5 Best Photo Widgets for Android

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Photo widgets are beautiful in their own way. You can keep your loved ones or favorite photos on your home screen using a photo widget for Android. Many UI/UX designers are not aware of how to create a photo widget for Android. In this article, we have piled up some of the examples for beginners so they can get inspiration. It will be considered icing on the cake if you can find useful examples and a platform to create such widgets in one place.

The Best 5 Photo Widgets for Android

1. Animated Photo Widget

photo widget for android

This picture frame widget can help you create a unique widget with your own choice of photos. The free version comes with a lot of features. You can change elegant photo frames from the widget library. This application provides a gorgeous slide show for users. Its key features include a smooth transition to the next slide with amazing transition effects. Zoom any image without damaging the current resolution and quality. The quick speed of accessing the gallery and given image path makes the work easy. It saves the device's battery a lot by putting the widget to sleep with the Android display.

2. Simple Photo Widget

simple photo widget

By the name of the widget application, you can guess that it is a simple photo widget without any complex options. It is a popular and easy home screen widget used for displaying your favorite photos. They are providing three layout options that support up to 3 pages. You can use this photo widget to keep your family's or any favorite photos as a collection on your Android device's home screen. Its features include single or multiple photo selection that will be displayed on the home screen. Multiple photo layout options are available such as Treemap, Hexagon, and Uniform. Automatic and animated page transition effects are also provided.

3. Photo Widget

picture frame widget

This picture widget Android can display an HD image from internal storage, SD card, or gallery. You can adjust the photo widget size according to your own need and crop the image. If you want to resize the image just hold the widget for few seconds and drag it to a new location. Their features include fabulous frame designs that are compatible with any Android device screen size and orientation. It is specially designed for Android devices such as mobiles tablets. It is developed by keeping the battery and memory usage in mind. It performs smoothly and doesn't use a background process. A safe and reliable design for you to consider.

4. PhotoWidget

Picture widget android

It is an Android photo widget application with semi-transparency and frame color options. The best Android photo widget comes with many unique features such as a minimalistic style design and frameless semi-transparent photo display for the home screen that is compatible with new Android versions. A customizable photo frame with a color scheme option is available. Slideshow all the selected photos with the help of a widget. Customize interval in each photo differently. You can rotate and crop photos with the built-in editor. Zooming mode is added in the widget to pinch and adjust the picture size.

5. Photo Widget for Home Screen

Best android photo widget

Just like the previous photo widgets, this is also an Android application that allows you to display your personal gallery photos on the home screen. It is very easy to use, add multiple photos to your home screen in a few simple steps. This photo widget application may look simple but there are many other options to make your home screen beautiful and interesting. You can add frames to your photo widget, create your own frame with your own color choice, and the length and width of a photo. You can combine 3 different frames with different colors and widths.

How to Design a Simple Photo Widget

Step 1: Initiate a Project for a Simple Photo Widget

Once you have signed up navigate to the "Personal Space" or "Enterprise Space" before you start working on a project with this trending tool for UI/UX designs and widgets. If you look at the top of the workspace area, click on "Create" then "Prototype", after the page loads, select the size of the canvas of your own requirements. According to the information or photos you are trying to show on a widget, you can also import custom canvas designs on Wondershare Mockitt.

photo widget for android

Step 2: Add a Simple Photo Widget

You can add a simple photo widget easily without writing a single line of code. Different pre-defined icons, widgets, and layouts list is available and can be accessed from the top right side of the editing page built-in widget option. These components are very simple to combine with a manageable drag and drop feature. Users can preview any icon and widget in the library before they integrate them into a project.

If you want to add a photo to your design, you can simply drag the "Image" widget to your canvas. And then you can upload the photo from your local disk or from the Mockitt library.

simple photo widget

Step 3: Preview Your Simple Photo Widget

One of the best features of Wondershare Mockitt is the timeless collaboration, you can preview your work anytime with team members or personally from the handoff and comment option located on the top of the page. Just Tap on the "Preview" button to review your project live. Once you are done, you can do editing, share or archive it.

picture frame widget

Step 4: Finalizing and Delivering the Project

You can finalize your task by labeling your finished work before delivering it to the clients and developers. To mark a project you can click on the "Handoff" option located on the top of the current user interface. Users can select style codes connecting their components, which are located on the annotation panel.

Picture widget android

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