5 Best WordPress Alternatives

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

WordPress is the most outstanding open source Content Management System. It is used by approximately 75 million websites as it is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. However, it is not susceptible to all malware on the internet. Therefore, we are here with a list of the best WordPress alternatives that'll help you build the best website.

1- Wix

Wix is the best WordPress alternative. As WordPress provides a wide range of designs, finding designs according to your demands requires a lot of work. However, the Wix alternative provides easier ways to build your website. You can move all the elements around just with a mouse click. All plans are free and come with the same design options. Wix also supports video backgrounds and animations and is good for SEO. Especially, it provides the best portfolio pages that are also easy to create. There's just one problem you can find on Wix alternative, that you can't change templates once selected and you won't have access to the source files. However, it is the most flexible website builder and the best alternative to WordPress.

godaddy alternative

Source: Wix

2- Squarespace

Squarespace is also a good WordPress alternative. This website builder is most useful for creative users. It provides the most stylish and responsive designs that fit the size of the screen of every visitor. It is an all in one solution for creating beautiful websites. Squarespace alternative is the best pricey option means it is available at very reasonable prices as compared to WordPress.

squarespace alternative

Source: Squarespace

3- Godaddy

Using Godaddy as a WordPress alternative can be the best idea to grow your business. Using Godaddy alternative can make it incredibly easy for you to choose a domain name, sign up for hosting services, and start building your business. WordPress didn't provide hosting services while Godaddy is most famous for its hosting services. Godaddy alternative is the world's number one domain registrar.

wordpress alternative

Source: Godaddy

4- Weebly

Weebly has been used to create around 40 million websites to date. If you are looking for a free WordPress alternative, Weebly is the best choice as it offers some free plans as well. However, free plans will consist of a small Weebly banner at the end of your website. Weebly is a free and easy to use website builder. It provides the best blog features allowing you to create all types of layouts and use all the elements such as gallery and video integration. In its pro plan, Weebly also boasts an integrated video and audio player. Hence, Weebly is a good WordPress alternative in many ways.

wix alternative

Source: Weebly

5- Jimdo

If you are looking for a WordPress alternative that is easier to use then using Jimdo can be the right choice.

Jimdo is an online platform that provides you everything you need to build a website. It is a full-fledged editing interface, you can create your content, change the size, and drag elements into different positions.

Jimdo also provides free basic plans to try out and it's paid plans not only consist of a web editor but also consists of images, content, and an online store. Even though it is a solid tool, it is not as featured as other WordPress alternatives and the templates are not that flexible. However, it is a cheap way to make your website advertising-free and also provides unlimited storage on a Business plan.

godaddy alternative

Source: Jimdo

But before building your website with Wordpress or these best alternatives to WordPress, let's get into the prototype of your website as prototyping is very important for the successful creation of your website. Mockitt is one of the best prototyping tools you can reach. Here is the step by step process of making a prototype for your website using Wondershare Mockitt.

wordpress alternative

(a)- Create a project:

To create a project on Mockitt first sign up, and then click on "Create New Project". You can create projects on blank pages and also from demos.

wix alternative

(b)- Change size:

The best thing about Mockitt is that it allows you to change the size of your project anytime. Just go to settings, change the size, and click on the Save button.

(c)- Add Widgets and Icons:

  • Right-click on a widget to save it.
  • Or drag the widget to "My Widget" Panel.
godaddy alternative

(d)- Add links for the web prototype project:

After adding widgets add links for the screen. For adding links choose one widget and go to the Link Panel and click on New Link. You can set the gesture, action, target screen, and animation for the widget.

squarespace alternative

(e)- Convert widget to Master:

To convert the widget to Master right-click on the Widget and it'll be saved in the Master library. This is used for large volume editing.

(f)- Add notes:

Use the Sticky in Built-in Widget library to add notes to your Web prototype design. It'll help to explain your designs.

wordpress alternative

(g)- Preview and share:

When you have finally completed the prototype, preview it on the toolbar. You can change the settings such as Page scroll, Highlight on click, Sticky, and Shell. Then click on the Share button to get a QR code and link. And share it to review or test.

wix alternative

Just by following these easy steps on Mockitt, you can make the best prototype for your website.


WordPress is a very good platform to build your website however, for beginners it can become difficult to use WordPress without getting into problems. But don't worry about it as there are a lot of WordPress alternatives available online some of them are even free to use. In this article, we have shared the best ones that we thought would help our users to decide. Website builders such as Wix, Godaddy, and Squarespace provide a variety of advantages. You can easily use them instead of WordPress. However, choose your website builder wisely as you won't be able to change it again.

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