GoDaddy Websites to Grow Your Business

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

GoDaddy websites are very popular as GoDaddy website creator is one of the best website creators in the world. Not only for their websites but they are also very popular for domain names and web hosting.

They have also launched a new version of their previous website builder which is now known as Websites + Marketing. Its recent version has a modernized interface and a completely free plan. It is a beginner-friendly website creator and is mobile-optimized which means you can easily build a GoDaddy website for your business even on your smartphone.

godaddy websites

Source: GoDaddy

Here are some Pros and cons of using GoDaddy websites


  • Easy to use

GoDaddy websites are very easy to use as compared to other websites. Even their building process is easier as compared to other website creators.

  • Best for marketing

Indeed, it is the best website for marketing purposes as it offers enhanced blogging features, social media content creators, and built-in email marketing tools. That means it is an All-in-one marketing solution for your business. You won't have to work on each marketing platform individually.

  • Mobile-optimized layouts

The main feature that makes GoDaddy websites distinct from others is that it is mobile-optimized. The layouts are responsive and can be adapted to your smartphone. Even editing the GoDaddy website is supported on mobile phones. You can easily edit your website on your mobile phone.


  • Incompatible version update

GoDaddy launches new versions of its website builder after every two years. But doesn't allow you to move your previous data to the new version which means with every update you'll have to rebuild your website.

  • Limited SEO features

The SEO features of GoDaddy websites are very limited and the available features are not that good. For example, the page titles are automatically generated which gets changed every time you tweak the page title. It can be very harmful to SEO.

  • No app store

They do not provide any additional app stores. You can only use the handful of integrations provided by them.

GoDaddy Website Hosting

GoDaddy website hosting offers a lot of features in all its plans. It provides an industry-standard cPanel for the installation of apps and managing backups and security. Gives you access to over 150 free apps to create blogs, CMS sites, and forums. In it's Linux based web-hosting plan it even provides unlimited MySQL databases. And registering your domain name is very easy with GoDaddy.

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Source: GoDaddy

GoDaddy Website Prices

Let's have a look at how much a GoDaddy website costs. The good thing about GoDaddy is that it is also offering free plans. You can use GoDaddy for free with some limited features. And it also has a paid plan.

godaddy website cost

Source: GoDaddy

Paid plan

Paid plans consist of three plans.

  • Basic plan

It is for personal use. For this plan, you would have to pay $699/ month.

  • Standard plan

This plan is for new businesses. For a standard plan, you'll have to pay $1,199/month.

  • Premium plan

This is for the growth of already established businesses. It'll cost you $1,799/month

However, if you are out of your budget or don't want to invest in website building then using GoDaddy's free plan you can build GoDaddy free websites.

Free plan

GoDaddy is offering a free plan which allows you to create 1 website with hosting, gives access to designed templates, social and email marketing but limited and SSL certificate for the security of your GoDaddy sites. That means you can easily build a website for free. But remember, a free plan allows you to create only one website. Therefore, it is important to create your website efficiently.

godaddy website hosting

Source: GoDaddy

Or a better way is to create a prototype of your website first. So you can decide what sort of website will work better for you and help you solve all the issues regarding your website before starting the process of building. You can find many prototyping tools online but we recommend using Wondershare Mockitt. As Mockitt is one of the best prototyping tools.

If you are starting a website with your team then you must consider using Mockitt. Because there are many online collaborative prototyping tools but they are very difficult to use. People are likely to get just problems using collaborative prototyping tools. But Mockitt is one of the best collaborative platforms for making prototypes for your website. It allows you to easily work on one project with other members of your team. It also lets you share your results and progress.

It is also not device restricted which means you can easily build a prototype for your website. And another factor that has compelled us to recommend this tool for prototyping is that it provides a very big library of templates for free. All the amazing features of Mockiit are available for free. So use Mockitt to make a free prototype for your website and then subscribe to the free plan of GoDaddy. When you are sure that you have solved all the issues then start building your website.

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GoDaddy website is one of the best websites. You can use this website even if you are a beginner and just starting your business. It helps to grow every sort of business. It is the most secure website creator to use which also provides proficient SEO and email marketing tools. Use this website creator if you want to build a website quickly as it lets you create a website in an hour. The price of this website is also reasonable and even provides free plans for the creation of a website. All these features make GoDaddy websites ideal to use

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