5 WordPress Web Hosting Services You Should Know About

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

WordPress is the most popular CMS that is used to build a wide variety of websites online. It is free to use and you can find WordPress integrated with the best web companies in the world. There are so many WordPress Web Hosting companies available online. 

It is important to do some research before choosing a web hosting provider. There are pros and cons to every web hosting service and the best choice depends on what your needs are. However, 5 web hosting companies that have WordPress integration stand out from the crowd because of their features and years of reputation. 


It is the most popular WordPress Website Hosting Company primarily because of the amazing affiliate programs it offers and many marketers talk about it. But, keeping the popularity aside, it does have very cheap introductory fees that are desirable for many beginners who don't have a big budget to start with. 

It is one of the websites that is officially recommended by wordpress.org. BlueHost is very good for the security of the website and all their plans have free SSL encryption. You won't get a free site migration for the basic plans but if you purchase some of their advanced plans you would get one site migration for free. 

BlueHost is also a very good choice if you value the speed of your website. It has very good uptime and you get good speed for your website. You also get a free domain for a year with every plan of BlueHost which saves you some money.

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Source: BlueHost


SiteGround is also another very popular WordPress web hosting provider and has been around since 2004. SiteGroud is also officially recommended by wordpress.org which proves their credibility beyond any doubt. 

They have data centers located in both the United States and Europe and you can switch between them. You can also optimize the images and for caching you get a free CDN. All these features help to speed up your website very significantly. SiteGround also offers a free site migration which is an amazing addition if you want to migrate from other hosting providers. 

If we talk about the negatives, SiteGround is expensive compared to other hosting providers. The initial plan starts with $6.99/month if you take a subscription of at least 12 months. You won't get any free domain included with SiteGround which would cost you about $10 to $12 additionally. 

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Source: SiteGround


Hostgator is also one of the giant WordPress Web Hosting Companies that are very popular worldwide. When we are talking about the WordPress web, Hostgator is a name that comes up which hosts over 10 million domains in their server.

Hostgator is one of the best WordPress hosting sites when it comes to the speed of your website. If you have a website that gets loads of traffic then Hostgator is the best solution for your website. Mobile users experience an even better speed if your WordPress website is hosted in Hostgator. 

One of the cons of Hostgator is their pricing. Although their starting prices are moderate, their renewal rates are very high. 

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Source: Hostgator


Like BlueHost and SiteGround, DreamHost is also recommended by Wordpress.org making it another popular WordPress web hosting Provider. The company was established in 1997. Their goal is to be reliable and fast for its users. 

You get free SSL encryption, unlimited bandwidth, and SSD storage with any plans of DreamHost. It comes with 97 days money-back guarantee which is a lot compared to other companies. The price is also very low compared to other web hosting providers. 

When it comes to the con of DreamHost the uptime could do a bit of work and also the support could be more active. 

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Source: DreamHost


Hostinger is a company that is based in Europe but they have data centers in the United States as well. After signing up you can request their support to change the data center if you wish to do that. Their support is also very helpful. The pricing of Hostinger is very low compared to other web hosting providers. They also have a very decent speed. They also offer free SSL encryption and one free site migration.

Just one downside to Hostinger would be that the speed could be a bit better but for the price you are paying, it is a very good deal. 

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Source: Hostinger

Best Design Strategy for Any WordPress Web Hosting Service

No matter which web hosting provider you choose, you would need to work on the design of your website. The best way to do that is by using a UI/UX prototyping tool. Wondershare Mockitt is a very good choice for that as it is very beginner-friendly. It provides an introductory six-step interactive guide that would help you learn about the platform.

It comes with a lot of elements that you can choose to build the website design. You can make them interactive and link it with other screens and see how it would respond. You can also work on the mobile responsiveness of your website by using Mockitt.

If you have a big team then Mockitt got you covered. The various collaboration features make Mockitt the favorite tool for a group of designers. They can communicate easily and work on different parts of the website using Mockitt. It is also passed the UI/UX design to the developer very easily so he can work on the website development.

When it comes to getting a public opinion, you can do it too with Mockitt easily by sharing the design with your friends. You can export the design in all the popular formats like PNG, HTML, SVG, and others and share it with your friends. 

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Answering which one is the best web host for WordPress is a very tough question. All the WordPress web hosting services have their own pros and cons and it depends mostly on your needs. It is a good idea to always know as much as possible about the web hosting companies which you are considering to take a very educated decision.