Why Choose WordPress For Multiple Sites Management?

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Some people need to create multiple websites to get more outreach online. WordPress is one of the best CMS builders that you can use to build multiple websites and also manage them efficiently. Even if you are a coder it would be a hassle for you to create multiple sites and manage them regularly. WordPress for multiple sites management is a very good choice as it enables you to manage very efficiently without spending much time if you know the proper tactics and tools to do it. You can also migrate other websites hosted in other platforms to WordPress to manage them better.

Why Would You Need Multiple Sites?

Normally if you are running a business or providing a service then one website is enough to meet your needs. But, some people do affiliate marketing, blogging, managing multiple businesses, handling multiple websites for their clients, and many more who need to use multiple sites in WordPress at once. They choose WordPress because it is much easier to manage sites in WordPress than any other CMS builder. Over one-third of the websites worldwide are built with WordPress as it is free to use and also it is very easy to use. 

Why WordPress For Multiple Sites is the Best Choice?

WordPress is a very reputed CMS builder and a giant in the industry for building websites easily. There are many reasons to consider WordPress for building and managing multiple websites. 

Ease of Building Website

It is very easy to learn how to build a website using WordPress. You can easily install plugins like Elementor and use the drag and drop feature to build a website. It comes with many premade free themes and many plugins which makes the job much easier for you. 

It won't take you much time to get familiar with building a website with WordPress. There are so many free resources available on the internet for building a WordPress website. 

Better Backup Features

Backup is a very important feature when it comes to managing a website. There might be several updates that you would do to your website and you would feel that it was better previously. 

Backing up WordPress site is very easy and you can easily apply the backup to go back to the previous condition. Better backup is a very desirable feature when you are managing multiple websites.

Easy to Copy

When you are developing multiple websites often you just need to make simple changes to the new website. It means instead of redoing everything you can just copy the website and do simple edits. It saves you a lot of time and energy. Cloning a WordPress site is very easy and it is a very useful feature that makes WordPress a good choice for multiple site management. 

Easy to Migrate

If for some reason you would need to migrate your WordPress website from one hosting provider to another you can do it easily. Most hosting providers come with WordPress as it is free and easy to use. Migrating a WordPress site is very easy and if you need you can contact support for any kind of help if something goes wrong during the migration process. 

Easy to Delete

If you don't need a WordPress website and want to remove it that can be done easily too. Deleting a WordPress site is very simple and you can take a backup of your website for future use. 

Many WordPress integration sites allow you to delete multiple WordPress sites if you need to take a backup from multiple sites as well very simply. 

Migration from Other CMS Builders

If you have already built your website in other CMS builders and you are hesitant to migrate to WordPress because it is a lot of work then you don't need to be worried. Migration from other CMS builders to WordPress is very easy and you just need to do some minor editing mostly. 

If you want Wix to WordPress or Webflow to WordPress or migration from other CMS, you will find that it is easiest to migrate to WordPress. All the plugins and themes available in WordPress make it the cheapest option for multiple sites. Moving WordPress site to new domain is also simple and you would just need to make changes to the connecting domain name to do it.

Best Solution to Design Multiple WordPress Sites

If you have been developing websites for a while you must see how important the design of a website is. It is easier to build designs for multiple sites using a prototyping UI/UX tool. 

Wondershare Mockitt is a very good choice when you would need to collaborate with other designers. Since you would be building multiple sites in WordPress, Mockitt is a very good choice. Collaboration is made very easy with Mockitt. It is easy for various website designers to work on different parts of the same project simultaneously. You can communicate your thoughts on a different section of a website with other designers very conveniently as well without hampering the workflow of the other designer. 

wordpress for multiple sites

It is also easy to hand over the design to the developers so he can take all the necessary action. The User Experience can be tested using Mockitt and you can check the mobile responsiveness of the website as well. It is possible to export the design in all the popular formats using Mockitt. You can get the opinion of your friends, family, and others to know if your design would work before moving ahead with it. 

A UI/UX designing tool is essential when you are developing multiple sites. Mockitt would make the process seamless and would save you a lot of time and effort.


Realizing how important it is to own a website more and more people are ready to get one made. Many Website Development Agencies came into the business to fulfill this need. Most of them choose WordPress for multiple sites development and management.

If you are also planning to make multiple sites then WordPress is your best option. It is both very effective and also very cheap to use. It is the ultimate solution for building and managing multiple sites.