7 Most Popular Websites Of 2024

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:16

This is the era of the internet we are living in. All of us browse dozens of websites on a daily basis according to our needs and interests. On the internet, we could find anything either it's a guide, news, articles, or anything. The thing that many of us would be interested to know is which are the most popular websites of the year 2023? Some names would be always there in the list of most trafficked websites no matter which year or time. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get to know all the sites that were surfed most in 2023.

Most Popular Websites in 2023

As stated earlier, we visit lots of websites on a daily basis for any of our work or interest. Now, we are going to go through some of the most searched websites of all time. Here is the list of top websites by traffic.

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia.org
  • Twitter
  • Amazon.com
  • Google Play Store
  • Instagram

1- Youtube.com

Facebook is like a social media giant millions of users use to connect with their friends, family, and communities. The monthly visitors of Facebook are roundabout 3.4 billion. Facebook is one of those popular websites that every age or interest of people use every day.

most popular websites

IMAGE SOURCE: Facebook.com

3- Wikipedia.org

Most of you would be not expecting the Wikipedia site to come third on the list of most trafficked websites but that's true. Wikipedia is the genuine and true source of information for many in their professional or student life. 2.2 billion worldwide visitors to Wikipedia.org make it third in the list.

4- Twitter

Another social media giant is known for trending stories and hashtags. Everything spread like a fire when it comes to Twitter which is why it is one of the most searched websites on the internet. From celebrity to politicians to normal users, everyone tweets to stay connected with what's happening in the World. Twitter grabbing 2.008 billion visitors towards to platform which shows the interest of users worldwide on this site.

most trafficked websites

IMAGE SOURCE: dezeen.com

5- Amazon.com

Besides one of the highest traffic websites, Amazon.com is the leading online store offering millions of products online. The reliability and wide range of products on the store make this one of the top online stores in the World. 618 million users visit the Amazon store website every month which is way excellent if we take it on an online store.

6- play.google.com

All of us know how much Android devices are getting used worldwide. There are more than 2 billion Android users in the world right now. The wide use and popularity of Android OS made this google play app store site stand among the top websites by traffic of 2020.

7- Instagram

Last in the list but very popular site for all those who love to post pictures and videos. Instagram is like a top photos app that also allows users to add their videos as well. This social media site grabbing 525 million visitors every month to make it among the most trafficked websites. There is no doubt that Instagram is the most visited network for all celebrities, influencers, etc.

These were the top most searched websites of the year 2020 that we've gone through. All of the discussed websites are way popular and best when it comes to people's interests. Some of you might have your own websites or look forward to creating your own. It is better for you to design an intuitive and attractive prototype of your site before you start developing. Let's get to know 5 recommended website prototyping tools.

Top 5 Recommended Website UX Apps

Here are the following most reliable UX prototyping apps to use for designing your site's mockup.

  1. Adobe XD
  2. Figma
  3. InVision
  4. Sketch
  5. Wondershare Mockitt
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Now professional UX designer go for Adobe XD or Figma because they know how to deal with detailed features and tools to get their things done. What about beginners? As most of you might be new to UX designing which is why it is important for you to get your hands first on an easy UX tool. So, which is the easy UX prototyping tool to use?

Design Your Website

Mockitt is one of the reliable and smart tools one can use to design the prototype of a site. No matter if you are a beginner or professional, Wondershare Mockitt is the app that has everything you may expect from even the top quality UX app. You can design the prototype of your site easily according to your requirements using Mockitt. From the user interface to the availability of components, everything is well-optimized for providing ease of use. You can drag and drop any element into the canvas and design a mockup of your site comfortably.

No matter if you are going to design a website, store, mobile app, or any other UX. Mockitt is going to assist you in every case of UX designing. Also, you can generate a simple link or QR code for your colleagues to preview your design project. Another good thing about this app is that you can hand off your site design project to the developers' team by generating CSS or any other language code across that prototype design. Overall, Mockitt is the ideal UX designing app to work on your PC. So, if you are a beginner at UX prototyping, we'd recommend you use Mockitt.


We've gone through some of the top-visited sites of the year 2020. We came to know that sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the leading sites billions of users using on a monthly basis. No doubt all these sites are one of the most browsed websites on the internet irrespective of year.