What Makes Square Website Builder Versatile Among Others

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

The way of doing business has been changed especially in this modern era of technology. People are heading towards the web platform to reach more audiences and customers. Having a website for your business or brand is the must way to go. You can't survive in the competition if you won't have an online appearance for your brand or product. One of the most recommended tools to create your website is the square website builder. This website creator platform has everything for you that can be used to create a fabulous website for your business or blog. Before we head to the features, let's get to know more about this website making tool.

What Is Square Website Builder?

Squarespace is a very professional and quality visual website creator app that allows users to drag and drop any element. The working approach in this platform is way intuitive and user-friendly. The main reason behind the popularity of Squarespace website builder is its templates. You can't beat this website maker when it comes to templates.

square website builder

Source: Square

Now when it comes to versatile website making, Squarespace site maker stands among the top. Not only blogging but this Squarespace site maker is best for podcasts, schedules, music players, eCommerce, photo galleries, and much more. In simple words, you can create almost any type of website by adding any functionality using this site builder. Let's get to know how Squarespace site maker is a versatile website builder app.

Categorized Editor

The first good thing about this Squarespace best website builder is that it has a very elegant editor to offer. It consists of sections and content blocks, where content blocks are the blocks of sections themselves. Sections can be considered as the pre-designed containers of content blocks that facilitate users in creating a layout of the page.


Templates of this tool attract the attention of users to prefer this site builder for making their personal or business website. This site maker has a template for every site, it doesn't matter if you are going to make a blog, brand site, or any eCommerce site. As Squarespace 7.1 came, all templates have all features and options one may need to set up a website as per preferences.

squarespace best website builder

Source: Square


It would be not wrong to say that Squarespace comes in the list of top 5 eCommerce website builders. Although for some users, Shopify stands among the top site makers to make an online store, but Squarespace is like a versatile site maker. Let's have a look at the list of eCommerce features this site builder offers.

  • Product Subscriptions Support
  • Create Many Product Variations
  • Digital Products & Services
  • Apple Pay Integration Support
  • Point of Sale System


SEO is something that can help you grow your product or business website in the search engines. In order to follow SEO rules, you must have the required tools and patterns to work on. Let's have a look at things this site builder has to offer to use for a good SEO.

  • Support for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Meta Descriptions & Titles
  • Customize URLs
  • SSL Domain Support
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Set Alt tags on images
  • Sitemap support


Squarespace site maker provides extensive support for app integrations to make workflow more reliable and connected. Let's find out which apps are getting supported by Squarespace for integration.

  • Amazon
  • Google Fonts
  • Instagram
  • Apple Pay
  • Xero Accounting
  • Disqus
  • TypeKit
  • Mailchimp and many others

Besides all these features, there are many others that Squarespace website maker provides for its users to go through seamless website development. The convenience and the comfort of the user is what Squarespace site maker prioritizes a lot.

Which Is The Versatile Website Prototype Maker?

Website prototyping also holds importance because going through this process makes website building easier and smarter. In web prototyping, a UI/UX designer creates a clickable mockup design of the website. We follow that prototype design to create a website using any professional site maker 'Squarespace Website Maker'. The tool must be easy enough for anyone to make a website prototype, especially for beginners. Wondershare Mockitt is one of the most recommended and easy UX prototyping apps one should start with.

Mockitt is a tool equipped with dozens of website prototyping, you can use this app to create any type of website's prototype. You can make interactive prototype links between your widgets. Also, you can drag and drop different elements onto your widget as per your prototype requirements. Lots of amazing UI assets have been provided for designers to use any to create any type of attractive website mockup.

squarespace website builder

By versatile prototype maker, we take the tool that can be used to create a prototype of any web platform. Mockitt is not any different, you can create a prototype design for TV, Android, iOS, Web, and almost every platform. This simplest wireframing tool provides easy and smart work collaboration between the developer and the designer. By the way, you can export your prototype project easily either by generating a QR code or a link. So, you need Squarespace and Mockitt, if want to set up a professional and attractive website for your business or product.

Hopefully, going through this website builder Squarespace review will let you know how much this platform is versatile in terms of website development.

Which Is The Versatile Website Prototype Maker?

On a concluding note, we are in the position to say that Squarespace website maker is very versatile as compared to other builders. We came to know that every feature provided in the platform is itself shows how versatile this platform is. The solid support of templates is what makes Squarespace a reasonable and reliable site making tool among all.

Furthermore, Squarespace is providing brilliant eCommerce support for those who are looking forward to creating their online store. We got familiar that this site builder Squarespace follows SEO to let users create an SEO-friendly website. Also, we got to see you can integrate many apps with your website when using Squarespace site maker. After reviewing this versatile site maker, we've got some useful information about versatile prototype maker Mockitt. In the end, we'd recommend you start working on the Squarespace site creator for your next website or eCommerce store.