What Are The Pros And Cons Of Google Website Creator?

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-04-03 17:56:27

As one of the leading and best search engines we use on a daily basis to explore any website or information, Google has introduced lots of products like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, and many others. Some of you might not be familiar with 'Google Sites', the google website builder software. This is also one of the well-reputed products that people do trust to work on for their website projects.You can use Google website creator to make your website.

There are many common but also some unique features in this site builder that you would not get in any other. There are also some pros and cons to using Google Sites to make a website. You should know about them all so you can make a smart decision about using Google Sites to build your website. So, what are we waiting for? Let's check, what this website maker tool has in the package to offer to us.

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Pros of Google Website Creator

Going through the benefits of using the google free website builder will definitely convince you to switch to this tool to make your next website. Besides being a popular search engine, Google is trusted by millions of users worldwide because of the quality and standard this company provides in its products.

Here are the following pros of Google sites website builder platform, let's discuss each one by one to know the software in a better way.

It Is Free To Use

Free access is what everyone looks for no matter which tool you are using. This 'Google Sites' is totally free to use for everyone, you can get your hands on this tool, try new things, and make an interactive website for your business or brand.

There are two such Google Website Creators that are very popular. One is Blogger and the other one Google Sites.

Both blogger and Google Site are free to use. Though blogger was originally built for blogging you can build a website too using the many themes of Blogger. There are no paid plans in both Blogger and Google sites which means website creation is free with Google Sites.

Being fully free makes Google website creator one of the best website builders out there to use. There are no risks involved and they won't try to upsell you anything. There are no limits or any kind of expiration dates.

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There is G Suites which is for business and has some paid plans. You would get the benefits of Google Sites and also some other features which would help you run a business smoothly.

Integrated With Other Google Products

You would see that Google sites is integrated with many Google products. It would be integrated with your Google Drive and you would find your site as a file in your Google drive which gives you the ability to access it very easily from anywhere in the world if you have internet.

You'd hardly get this feature in other website builders, as this is Google's website builder so supporting almost all google apps. Working with this google website builder will let you integrate any of the preferred google apps with your website as per your business needs.

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You get access to Google docs, sheets, calendar, maps, and many other Google products which makes it possible to make your site run smoothly.

It Is Very Easy To Learn

It is very easy to learn how to use Google Sites. It is very easy to use and from personal experience, I can say that you won't need more than an hour or two to figure out everything about Google Sites.

You would not have to acquire any kind of certifications or high-level database skills to use this website making tool. Most of the things have been already provided in the form of features and pre-built options that you can use to process things for your website.

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It would be not wrong to consider this site builder as the right tool for beginners to get their hands on. Its self-explaining options and ease of access to features make this the easy website creator tool for beginners.

If you use other Google website creators like Blogger it can take some more time as there are complex themes that you use. Creating a Google site can take a very short amount of time if you have all the content ready.

It Is Fast and Convenient

No lagging or slow down kind of things you'd have to face if using a Google site maker tool. Everything is optimized enough to let you work on this website creator software with good energy.

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It Is Very Secure

Google Sites and Blogger are both the products of Google which automatically translates to a highly secured website builder. There are many additional security features that you can add to your Google account like 2-step verification and others to make your website more secure.

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It Is Easy To Share

It is very easy to share and give access to other people to manage your website. You would just need to click the plus icon above and add the email account of the people you want to share your website with to give them access. Google cached pages make it easier to find a Google site later. They make the loading time of the website faster.

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With Wider Customization Options

Google Sites offer a variety of options and controls to the users to let them modify their website functions and other processes easily. Easy and simple website customization support has been provided for all users who are looking forward to creating any type of website.

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Enhanced Media Embed Support

Another support you get from this google website creator is that you can embed almost any type of media content into your website. You can embed videos, documents, slideshows, and much more onto your website conveniently using this site maker.

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Control Access For Creator

The website's creator will have complete access to website page permissions, roles, and other operations as well. Moreover, creators would be able to use a custom domain for their site in this google domain website builder platform. On whole, the creator will have full control over everything working on the website.

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Besides these few, there also many little benefits you can have when using this google site builder platform.

Cons of Google Website Creator

Unfortunately, some negatives come with Google Website Creator. It is important to know about them in advance so you set your expectations right

The Designing Features Are Limited

Google Page Creator is very easy to use but it also won't allow you to build many complicated websites. Some templates are available with Google Site which limits what you can do and what you can't with Google sites.

With Blogger it is possible to create complex websites for free but you would have to learn a lot of technical stuff. You might also have to learn about coding to be able to design it better.

One of the prototyping tools that you can use to make an attractive design for your website is Wondershare Mockitt. It would help you design the UI/UX of your website so you can get a complete idea of what your finished website would look like and how well it would function. It comes with a free trial offer that you can use to get familiar with the platform and learn how to use it.

One of the features that make Mockitt stand out from other competitors is its ease of use. You won't need much time to get familiar with the platform. You would be introduced to a six-step interactive guide that familiarizes you with the interface. You will observe that all the essential tools are easily accessible.

If you are not a designer and you need some ideas to work on then you can use some of the free templates that Mockitt provides. It is also possible to add your friends to help with the website designing process. It is very easy to work in groups in Mockitt and you can work with others with proper communication without hampering the progress of other designers. You can export the final design in PNG to get the opinion of your friends on how the design looks.

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It Is Harder To Do Marketing

Although you get access to Google Analytics, you can't do proper SEO with Google sites. You can't edit the Metadata or you and you can't integrate Facebook pixels. It would be very hard for you to rank on Google Page 2 which helps you get a lot of organic traffic.


After going through some of the features of the google site builder platform 'Google Sites', we are in the position to consider it best among many. This site creator is offering all standard site making features along with some unique features as well. Google apps integration is one of the unique features that only this site maker provides to users. Well, this site maker is ideal for beginners and small businesses. Also, you'd not have to learn any top database skills or technical knowledge to use this website creator platform. You can put embedded media content onto your website easily as per your requirements.

If you want to build a website quickly without spending any money then Google website creator is your best option. It won't cost you anything and you get security and speed also with it.

If you want to scale up your business and you want to add complex features to your website or want your website to rank higher on search results then Google website creator is not a good option for you to choose.