Top 7 Best Sites To Follow For Technology

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:15

All of us know that we are living in the era of modern and advanced technology where things got way smart like never before. In order to stay updated in this era, we must be familiar with the latest trends and terms of technology. Finding the right source of information might be challenging which as well is why we'll review some of the best sites that are technology-based. Every site in the next list is worth reading and going through to keep yourself updated with the latest technology and advancements in the World.

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Best Sites for Technology To Stay Updated

There are many best websites on the internet that you could follow to get information about technology, automobile, or any other field. Many of you might be looking for the right website source for your specific interests in technology. Instead of reviewing the top 10 websites, we'll review 7 sites for you, so it is easy for you to pick one for your source of technology.


It would be not wrong to consider TechCrunch as one of the best websites on the internet that people surf daily for tech news. From name to content, this site has been providing up to date news and articles about the technology. TechCrunch is a very well-established site that also comes in the list of the 5 best websites of 2019.

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Another big or probably the best website in the world to read for technology, gadgets, and much more. Besides technology, Mashable covers a wide range of fields as well to offer information about all things in one place. Mashable also comes in the list of top 10 websites that offer the new and latest news about gadgets like iPhone, Android, Mac, etc.


Another site that ranked in the best websites 2019 list due to its latest and detailed content on technology. We can consider 'The Verge' as one of the 5 best websites on the internet you could read for technology and science. The best thing about verge is that it is not only a technology-specific site, but it also delivers content about science, games, entertainment, etc.

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4- is getting read by millions of users worldwide on a daily basis. Useful guides, news, and articles present on this site are worth going through especially for any tech enthusiast.


If you are looking forward to buying any technology products, then there could be nothing better than visiting the DigitalTrends website. This website might be the best website for you to go through the latest product reviews. So, you must go through this website to review any gadget or product you are going to buy locally or online.

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Very elegant and good-looking website covering lots of topics and areas including technology. This intuitive and user-friendly site is among those sites that users browse to keep them updated about gadgets, applications, games, etc.


Last in the list but not least, VentureBeat is the site mainly covering AI and machines. As we know that the future is all about machines and artificial intelligence. So, if any of you is looking for AI-related content and love to know about machines then VentureBeat is the right site for you.

So, if you are looking for the best website in the world to follow your interest in technology and the latest trends then you can go through any of these discussed sites. Besides these 7, there are many other best sites that you can surf to follow any tech trends as per your preferences.

Why Website Design Matters?

All the sites we've reviewed for technology, you would've noticed that all these top tech sites are way intuitive and attractive enough. The reason behind so many visitors and trust in these sites is the content and the look. Content on the site matters a lot but you can't compromise on how your website looks. The first impression your website gives to the reader is not the content but the website's look itself.

We'd recommend you to try the UX design of your website properly and professionally to make it eye-catching for your readers. Here are the following professional wireframing tools you could try to design the mockup of your website.

  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Wondershare Mockitt
  • InVision

If you are a professional UX designer, then Adobe XD or Figma would be the best tool for you to design the mockup UX of your site. As most of you would be new to UX prototyping so you need to use the one that is a simple yet professional UX app. So, which is the ideal site prototyping tool for beginners?

Wondershare Mockitt - Easy UX App For Beginners

Everyone has the right to make an attractive UX design of their website as per their preferences and requirements. The designing phase is where you need to have a grip on the tool which might be time taking for beginners at the start. In order to assist new designers at the start, we'd recommend you get your hands on Wondershare Mockitt. At first, if we talk about the user interface of this app, it's way welcoming and user-friendly for everyone to use. Every UX element and component is available in this app in a well-categorized and decent way. All you have to do is to pick an element and drag that into your project canvas.

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Furthermore, linking between tabs and screens is also very easy in this app. Interactive linking is very important to get your design clickable in terms of showing the website working. Moreover, you can create a prototype design of anything either it's a site, store, app, or any other thing. Also, you can share your design projects with your colleagues or team members by just turning on PRD mode. After that, you would be able to create a simple link or generate a QR code for others to preview your site's UX design. So, if you are new to UX prototyping you should start using Mockitt.


After going through the whole guide, we can say that we've listed and reviewed all top sites that you can consider going through for technology, All of these sites are way popular and well-renowned in terms of providing up to date information about modern technology. Some of the reviewed sites are totally covering technology news whereas some are covering gadgets as well. We also came to know why the design of the website matters and how can we design the UX of our site using any tools. Hopefully, any of the discussed sites would become your true source of technology information.