Wix or Weebly: Which Website Building Platform Should You Select?

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Lately, with the emergence of a website building platform technology, website development is no longer considered to be a daunting task. With the super-easy drag and drop features, these website development platforms gain credibility and popularity with each passing day.

While WordPress is considered the best platform to create a website, it requires technical knowledge to a considerable extent. For instance, you will have to research relevant themes, plugins, and page builders. And not to forget the cost which incurs while creating and maintaining a WordPress website.

Now, if you want to have the best website building platform for your business, Wix, and Weebly stand out from the crowd. It doesn't mean that other website development platforms are not a useful resource. We solely want to discuss Wix and Weebly within the context of this article.


It is one of the most popular cloud-based website development platforms that is super easy to use and power-packed with many features.

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Source: Wix


It is a fully hosted platform, and you do not require to pay a single penny to web hosting service providers like in the case of wordpress.org. With hundreds of templates to choose from, you can easily create an appealing website. You do not need to use a separate builder to edit those templates but use its drag and drop builder instead.

It comes with dozens of paid and free apps. With these apps, you can add more new functionalities and features to your website. Few of them are created by Wix itself, and some are a product of third-party developers.

With limited storage and bandwidth, you can use its free plan. The free plan does not include a domain name, so you might want to go with their premium plan for that purpose.

Wix has a mobile application as well, and you can easily create your website with that application's help. It also tells you the stats of your visitors on that app.


If you are using their free plan, you will have to compromise on Wix branded advertisements to show onto your website. To get rid of those ads, you have to upgrade to a combo / unlimited plan.

There could be many complications if you decide to switch your website away from Wix anytime in the future.

Their connect domain plan costs you a couple of dollars to connect your custom domain name to Wix. And to achieve that, you will have to purchase a separate domain name with some extra dollars.


If you want to use a website building platform that offers dozens of great designs and is super easy to use, Weebly can be your preferred DIY choice. You can use its page builder to edit your website without learning how to code.

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Source: Weebly


You are not required to install or manage any software as it is a fully hosted platform, just like Wix. They handle all the backend functionalities of a software.

With Weebly's live editor, you can fully edit their inbuild website designs.

You can even create and manage an online store on Weebly as it has in-built support for your e-commerce projects.

With each Weebly site, you can add features to enhance the functionality of your website. Features such as photo galleries, contact forms, sliders, and more.

Wix ADI (Artificial Design intelligence) will automatically create your website by asking simple questions about your design preference.


While they are giving hosting to your website, you are bound to use those features only which they offer. You can not add new functionality or design feature with the help of developers and designers.

They charge a few percentages of every purchase, which happens at your e-commerce store. To avoid this, you will have to upgrade your business plan.

Let me conclude by saying that if you are after the best website building platform that must have a freemium plan, Wix has got no competition as of yet. But if you run a small business and consider user-friendliness and ease as your top priority, Weebly would emerge out as a winner. They both have a free plan in which they would make you display their ad.

Irrespective you any website building platform you choose to create your website, it is vital for you to first identify and think over your business requirements. Because as we have discussed, certain features require a particular website development platform. You may not want to invest your hard-earned money for that website feature, which is not essential for your business. So, it is crucial to start with your requirements and, most importantly, your design requirements. For instance, how you like your website to be designed. And to cater to this need, Wondershare Mockitt helps you in multiple ways.

Let us have a look at Mockitt functionalities.

Mockitt is a design prototyping and collaboration tool that allows you to create your website design prototype in few easy steps. Not only that, but it also enables you to collaborate with all of your stakeholders so that they get able to guide you with your prototyping journey along the way.

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Have you ever come across a design prototype tool that is so user-friendly that after using it for the first time, you crave to use it every day? I hope not because this is the inherent quality of Mockiit only. It guides you along the way when you are designing your prototype and takes care of your convenience.

Widgets Selection

Mockitt brings the best designer out of you. Just by looking into its large selection of widgets, you start creating design ideas in your mind. And when you begin using Mockitt with all of those ideas, you certainly make a master Piece.

Minimize Project Risk

When you collaborate with all of your stakeholders, they will have their say on your design prototype from the beginning; it would help you amend your design as per their custom needs. So, it wouldn't be a mess during the actual website development process.


You can choose either Wix or Weebly as per your business requirements. First, you need to create your website design prototype before selecting the best website building platform; it would be the starting point of your development journey. Since Mockitt cares for your business, it offers freemium service as well. Start with the free plan, and with the ever-changing needs of yours, you should upgrade it to get some amazing features of this magic tool.

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