Best School Website Templates in 2024

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:36

Nowadays, it is necessary for a school to have a website. This keeps parents and students updated. You can share pictures, informative videos, events, course content, and a lot of things on the website. It would be easy for anyone to get information about your school. Moreover, school websites are also helpful in arranging online classes and tutors. If you want to create a school website, you are in the right place. Today, we will share some school website templates that could help you create an appealing and functional website on your own.

If you don't have any idea of creating a website, we will share some education website templates that you can use on website builders and CMS. We will also share some HTML templates that you can use if you have some knowledge of front-end coding. Therefore, whether you are a school owner or a beginner website developer, this article will be helpful for you. But before we dive into the school website templates, we would like to give you a tip to select the best template.

Tip: Design a Website to Select the Best Template

Professionals recommend creating a website design before creating a website. It is necessary because you will get a complete idea of the final website. You will have an error-free design that is ready to be launched. Website design also helps in selecting a suitable template. You only need to compare the design with the templates, and you will be able to pick the best one easily.

Creating a website design is very easy using Wondershare Mockitt. You don't need any prior experience and knowledge of website designing. Every widget is available in the tool, and you only need to drag and drop them to the canvas. This way, you will be able to create your website design without any hassle. The best thing about Mockitt is that you can test the final design. There is a preview feature; you can use it to check the functionality of the design and find the errors and bugs.

When your website design is ready, you can easily compare it with the website templates and choose the best one. If your design is already complete, you will be able to create a website in less time. It will be easy to implement the design using a website builder, page builder, or through coding.

Mockitt has a free version that you can use. It has all features you need to design a website. You can design a website of up to 25 pages, which is more than enough.

school website templates

School Website Templates for Beginners and Experts

Wix School Templates

Wix is excellent for beginners who have never created a website. If you are a school owner and you don't have any knowledge of the websites, then Wix is the best option. There are more than two dozen templates for schools and universities. Moreover, there are separate templates for classes and courses.

The templates on Wix are free, including school website templates; you only need to purchase a Wix plan, then you can use any of the available templates. You can customize the templates without any hassle, and Wix Editor will help you create a website of your choice. You only need to drag and drop the items. You can change the template according to your website design.

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Source: Wix

Wix templates are highly responsive and SEO friendly. Beginners and people who don't know about websites can easily create and manage their websites. You don't need help to create a website with Wix.

WordPress Themes for School

WordPress is a CMS, which is suitable for both beginners and experts. Beginners just need to see a few tutorials on using WordPress and its themes. After that, they can create a website without any problem. WordPress also gives access to the codes and additional CSS, so experts can use them to amend anything they like.

WordPress also has a wide range of themes that can be used for creating a school or university website. After selecting a theme, you can customize it. Most themes do not have the desired customization options, so you need to use a page builder plugin. A page builder, such as Elementor, will allow you to do everything by drag and drop.

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Source: WordPress

WordPress also has many free school website templates, but it is recommended to buy a premium theme. Premium themes are more customizable, and they have more features.


Divi is a multi-purpose theme for WordPress. It can be used to create any type of website. It has a built-in page builder, so you don't need to install a parge builder plugin. It is quite easy and perfect for beginners. The best thing about Divi is that it has more than ten education and school website templates. You can use any of them and customize them according to your website design.

WordPress themes for school

Source: Elegant Themes

Divi is highly customizable; you can easily change color, shadow, size, style, background, corners, and other properties. It also allows you to design a responsive website that can run perfectly on any device. Therefore, your school website will run perfectly on mobiles, tablets, and computers.

Education HTML Templates

School website templates bootstrap based are for experts. These templates need expertise and knowledge of coding. Web developers love to code, but they save their time using templates. A template has everything, and it only requires customization. People who know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can deal with these templates.

Some experts will prefer a school HTML template because they have more freedom to create a website of their own choice. They can edit anything and add whatever they want.


Colorlib is an amazing platform for downloading any type of HTML website templates. It also has dozens of school website templates. You can easily pick the best one after comparing it with the website design. Some of the templates are free, while most of them are paid.

school website templates bootstrap

Source: Elegant Themes


Themeforest is another platform for buying excellent HTML and Bootstrap based templates. It also has a wide collection of education and school website templates.

education HTML templates

Source: Themeforest

We have shared some amazing school website templates and sources from where you can download them. School website templates are easily available, and you can create a website using anyone. But before choosing a template, you can create a website design so that you can choose the best template without any hassle.