3 Best WordPress Website Templates

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

When it comes to website builders and CMS, templates or themes play an important role. A theme or template helps you create a website with less effort. These templates have everything pre-built, and you only need to customize them according to your needs. WordPress is the biggest CMS that covers over 35% of the internet. There is a wide range of WordPress website templates available, and you can create almost any type of website using WordPress.

Templates/themes play an important role in website development; therefore, we are going to share some of the best WordPress website templates that you can use. But before discussing the best templates, it is important to discuss how you can pick the right template for your website. Let's start.

How to Pick the Right Template for Your Website?

It is quite difficult to pick a template when there are hundreds of templates available. You will find a wide range of paid and free WordPress templates that you can use to create your website. But the problem is selecting the right template for your business. No doubt, you need to pick the template according to the website you are going to create. For instance, if you want to build an online store, you will find a suitable template for that. But there are dozens of WordPress shop themes. So, it would be difficult to select the best one.

Often beginners get confused while selecting WordPress website themes. It is important to decide the right theme at the beginning because you will not be able to change everything later, and it will be time-consuming.

The best way to choose the right theme is by creating a website design. You must create a website design before using any website builder or CMS. A website design is not only important because it helps you in selecting the right WordPress website theme, but it also helps you in creating an error-free design. If you are directly using WordPress website templates, the website will have many errors and problems. You cannot create an error-free design. Thus, you need to design your website first. Once your website design is ready, you will be able to pick the right theme in no time.

You can create a website design using a prototyping tool. We recommend Wondershare Mockitt for creating website prototypes. It is an excellent tool for creating high-fidelity prototypes that function and work as a real website. It is a simple tool that anyone can use. It has all widgets and tools, so you need to drag them and drop them on the canvas. After creating a website design, you can check its functionality using the live preview.

Mockitt has a free plan to create websites with up to 25 screens. It is an excellent tool that can help you come up with a flawless website design. You will be able to choose the right template among hundreds of WordPress website templates.

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Best WordPress Website Templates/Themes

We are going to discuss some of the popular WordPress website themes. This will help you pick the best one.

1) Divi

Divi is one of the best and most famous WordPress website templates. It can be used to create any type of website without any hassle. It has a website builder that can build a website by drag and drop. Therefore, you don't need to buy any other website builder. It can help you create appealing websites with cool effects. You can create a website like a professional.

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Source: Elegantthemes

Divi has 40+ website elements that can be used to create a stunning website. It can have blogs, testimonials, forms, sliders, galleries, and everything you need on your website. It is a complete all-in-one theme that can create a stunning website.

The best thing about Divi is that it has 800+ pre-made designs and 100+ full website packs. You can select any design you like and start implementing your design. It also has custom CSS control, which is excellent for web developers.

If you are confused after seeing hundreds of WordPress website templates, and you cannot make a decision, you must choose Divi. It is a versatile theme that can create any type of website.

2) Ocean WP

Ocean WP is also the most used WordPress website template. It is a multi-purpose theme for creating all types of websites. It has different website demos that can reduce your work. You can choose any of the demos according to your website and start creating a new website.

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Source: Oceanwp

It is preferred for eCommerce stores because it can create an appealing website with WooCommerce. It can create an astonishing online store with all features you need.

Ocean WP takes low space and loads fast as compared to other WordPress website templates. It is a benefit for SEO. Moreover, it is according to the SEO standards, so it will not create any hindrance in your website's rankings.

Moreover, Ocean WP can work with various page builders, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Thrive Architect. A combination of Ocean WP and an excellent page builder is unbeatable.

3) Avada

Avada has a huge number of users because it provides commendable customization features. Its unique feature is its customization. You can even customize the icons on your website. You can create forms, design headers, customize footers, and create a website of your liking.

You can create an awesome online store using Avada. It is compatible with WooCommerce. Moreover, WooCommerce has a dedicated options panel for it. Creating an appealing and fully functional website using Avada is just a piece of cake. Anyone can use it without any hassle. It is a beginner-friendly WordPress theme.

There are 70+ elements that can create a website of your imagination. You can use these elements and create a unique design.

You can also import pre-built websites; there are 74 pre-built websites available. This will save you a lot of time. Then, you can customize the website according to your website design.

As it already has a drag and drop editor, you don't need any page builder to design a page. Avada is more than enough.

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Source: Avada

There are hundreds of paid and free WordPress website templates available. But it is difficult to pick one. The best way to pick the best theme is by creating a website design in advance. Once your website design is ready, you can easily pick the right WordPress theme because you will know what your website needs.