Where to Find "Proven Successful Online Businesses" for Purchase?

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:45:55

There is no reason that entrepreneurs would want to sell their successful online businesses without any purpose. They either need good upfront money to invest in their next company, or there could be a lack of interest in pursuing that old business idea - It could be many more reasons for it.

And it is a fact that many profitable online businesses are being sold and purchased daily on various online platforms. But the question is that if such business transactions are happening, how we could approach those entrepreneurs or dealers to get the deal done.

While there are many ways to buy an online business that pays well, not every course of action could be suitable for you. Each method has certain aspects that impact the buying process. It also depends upon how the website is set up and how easily approachable the owner is.

So, depending upon how you want the dealings to be conducted, you may opt for any one or all of the below-mentioned ways to acquire an online business opportunity.

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Ways to Acquire Successful Online Business Opportunity


It is that platform where buyers come and list their businesses for sale. Marketplace acts as a connecting platform. Some of the marketplaces allow buyers and sellers to collaborate independently – which means that buyers and sellers could work out the payment terms on their own. In contrast, few platforms facilitate the payment processes and look over the administrative tasks.

Each marketplace operates differently and depends on sellers and buyers that come to the platform for business dealings. Each platform's success depends on buyers' and sellers' credibility and how truthful they remain during business transactions. Most people who are looking to sell use this platform for their online business marketing.

These platforms categorized online businesses by market niche. You will also see statistics such as revenue, profit, email subscribers, and web traffic. It is easy to scan multiple sites by using the provided filters. After you shortlist those online businesses, you can check out their websites to get a clear picture – and then you can contact them using a messaging system that the platform provides.

Note: Even if you are buying through a marketplace, you should do your due diligence. There is a likelihood that the owner could withhold some critical information.

Auction Sites

As the name suggests, it involves bidding. These sites put up the details of an online business, and then buyers place their bids. The bid with the highest price wins the online business. Like a marketplace, you would also get to see the list of sites that are being auctioned. There is a time factor involved in such type of sites. You better identify shill bidders who might hijack the bidding process by artificially raising an auction price.


You can think of a broker as a real estate agent – they work to find the successful online businesses that you can acquire to grow. Brokers will help you through all the purchasing phases, be it evaluation, negotiation, and other general tasks. They work on a commission basis, so it is vital to set the rate when you approach them.

Brokers usually make a network of sellers and buyers, making it convenient for them to look out for the right matches. Also, after going through a lot of purchase experience, they become professional in business analysis. Brokers work as an online business coach for the industry.

It is a secure approach up to some extent as the broker would vet the site before agreeing to sell it – it's a matter of reputation for the broker. Another advantage is that you would not have to deal with any unforeseen issues; the broker would take care of all such matters.

Since brokers get paid once the deal is done, they would try to make the transition process as smooth as possible.

Contacting owners directly

If you are willing to do a lot of research yourself, you can be in direct contact with the online business owner. You can approach them through their websites or other platforms such as Whois.com, and if they are ready to discuss, you can offer them the proposal.

If possible, subscribe to their emails and join their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to see how they have planned their marketing campaigns.

Before you approach business owners to negotiate, you must be informed of all the market dynamics; how the particular business operates, its competitors, a market price, etc.

You should know how to use website analysis tools, which will help analyze a business website's health. Also, you would get to know how well they are performing on all social media platforms.

Now, let's look at a few Marketplaces you can consider to buy an online business.

Shopify Exchange

Here, you can find eCommerce businesses that are ready to be sold. And the best part is that all of the stores are developed with Shopify. The stores are directly linked with Shopify exchange, so the data (revenue, traffic) you would get to see will be real.

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Source: ShopifyExchange


One of the oldest platforms for buying and selling websites. It has a powerful filtering feature that you can use to narrow down your choices. It is the best platform for small businesses, so if you are looking to manage a small online business from home, you can check out their website.

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Source: Flippa


It is the platform that deals with the selling and buying of high-value businesses. They show you their most recent listings on the home page for easy access.

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Source: Latonas.com

With that said, we have shared all the platforms you can use to purchase an online business. Once you buy any online company, make sure you put all your efforts into making it a profitable one. And the first thing you can do is change the website layout as per your requirements – because the website is the first interaction between you and your customer.

To redesign your web layout, you need to create a couple of prototypes. And one of the best tools which you can use is Wondershare Mockitt.

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Create Web Design With Mockitt

Mockitt is a design prototyping tool that you can use to create new web designs as per your requirements.

With Mockitt, you can create stunning designs in no time.

It saves you a lot of time as you can use it in your web browser, so there is no need to wait for longer installations.

You can create a design for custom screen sizes – this would help you make designs for shorter screens, such as Mobile, Tablets.

Mockitt allows creating a clickable prototype, which means you can take a look and feel of an original website.

Decide how you want your web pages to be designed and linked by creating internal links between screens.

It has many widgets and icons that you can use and place anywhere on your working screen.

The best part is that you can share the link of your design with your stakeholders, and they will be able to see your prototype within Mockitt So, make sure you use Mockitt to the best of your potential because the features are endless.

You should also make sure that the website of an online business you acquire allows you to make some custom changes to its design. Otherwise, you would not be able to grow your business as per your strategic plans.

Final Thoughts

There are some other marketplaces (Empireflippers, Exchangemarketplace, Bizbuysell, Mybizdaq) that you could use to get the best deal.

But you should not expect to get an online business that pays daily. It takes time to transform any acquired business. Remember, it will be your hard work that would decide the faith of that online business as overnight success is a myth.

So take baby steps to reach your career goals.