Top 4 Easy to Use Free Website Maker

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Creating new website was considered difficult once but now it's easier than ever. A lot of new software and apps are in the market to make the website maker free domain simple and quick. However, it is worth considering that not all of us can purchase expensive premium packages... at least not in the first few years of our business. For all of those businesses, using free website maker is the only option in this digital world. They can choose not to use an online website for their products... but the reality is they can't grow business without an official website. For that purpose, I'll discuss how to create a website without buying expensive packages.

First of all, you can save money by choosing a free of cost website prototyping software. It is possible to hire a web designer but why go for it when you can design it yourself free of charge at Wondershare Mockitt. Why am I recommending it? Because, I'm a web designer myself and I know the worth of features it offers in its free package. It's not just compatible with most commonly used operating systems, but it uses drag-n-drop attribute. Usually, I use this software of website prototyping when I want to design websites without wasting time and energy. So the question arises how you could tap into its potential?

I can answer this question in two words, Watch Tutorial. It may sound weird to you but, yes, it is that easy to use Wondershare Mockitt. With the use of libraries, you can create a prototype which is user friendly. For those of you who prefer to customize their website, Wondershare Mockitt offers customised designs as well. In addition, this software understands the need of communication between designers and developers of your website. This understanding is reflected by the inspect-and-export feature which allows both designer and developer to optimise their efficiency.

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Now come to the other part of creating a website without emptying your pockets: free website maker apps. One of the famous apps is Wix which offers free website maker but charges you for using additional features. However, the good news is that it's not the only free website maker app. There are tons of websites for that and I'll tell you about them along with their salient features in this article.


Let's start with Wix because if you are creating website, either for yourself or for others, you may come across this app. It has numerous wonderful features including 500 MBs storage and SSL security. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow users to sell their products for free which ultimately leads to purchase their premium package. For this reason, we don't recommend Wix as the best free website maker app despite its eye-catching graphics. However, its free package is better for people who are interested in creating website for personal brand such as blogging or freelancing.

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Image Source: Wix


Weebly is quite popular among small and medium businesses and it deserves this popularity. One of its several attractive features is the availability of selling without any charges. What it means is that small and medium business entities can sell their products free of cost. You can buy premium package to use advanced options for selling online anytime. But the amazing point is that you can sell even if you don't have any budget. In addition to free selling facility, Weebly offers slide-up advertisements along with SSL security in it's free package. The most amazing point is that Weebly lies under the category of website maker free domain provider. It is because it allow a you to have a semi-professional free domain name. For all the above exciting specs, my recommendation is to use Weebly if you are going for the best free website maker.

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Image Source: Weebly


Another amazing and one of the best free website maker is site123. What excites me about it is the storage capacity, security and ads policy. It offers around 500 MBs storage with SSL security and bottom banner ads. What more do we need! However, the upsetting news for small businesses is that it does not allow them to sell products in free mode. I would recommend you to use the free version of this website maker only when you are a representing your brand. For creating an online store, you have to buy a premium version, otherwise, you'll not be able to do business.

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Source: Site123


The last website maker that I would like you to use for best experience is strikingly. It does not only allow you to create websites for free, but it's also user friendly. The ad policy is also in your favour. A small slide up advertisement would appear in the corner of your screen. Additionally, it allows you to have a semi-professional website maker free domain name. However, you can make single page websites on this software. So what does it suggest? That it is the best free website maker for personal blogs or brands. In case of businesses, whether small, medium or large, premium packages would be helpful. However, its paid plan price ranges from $8 per month to $159 per month.

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Source: Strikingly


If you have reached here, that means you have already chosen the free website maker for your website. However, if you haven't made that decision yet, we'll summarise it for you. If you own a small or medium business, it is better to use Weebly free plan as you can sell unlimited products on this platform. On the other hand, if you want to create a website for blogs or personal brand, Site123 and Strikingly are better options for you. Whereas, Wix is good for both businesses and personal brands, however, for better experience you must buy its premium package.