Best and Free Blog Website Templates from ColorLib

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:26

Using blog website templates is the smartest and easiest way to set up a blog these days. Now all you have to think about is how to write better and engaging content for your readers – you no longer require to think about all the design-related tasks as these free blog website templates will take care of all these things.

These templates are based on Bootstrap 4 that makes them mobile-friendly and fully responsive. You can use and quickly edit all of these website templates within modern web browsers. They are trendy and neat and have some great customizing options. You can change the colors, edit the elements, and quickly fill the spaces with your unique content.

So, without further ado, let's discuss each of these blog website templates in detail.

Best Blog Website Templates


It is a free blog template that is well suited for fashion, lifestyle, food, and personal design. Philosophy comes with a fantastic grid that will make your blog stand out from the crowd. Philosophy is a personal blog template that you can customize based on your philosophies.

blog website templates

Source: Philosophy

You can preview this template before using them for your website. Philosophy was released in Nov 2020.


This free HTML blog site template has a modern and straightforward design that will beautifully display your content. Content can be used for fashion, food, beauty, travel, and any personal blog; you can also build a news site and general blog from the content. With content, you get tons of possibilities and options.

blogger website templates

Source: Content

Furthermore, content offers many other features - features such as Big Slider, sticky elements, drop-down menu, social icons, and more. You can use all of these features to make a dream blog for you. You will also get to use a predefined working contact form. The content was released in October 2020.


Readit is a free and creative blog template that has a bold and impactful design. With Readit, you can make a strong and memorable first impression. Reading through your content will be an extraordinary experience for your visitors as it has a distinctive look.

free blog website templates

Source: Readit

Readit is compatible with all modern devices and browsers and also in tune with retina screens. Above the fold, you will find a full-screen banner with text along with a parallax effect. If you manage to strategically utilize this section, you will increase your chance of winning over new potential followers in a much more comfortable way.

With Readit, you will get social media icons, Google Maps, sticky navigation, and a working contact form. Readit was released in August 2020.

End Game

It is a contemporary free website template that will give you a good head start for your gaming project. End Game is an ideal tool for building gaming blogs and making review websites as it has a highly adaptive and fully customizable web design.

End Game is based on the Bootstrap framework that ensures mobile readiness and flexibility – which means your final website will work equally well across all devices (Mobile phones to desktop computers). It is also compatible with modern web browsers and retina screens.

End Game, with its amazing dark purple layout, sparks curiosity in every reader, keep them engaged with a full-width slider along with your compelling games reviews and blog posts. Few features include video support, a sticky sidebar, a working contact page, and a newsletter subscription.

End Game was released in February 2019.


It is a modern, eye-catchy, and responsive free recipe and food blog template. If you are a professional chef or a home cook, you can start your online project with the Foodie blog. This easy-to-use solution will help you to share your amazing recipes with the audience. There are many practical features available within this template that will get your blog up and running in a much quicker way.

blog site template

Source: Foodieblog

With Foodie blog comes social media icons, Google Maps, slideshow action, drop-down menu, and a working contact form. While you are free to customize it as per your tailored requirements, you can also skip that part and start using it straight away in its original form.

Foodie blog was released in April 2020.


It is a clean and minimal lifestyle blog that is also free. Lifeleck is based on Bootstrap Framework that guarantees mobile friendly and complete flexible layout. Lifeleck is compatible with all web browsers and works amazingly on retina screens.

Lifeleck is not only designed for a Lifestyle niche; you can also use it for other industries and niches. In short, you can twist Lifeleck in your way.

Lifeleck was released in August 2019.

Design Website Prototype First

All the blogger website templates that we have discussed can be previewed from the platform of Colorlib. And it is recommended to audit all of them well before you proceed with the selection. More importantly, you should create a blog design prototype with Wondershare Mockitt, and then based on that prototype, you should refine your blog template selection.

blogger website templates

Mockitt is a design prototyping tool that allows its customers to create a stunning blog website prototype within a few easy steps.

The benefit of creating a blog prototype is that once you are done, you can have that prototype reviewed and approved by all of your stakeholders, eliminating risk from your project.

Mockitt works on every system, windows, Linux, Mac, and even on your web browser, so you do not have to be worried about checking your system requirements before using it.

With Mockitt, you can either use any of its pre-installed templates or start a new project from scratch.

In either case, you will have access to a vast library of widgets and icons – you can place these elements on your working screen by dragging and dropping them anywhere as per your requirements.

Once you complete placing widgets and icons to your working screens, you can link them together to give the prototype the feel and look of a blog website.

There are many other unique features available with Mockitt, so make sure that you use it in the early stages of your blog website development for better outcomes.