Are One Page Websites a Good Idea for Business?

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

There is a dilemma surrounding one page websites whether they are a good fit for the business or not. It is a simple question yet the answer requires an understanding of customers, market trends, website development and, of course, your business. Despite the growing popularity of multi page websites, it is not suitable for all businesses. The trick of knowing when to use single page website will be revealed in this article.

One Page Sites Vs. Multi Page Sites

Almost all websites are multi page websites and it may sound a wrong idea to you when I say that one page sites are effective too.... but it's a fact that one page site is beneficial if you don't have much content to represent your brand or if you have a portfolio to display. The salient features of one page websites are listed below:

  • Large Header Elements: This aspect is popular in both multi page and single page website equally as it is good in grabbing the attention of page visitors.
  • Well-defined Sections: More content on the one page site requires more clarity in defining the section.
  • Customised Transition Effects: This aspect makes it easier for the clients to get the information about the company on one page websites.
one page website vs multi page website

Source: Webgold

When to Use Single Page Web Application?

Now is the time to reveal the trick that we've discussed earlier. You need to use single page web application in the following situations:

  • Portfolio: If you want a website to display your portfolio, it is better to use one page websites because it will help people to see your work and make a hiring decision.
  • Brochure Sites: For businesses who only need to display their contact information and service images, these types of sites are a perfect way to present your brand.

Can You Create Free One Page Website?

The answer is Yes, you can! There are several website development tools that offer free plans to create website. However, you need to choose the good package for your business because not all of them are the right one for you. In this article, Wix and Wordpress packages are discussed as these two sites are leading the web development market right now.

Wix Free Plan

Let's discuss Wix Free plan first because it offers thousands of templates and features to run your website. With the inclusion of SSL security and 500 MB storage capacity, Wix plan is one of the finest packages for one page websites. Since it doesn't allow you to sell products in its free plan, it is not good for businesses to use it's free package. However, this package is designed especially for one page sites because it allows design customisation, drag and drop feature usage, storage capacity and security.

one page website

Source: Wix

One Page Website Wordpress

Similarly, Wordpress package is good for you if you want to rank your website on the first page of Google by using built-in features. It also offers transition effects and well-defined section designing which is considered as a must for single page website. Wordpress offers you to create your website with little or no knowledge of technical aspects at all. However, it also limits your control over website. Since one page websites don't need much control to run, therefore, it is better to use Wordpress for your website.

build one page website

Source: WordPress


Site123 is another good free one page website builder which offers SSL security and sufficient storage capacity for your website. It also allows free templates that can be modified if there is a need. However, the bad news is that its free plan contain bottom banner ads which may not be desirable for brochure websites and portfolios.

create one page website

Source: SITE123

Best One Page Websites

There are tons of one page website examples that we can give but the best one page websites are mentioned below. You can take an idea of how to create your own website by going through these top ten one page website examples.

  • Then & Now...
  • Greenlight
  • Album Colors Of The Year 2020
  • Designed by Women
  • Vzy Icons
  • Proto Homes
  • Highwave
  • lg2 - Digital Experience

Bonus Tips

However, it is interesting to mention that web prototyping is a must for such websites. You can use Wondershare Mockitt for this purpose. Yes, you may wonder why so let me tell you the science behind this. Single page website is all about impressing your clients with just one page. That's why you need a unique, creative and eye-catching design and Wondershare Mockitt is the perfect tool for that. It is a website prototyping application which does NOT need to be downloaded and installed for its use. The idea is to use cloud technology in order to provide a virtual storage space to its users.

But Wondershare Mockitt is not famous for being a cloud based application. Most web designers use it to share the design with stockholders like clients before finalising the web prototype. This strategy saves not only time but it will also allows the designer and client to work within the limited budget. Moreover, you can use it yourself with the help of its drag and drop feature even if you don't have basic technical knowledge. Wondershare Mockitt offers hundreds of templates and designs. You can choose the most suitable design based on your business needs. The most amazing art is that it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu and Linux. Try this amazing web prototyping tool to make a unique design for your one page site.

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After reading this article, you may have a clear understanding of when and why you need to create a single page website for your business. Despite the millions of users, Wix and Wordpress are not the only sites that offer good free one page website creation package. You can read about it in detail in our next article. In the mean time, you can create a web prototype for your one page site by using Wondershare Mockitt.