.

Create the pages, add content and graphics to your website, work on the footer of your website, and finally make sure that the mobile and tablet version of your website is properly optimized. To create a website for free on Google Sites you have to complete all these steps. 


If you are a small business owner and you want to make a free website then your best option is to create website with Google Site. Google site is very easy to understand even for beginners and it is also easy to do the SEO on Google Sites according to many experts as it is the product of Google themselves. 

It is important to have a step by step guide to follow so you know what to do in an organized manner. When you follow a proper plan of action it becomes much easier to create a website. 

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