An Ultimate Guide to Squarespace Pricing: It’s not What You Think!

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:44:58

Squarespace is an online website building software. The first thing that comes into one's mind after getting to know about a website builder is how much it costs? So, look no further. We will tell you all about Squarespace pricing and Squarespace website cost. Squarespace is a one-stop solution for all website building and hosting problems. Squarespace claims that you can not only design a website on it but also get a domain for your website. Great, right? Another significant aspect highlighted by Squarespace is that they offer award-winning templates as well. All in all, Squarespace offers everything that you need to design an out-class website.

Is Squarespace free? What does the Squarespace website cost?

Squarespace is not free. It does offer 14 days free trial. But there is a Squarespace cost that you have to pay. This is a big put off for many people, but not everything is free. These days we look for things and options that are free but sorry to say Squarespace is not free. Squarespace gives you a fair amount of time to judge the features of their software and then decide if you want to buy the paid version or not.

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Unlike many other online platforms, on Squarespace, you don't have to put in your credit card details to access the 14-day free trial. This feature is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air for the people who got disappointed after knowing Squarespace pricing. So, in short, you can easily judge Squarespace in 14 days and don't have to put in your credit card details in the very start. If you don't like Squarespace pricing, you can move to some other software after the initial 14 days. Win-win, right?

What other options do you have?

Before getting on with a detailed account of Squarespace, let me tell you about Weebly pricing. It is an excellent option if you don't like Squarespace. Weebly is different from Squarespace in the sense that it is free as long as you want. It does offer paid plans, but it is up to you to buy them or not.

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Another option is Webflow. Webflow pricing is almost like Weebly. You can design your website on Webflow for free. You only need to buy the paid version if you want Webflow to host your website as well. So, these are two options that you have along with Squarespace.

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Squarespace offers four plans for its users. Let's discuss them one by one.

Personal plan

Squarespace pricing for the personal plan is $12/month. Squarespace provides two modes of payments, monthly and annually. Most of the users prefer to pay annually. The features included in this plan are:

  • There is no limit on the bandwidth. The user is granted unlimited bandwidth.
  • Similarly, the storage is not set up to a specific limit. It is unlimited, as well.
  • SEO features are also available. These features make it possible for the website owner to get complete SEO insights for website visibility.
  • Access to templates.
  • Website metrics are also part of this plan (to gain an insight into running the website seamlessly).
  • Easy handoff with convenient code inspect and automated style code generation for multiple platforms
  • Mobile optimization of the websites is also made sure.
  • Professional support round the clock in case of any query or problem.
  • The number of contributors is limited. You can have up to two contributors only.
  • The lovers of JAVA and CSS will be disappointed as complete customization of CSS and JAVA is not available.
  • No Google ads credits and professional marketing tips & support is provided.
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Source: Squarespace

Business plan

Squarespace website cost for the business plan is $18/month.

The features offered in the business plan are:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • Free domain, not only that but the domain is customized as per your requirements.
  • SEO support for your website (to help you with issues regarding visibility)
  • Templates of all sorts.
  • The number of contributors that you can have is unlimited.
  • Squarespace extensions.
  • Customer support by Squarespace 24/7.
  • Professional email support from google.
  • As unavailable in the personal version, in this plan, complete JAVA and CSS customization is offered.
  • Gift cards.
  • The transaction fee is 3%.
  • $100 google ad credit is also provided (T&Cs apply).

 Basic commerce plan

Squarespace cost for basic commerce plan is $26/month.

The following features are included in this plan:

  • All the features offered in the previous two plans.
  • The transaction fee is 0%.
  • Provision of customer accounts and point of sales.
  • You have to option to checkout on your domain.
  • As this is the commerce plan, you are provided with commerce analytics & merchandising tools to help you in & after the process of creating a commerce website.
  • Instagram products are also included.

Advanced commerce plan

Squarespace Website creation cost for advanced commerce plan is $40/month.

This plan includes:

  • All the features of the previous three plans.
  • If you face an issue of cart abandonment, you can recover it.
  • Subscription selling is also allowed.
  • Shipping and discounts of advanced level
  • Commerce APIs are also part of this plan.

How can you ensure that the website you design will be top-notch?

To make sure that your website is the best version of what you have in mind, we recommend prototyping. Prototyping a website eliminates any chances of errors in the final look of the website. Wondershare Mockitt is the best option for prototyping. Prototyping is like cloning your website so that you transform whatever is in your mind in the form of a draft. In this way, you can add any elements or remove some before creating a final version of the website. Mockitt allows you to do so. It is an online prototyping software that gives you the freedom to create and collaborate.

Websites are not a one-person show. A team of people usually work together to build websites. Mockitt is one of its kind software that allows you to create personalized teams. You can share your work with your teammates to get suggestions and keep them up to date about the latest developments in your part of the project. Mockitt makes sure that the whole process of prototyping is as easy as possible for you. In short, prototyping is made easier on Mockitt.

So, we recommend that to create a website that fulfills your requirements, prototype it first on Mockitt, and then move on with building the website.

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Squarespace is an online website builder that gives you a range of templates from which you can build your website. It offers a 14-day free trial. You can choose from four plans that are provided by Squarespace pricing. If you don't like the website creation cost of Squarespace, you can easily switch to the other options that are discussed in this article (see the Weebly pricing and Webflow pricing portion). So, there is nothing to lose. What are you waiting for? Start working through your options now!