Shopify VS Wix: Comparison of Best E-Commerce Web Building Sites

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:50:37

Shopify and Wix grab one's attention when it comes to shortlisting the best e-commerce web building sites. While Wix is considered the best web builder for beginners, Shopify is a dedicated web building tool to design a fully integrated store.

As per the latest research, Shopify has ranked number three with a market share of 10.98 percent, and WooCommerce, with 28.24 percent, came out as a leading eCommerce software platform. WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds eCommerce functionality to WordPress sites.

But since our discussion doesn't include CMS, which WordPress is, we would not involve WooCommerce.


It is built to manage big online stores, and its basic plan starts from $26/month. It is known for its customization and extensive features.

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Source: Shopify


  • As a dedicated eCommerce web builder, Shopify has round-the-clock support over live chat and the phone.
  • It is considered the market leader when we talk about eCommerce features, such as the Inclusion of Abandoned Cart recovery with every plan.
  • It has more than 100 payment options, including Stripe, PayPal, and its fully integrated payment system.
  • No hidden charges are present, and plans are reasonably priced.
  • 20% saving can be secured on a sign up for two years.


  • Premium themes, apps, and monthly subscriptions can add up.


It is built to manage small online stores, and its basic plan starts from $23/month. It is known for its user-friendliness.

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Source: Wix


  • Drag and drop functionality makes the editing interface look simple.
  • For as low as $20/month, Wix allows you to set up and run your store
  • No hidden charges for plans
  • Abandoned cart emails and global shipping tools can be used with the help of the Ecwid App.


  • At times, with so much to choose from, one can deviate from the eCommerce design's best practices.

Now let's look into the features of both one by one.

Ease of use

While Wix is known for its ease of use, in the eCommerce domain, Shopify gives you much backend control in comparison to Wix.


For a small trader, Wix is better than Shopify as it has a simplistic design. But Shopify has no match when you need an online store that is more optimized for sales.

Sales Feature

For complex online stores, Shopify has more to offer. For instance, Shopify allows merchants for tipping during checkouts. It stays in close contact during the shipping process. You can use the stock management tool, upload multiple products, and navigate around easily. Wix is designed for smaller stores; its inventory management is limited in comparison to Shopify.

Marketing Channels

Considering the useful blogging features of Wix, it wins within this domain. With the assistance of Wix Ascend, it stands out as a complete marketing solutions provider. Ascend is an all-in-one business solution that allows you to interact with your customers and create useful automation to grow your business.

App Store

Shopify has better apps within eCommerce integration in comparison to Wix. Shopify App store facilitates you with immense scope to grow. By adding customer Wishlist, product reviews, and currency conversion, Shopify spices up creativity.

Performance Analytics

Wix is unable to grant access to google analytics for the free plan. Shopify has more features for performance analytics.

Customer Support

Both have decent customer support. However, Wix has a more comprehensive help center.

Wix has more value-added benefits in comparison to Shopify. If you have multiple products to sell, the best web builder for you is Shopify. Otherwise, Wix is a great eCommerce web building store for smaller businesses.

We have discussed both of the eCommerce web building sites in detail. Based on the tailored requirements, one can go with a suitable option. But no eCommerce web builder tool can get your creative juices flowing during the designing phase.

It would be best to design your online store prototype before deciding on the suitable and best web builder for your business.

Wondershare Mockitt is considered to be the best prototyping and collaboration tool in the world of design prototyping. It is designed to keep everyone under consideration; amateur and professional designers. So, let's look into the steps to create a design prototype for an eCommerce website without further ado.

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  • Start with a Mockitt Registration
  • Create a project
ecommerce web builder
  • Give a name to your project and select screen size
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  • Upload an image to cover your entire background using the upload image button.
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  • Use the "Text" widget from the widget selection panel and write your brand's name along with the tagline.
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  • Use "Buttons" to create navigation menus. You may use these buttons to categorize your products.
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Similarly, by using these drag and drop functionalities, you can create your CART page as well.

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You have seen how in few easy steps, Wondershare Mockitt allows you to create an online store. It has a library full of widgets and icons, which would help you to spark your creativity in the best way possible.

Concluding Remarks

The first look of your store matters a lot. We all do online shopping, and we notice how easy it is for us to navigate the website if the design is user friendly. If anything put us off, we immediately leave that particular online store.

So, it is imperative to have your design prototype ready and approved before you proceed to select web building sites for your online store. You would not want anything to disrupt your web development phase, and to ensure that it doesn't happen, you need to keep a check on every aspect of a project, including the design prototype. And to help you along your journey, Mockitt ensures that you get to use all your required widgets within one tool. It also provides functionality to consult with your design, marketing, and development team to run the project smoothly.

Create clickable prototypes and wireframes in no time and get ahead of your competition. Brainstorm and generate ideas, implement them on Mockitt.

Recollect thoughts, redesign, and keep on collaborating.

Happy Prototyping!