Consider These Tips While You Decide On a Website Design Company

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

With the ever-changing consumer needs, if you plan to design or redesign your company's website, you might feel overwhelmed with tons of options in selecting the right website design company. And, this could be even more frustrating when you do not have any related field experience.

The stakes are high here because a web design agency can either help you grow or make things worse.

From onwards, we shall discuss all those points you need to keep in mind while selecting a website design services company.

Brainstorming And Budget Allocation

It is best practice to look out for a couple of website designs related to your industry and brainstorm ideas. You need to possess some information before you arrange a meeting with the website design company. Only if you know what you want, you can better convey your design ideas. The more you do research; the more ideas will be generated and hence more fruitful the results would be.

Every project, irrespective of the size, starts from the budget allocation. Similarly, it would help you decide how much you are ready to invest in getting web design services - this will help you select the right web design agency in minimal time.

Third-party Reviewing Website

The next step is to look out for those websites that rank web design agencies based on their skills, customer satisfaction, pricing, and reliability. These websites do not provide designing services but shortlist all the design companies operating in a particular vicinity.

Their analysis is not always 100% accurate, but you can get a good idea of all the web design companies as per your criteria, and you can search those companies online by yourself.

Shortlisted Websites Analysis

You must evaluate all those companies which you would shortlist through that third party reviewing website.

Do not worry if their website design is not similar to what you have visualized - they may have different business requirements. Still, some basic things need to be done irrespective of the business's particular needs.

For each website you shortlist, look out if the overall layout is clean and uncluttered. How effectively are these companies using white space (negative space) within the website design? You must not feel issues while navigating through their website – which means that the required information must be readily available within a few clicks.

Check out if the images they have placed are of good quality and able to grab your attention. Even with high-quality photos, a good web design should not affect the loading speed of a website. The placement of their content, such as Text, Videography, and Infographics, must not confuse you. The color combination should remain consistent throughout the website and complement the overall branding.


Check if the design company has testimonials from their clients – you should check out their client's websites to get a clear picture.

It would be best if you check out at least one website from each business type. For instance, if the company has designed a couple of websites for Marketing agencies and Beauty salons, checking one website from each domain should be enough. Primarily your concern should be looking at those designs which are relevant to your business type.

Social Media And Professional Platforms

You may also get feedback from their social media and professional platform pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Take a look at what their customers are saying, and on Facebook, you can also get to see the star rating, which you can also see while you google the name of that particular web design company.

Linkedin is the best platform if you want to dive deeper into any organization. Take one step further and check out the profiles of all those designers who work for that shortlisted website design company – you would get to see the recommendations that that designer received over time.

Note: It would be best if you select a design company with in-house Web development and Digital marketing departments – in the future, you can get some other useful services under the same roof.

By this point, you must be done with your research; now, it is time to contact all those companies to gauge them better.

1. Start by discussing your plans for the project, how you perceive things, which kind of website you want, color combinations, content management, and more. Here the company will also guide you about the applicability of your design ideas.

2. You should ask if they can show you the design prototype as per your tailored requirements. You may ask them to design a website prototype in Wondershare Mockitt.

Mockitt is a design prototyping tool that helps designers make a prototype and share it with the customers or other stakeholders for more ideas and approval.

If your website design company uses Mockitt to show you the design prototype of your website, you can also ask them to give you the file, and upon receiving the file, you may open it and make some changes yourself.

Yes, you heard it right; even you can make changes on your prototype using Mockitt – it's the ease of use that makes it the right choice for Designers and Customers.

The most striking feature of Mockitt is that you and your web design company can both work simultaneously on your design prototype. It would spark creativity within minds on both sides of the screens.

Responsive web design is one of the critical ranking factors in Search Engine optimization. To ensure responsive design screens, Mockitt gives you this option to select various screen sizes, be it Mobile or Tablet.

You are not required to wait for longer installation tutorials to download it. Mockitt works on your web browser, and there is no special requirement – you do not need to upgrade your computer RAM or anything like that.

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3. When you are done sharing your ideas and getting their feedback, ask them about the pricing plans and, in short, a complete proposal. A good Project proposal should have a detailed work scope, project plan, pricing, and timeline.

4. You should ask about the after-sales service – like will they give free customer support if any issue comes up within the design - if yes, then for how long?

5. Which designer will be working on your project should concern you; you may ask that company to show you the portfolio of that particular web designer?

We have laid down all those tasks you have to perform yourself, and then those points you need to discuss with your opted company. It will help if you keep all things in check before deciding on a suitable website design company.

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