Steps to Design a Brilliant Android Stock Widget

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:09

Android stock widget or any other widget is beneficial for quick access and is considered as a miniature application to view the ongoing actions. An Android stock widget can be embedded in many applications. For example, it can be added to the home screen to receive updates periodically. The embedded shortcuts are referred to as widgets in the user interface of a device, and you can publish your own-made widget if you have an App Widget Provider. An App Widget host is responsible for holding other App Widgets on Home Screen. Proper understanding of Widget host is necessary before implementing an App Widget host.

How to Design an Android Stock Widget

You can create a prototype stock market widget Android with Wondershare Mockitt. We will try to assist you in creating the best stock widget Android in a few basic and easy steps. You can import unlimited designs and use them for editing. On this platform, all features are available on the go for Android and desktop devices. The blending of object templates, adding combos, and predefined widgets and icons are very easy and simple. The following steps will guide you along the way to create a stock widget using Mockitt.

stock ticker widget android

Step 1: Initiate a Project for an Android Stock Widget

First, sign up so you can navigate to the "Personal Space" or "Enterprise Space" before you start utilizing this trending tool for UI/UX designs and widgets. On the top of your workspace page, click on create the project, once the page loads, select the size of the canvas of your own choice for the Google stock widget or Android stock widget. Based on the information you are trying to show on a widget, you can also import custom canvas designs on Wondershare Mockitt. This is also why this platform is recognized widely for the creation of intuitive graphics and prototyping conveniently.

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Step 2: Add an Android Stock Widget

Without writing any line of code users can add the stock widget. A list of various pre-defined icons, widgets, and layouts can be accessed from the top right side of the editing page's built-in widget option. They are very simple to integrate with a manageable drag and drop feature. You can also examine icons and widgets in the library before integrating them into a project.

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Step 3: Design Your Android Widget

Wondershare Mockitt provides an organized and sleek workspace to edit and design your current project components and add multiple graphics. You can select which components should be hidden or displayed on the stock ticker widget Android shortcut icon from the setting panel. Adjust, group, and delete these components according to your own need. Use the design concepts to know about the low and high accuracy of a prototype. If you want to change the color scheme that can be done from the appearance settings column on the right panel. This is an effective platform to create widgets cost-effectively and quickly.

stock market widget android

Step 4: Preview your Android Stock Widget

Because of the timeless collaboration feature of Wondershare Mockitt, you can preview your work anytime with team members or personally from the handoff and comment option located on the top of the page. Just click on the "Preview" button to review your project live. Once it's done, you can make changes, share or archive it. You can also witness real-time changes by team members if you have a team working on a project.

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Step 5: Finalizing and delivering the project

As we have already discussed the features that support web developers and designers regarding their projects. You can also label your finished work before delivering it to the clients and developers. To mark a project you can click on the "Handoff" option located on the top of the current user interface. Users can select style codes connecting their components, which are located on the annotation panel. The purpose of this labeling is to generate CSS code. You can also and share the project details with clients and stakeholders and receive feedback.

stock ticker widget android

Wondershare Mockitt features don't end here. Once you sign up with them and start working on a project, you will eventually find out that many useful tools are available free of cost. There are plenty of editing options available to create a widget.

What's the Best Android Stock Widget

1. StockTwits

best stock widget android

If you are looking for a stock application that is reliable and loaded with stock trading information, then StockTwits will be a perfect choice for a comprehensive Android app. It provides professionally curated stock lists including charts to assist traders to analyze the stock market. Their charts are accurate and they also feature many sections such as forex and cryptocurrencies. User can share a point of views and valuable suggestions with the community. They can also pin a widget to the home screen. Manage an earning calendar to prepare for a target. Its features include hand-curated stock lists, crypto, and forex currency comprehensive section, and customizable message streams.

2. Yahoo Finance

best stock widget android

We all know that the Yahoo finance app is famous as one of the best financial information spots on the internet. It is considered a reliable source for real-time stock market news. Users can keep track of stock price changes, as well as get updates regarding world markets, investments, bonds, and commodities. You can even sync your personal stock information with multiple devices. This is a very easy app having a minimalist design and less complicated features. It provides you the information on the main page without even logging in. It allows users to add a widget to their Android or iOS devices' home screen.


stock market widget android is trusted widely. It claims that the information available on the official website or application is streaming live and updated every second. They are providing their users over 100,000 stocks charts, this platform might be the only thing that you will be looking for. Financial news, a customizable portfolio for investment tracking, and customizable alerts are included in its features. If you go further with its features it includes a comprehensive list of leading cryptocurrency prices, information about bonds, foreign exchanges, commodities, and interest rates. They also give a calendar and widget feature to keep track of finance and business events.

4. Bloomberg

android stock widget

No doubt that Bloomberg has made its name in the financial industry, Bloomberg has also developed a powerful Android app to assist traders in many ways that includes monitoring of global stocks. Users can customize their account and receive the notifications according to their own interest in stocks. The creation of stock portfolios is made easy with Bloomberg. Its features include exclusive access to the Bloomberg live TV, custom home screen widget for Android, a friendly and intuitive interface, and the creation of custom watch lists. Keep in mind that as it is a free application, it comes with a ton of information that may be irrelevant.